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The current coupon books for the US and UK run through July 3, so you have a couple more weeks to take advantage of any of the coupons you want to use.  There have been a lot of good summery items at Costco lately like beach towels, sandals, swimsuits and sunscreen.  As well as fun things for your yard, like grills and patio furniture.  Since we don’t have a yard anymore I just window shop my way through that stuff but it’s still fun to see all the cool things on offer.  There was even a canoe, or maybe it was a kayak, at our Costco last time we were there.

La Belle Crousteline Baguettes

La Belle Crousteline Baguettes – These are a lot like the smaller versions that I have bought previously.  But these are like a full sized French baguette.  Well, not full sized maybe because they are only about 14 inches long, but close enough for something you make at home.  The loaves of bread  have been proofed or partially baked (at least that is my guess) and then you just finish them off in your oven for that fresh baked bread experience without all the kneading and work.  I like this because these are French baguettes, which although I make bread a lot I’m unlikely to make my own baguettes.  But I do love them.  And let’s be honest, these are far simpler than making my own.   At Costco, you get four individual packages with two little loaves in each, so a total of eight little loaves.  The cooking process is easy too, taking just 10 minutes.  The only prep work aside from putting them on a pan is to sprinkle them with a little water before you pop them in the oven.  Sometimes I cook them and eat them right away, but I’ve also baked them and then had them the next day.  If they sit for a day they are a little crunchier on the outside but very good still.  Since you have four packages of these, you’ll be glad to know that they have a pretty long shelf life.  However, you can also freeze them and that doesn’t impact them at all as far as I can tell.   4, 2 loaf packs for £1.79.  Item #: 0106726.

CP Bangkok Firecracker Prawns

CP Bangkok Firecracker Prawns – Wow, these were so much better than I was expecting them to be, honestly.  I had thought they had real potential to be little, dry or rubbery shrimp but that certainly wasn’t the case.  The shrimp aren’t huge, but they are a decent size.  Each shrimp is smothered in a batter that turns very crunchy when you bake them.  Conveniently, you can cook them right from frozen and they only take about 12 minutes in a hot oven.  I served them with a spicy rice noodle thing and they were delicious!  There’s a sauce, spicy plum sauce, included in the package and it made a nice accompaniment too.  The sauce isn’t too spicy but just a bit of a spicy edge to add some punch to the shrimp.  I think the shrimp would also be tasty with a big salad.  Or, maybe with spicy stir fried rice.  I’m not sure how many other ways you could use them because with the batter you have a limited ability on things that you can pair them with.  Like breaded shrimp and pasta just seems wrong, huh?  In any case, these were quite yummy and I’m glad that we decided to take advantage of the coupon and pick them up. 1.1 kilograms for £6.59 (£8.59 -£2.00 coupon).  Item #: 0003879.

Del Monte Fruitini Fruit Ices

Del Monte Fruitini Fruit Juice Ices – These aren’t my favorite frozen treat and I’m pretty sure we won’t be buying them again.  Dave is really opposed to them actually.  His opinion is that they are too much like sucking on an ice cube without enough good flavor to be worth it.  The little popsicles (or lollies as they call them here) are supposed to be made up of three juices: orange, pineapple, and strawberry.  But without a doubt, the only flavor that really comes across is the orