Lucky Long Island Costco Employees Win Lottery

June 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

Have you ever sat around playing the ‘what if I won the lottery game’?   Me too.  But alas, I have yet to actually win.  However, there are a group of Costco employees in Long Island that can no longer say that about themselves.

The Wednesday night drawing for the Powerball made a group of 20 Costco employees very happy, and pretty rich as well.  The jackpost was $201.9 million, with a lump-sum payout value of $106 million, and is the biggest prize ever won in the lottery.  Even divided 20 ways that is pretty good.  The names of the individual winners has not been announced, the only thing that has is that they all worked at Costco.  Apparently, the man credited with forming the lottery group at Costco, a door greeter, has already quit his job.  But one of the other winners insists that she will continue working at Costco.

The store where the ticket was sold had another winner in 2006, but that time it was just $1 million.  According to the story in the Gothamist, the store has a devoted lottery ticket clientele.  And just think how sad it would make you to have bought the ticket right before or after the lucky people at Costco.  Here’s a very funny quote about that from the story:

I’m the unlucky guy,” said 64-year-old Lindenburst resident Stephen Andersen as he wandered across the parking lot waving a handful of lottery tickets and depressing the hell out of anyone who reads this.

I read a story not too long ago about another lottery winner who was saying that it was just his lucky day because he actually was in line when he bent down to pick up a candy bar and someone pushed in front of him to buy their lottery ticket.  So, because the line jumper was so rude, he lost out on several million.  It’s nice when rude people get a reminder that it doesn’t pay to be like that.

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