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In case you forgot, the current Costco US coupon book is about to end since it runs through June 5.  The next Costco US coupon book runs from June 9 – July 3 and I will be posting it on Monday.  The current Costco UK coupon book is good through June 12, so you still have a few more days.

This week I’ve decided to highlight some of my favorite items that have current coupons, either in the US or the UK.  First up, the current Costco US  coupon book which runs through Sunday, June 5.  Technically, I bought one of these in the UK but it is the same product, just a different product number and price in dollars instead of pounds.

Fully Cooked Angus Patties

Quick ‘N Eat Fully Cooked Angus Beef Patties(Review reposted from November 1, 2009) If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed this trend to try to find things that Dave can easily take to work for lunch.  He’s lucky because they do have a nice kitchen where he has access to a fridge and freezer, plus a microwave and toaster oven, which means he’s got better choices available to him.  Of course, things that don’t take too much time or trouble to make and actually taste good, is the real sticking point.  A few weeks ago my mom told me that she was at Costco and tried these pre-cooked burgers that were so good she bought some and thought we should try them too.  She swears they are so good and taste so much like they just came off the grill that you wouldn’t know the difference if you didn’t see how they were warmed up.  And she’s right, they are delicious.  Dave took them to work and uses the microwave to heat them up for just a couple of minutes and has a nice tasty burger that tastes like it came off a grill instead of out of the microwave.  He says that the only downfall is that they seem a little greasy.  However, my mom always warms hers up in a skillet, which takes just slightly longer at around 5 minutes, and doesn’t have the grease issue.  They also say on the box that you can grill them, which will also take around 5 minutes.  The nice thing is that they are actually meat; just meat, water, spices, salt, and natural flavorings as the only ingredients.  In the box at Costco you get 12 patties, each about 113 grams.  Now, these are still burgers, so they’re not a low-fat option.  Each serving has 280 calories with 170 from fat, that’s 19 grams of fat, and there’s also 350 mg of sodium.  Of course, there’s also 24 grams of protein.  And of course, they are delicious and still probably healthier than something you’ll get at a fast food place.  12 patties for $13.29 .  Item #: 189043.  Current coupon for $3.50 off; no limit.

Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Sponges

Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges (Review reposted from January 9, 2011) I use sponges all the time for cleaning dishes but also other cleaning tasks around the house.  They work really well on things like bathroom fixtures or floors.  You can use the little scrubby part on the back to get anything that is kind of gunky or tough to get off like hard water deposits on your shower doors.  Just that little extra bit of friction can work wonders.  However, don’t make the mistake of using the heavy duty ones (been there, done that) because they will scratch pretty much anything and everything.  Your silverware will look like it is brushed stainless steel after you get done with it, and that’s not good.  So, this time I made sure to get the more gentle sponges that are even safe for your non-stick pans.  I like buying my sponges at Costco because they come in the big package of twelve individually wrapped sponges.  This way, I’ve always got a new sponge at the ready and don’t feel like I can’t pitch the sponges as frequently as you should; they can get a little germy if used too long.  12 sponges for £4.99 (US: $7.88).  Item #: 0044091.  This information is from here in the UK (obviously with the amount in £), however, they are the same sponges as in the US.  Current US Coupon for $2.75 off; limit 4.

The three items below are from the current Costco UK coupon book that runs through June 12.

Kettle Salt & Vinegar Chips

Kettle Chips Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Chips(Review reposted from October 10, 2010) Okay, I admit it, sometimes we eat chips, or crisps as they are called here.  And we especially love the big punch of flavor that can be had with the salt and vinegar ones.  It’s really perfect alongside everything from peanut butter and jelly to burgers – at least for us.  You’ve got the saltiness and then a nice punch of vinegary tartness, and it makes for the perfect duo.  If you only had one of the flavors it might seem overwhelming and too much for enjoyment, but they each keep the other tempered so that you don’t just have a chip with a single note of flavor.  The Kettle brand, which I know they have in the US too, is a really nice chip.  The chips are thick but somehow still light and crispy, and don’t seem anywhere as oily as some brands.  I’m guessing that the texture and non-greasiness comes from the mix of oils that they use to fry in: safflower or sunflower.  And you can even pronounce all of the ingredients: potatoes, safflower/sunflower oil, vinegar powder, sea salt, maltodextrin, citric acid.  So, all in all, for chips, they aren’t nearly as bad for you as they could be.  These are definitely my favorite chips, no matter what the flavor; the sour cream and onion are really delicious too.  And for those of you that are concerned with such things, all Kettle products are certified Kosher.  450 grams for £2.85 (US: $4.51).  Current Costco UK coupon for 40% off when you buy 2 bags.  That price breakdown looks like this (from my purchase last week) 2, 450 gram bags for £3.42 (£5.70 – £2.28 coupon).

Dina Baklawa Selection

Dina Baklawa Selection(Review reposted from October 24, 2010) Oh my how I love baklawa!  Usually, I make my own, and I’m a little ashamed to have actually bought this, to be honest.  However, it is a really nice selection and styles that I would definitely not make myself, so that’s a nice change from the straight up baklava that we would get if I made it myself.  Or, maybe that’s just an excuse.  Any in case, the two pieces I’ve had so far were quite good.  Perhaps not as buttery as when I make it myself, but still delicious and sweet.  The selection consists of five different varieties:  coconut ballorieh, boukage, assabee, walnut baklawa, and cashew triangle.  The coconut ballorieh are coconut squares filled with chopped, mixed nuts.  Boukage are square layers of filo filled with cashews and soaked in syrup.  Assabee are filo pastry rolls stuffed with minced cashews and soaked in syrup.  Cashew triangles are filo pastry layered with cashews or almonds.  And finally, walnut baklawa is filo pastry layered with a walnut filling.  The one that I had never tried before was the coconut ballorieh, and it is really good, if you like coconut.  The shredded coconut works really nicely with the mix of nuts.  I usually make mine with walnuts, so the cashews are a nice change too.  It gives a slightly different flavor, obviously, but still goes really nicely with the pastry.  I like my baklawa with tea but it would probably work equally as well with coffee, and also goes nicely with a big glass of milk.  One or two pieces after a meal makes a nice end to a dinner party but these are equally good as an hors d’oeuvres at any upcoming holiday parties you might be having, as well.  And good news, these are good for vegetarians too.  1 kilogram assortment for £6.49.  Item #: 0108967.  Current Costco UK coupon for £2.50 off.

Vanish Oxi Action Crystals

Vanish Oxi Action Crystals(This review reposted from January 9, 2011) This is comparable to OxiClean in the US, I think, although it certainly comes in a much smaller container at Costco.  I like to use this in my laundry when I’m washing whites, things like t-shirts, socks, towels and sheets.  It could be my imagination but it really does seem to keep things whiter and free of stains.  You can just dump a scoopful into the soap dispenser of your washer and it does all the work of tracking down the hidden stains on your clothes and takes care of them so you don’t have to be annoyed when you pull things out of the dryer to see it had a big stain on it.  And if you have a really tough stain you can make a little paste out of the Oxi Action and a little water, smear it on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes and then wash as normal and voila no more stain.  It always works on our clothes for regular types of stains but I’ve never had anything really horrible and hard to get out like motor oil or grease type things.  Though, I think it should work on those too.  Now with OxiClean you can use that on other things aside from laundry, which I assume you could also do with the Vanish, but they don’t specifically say anything about cleaning other surfaces.  And if you missed my post about the UK coupon book, there’s a coupon for 40% off this same package through February 6, which would make it £4.13 (before VAT).  1.5 kilograms for £4.89 (£6.89 – £2.00 coupon) (US: $7.72).  Item #: 0087910.  Current Costco UK coupon for 40% off for a final price of £4.95 with VAT (which makes it the same price as in my previous review).


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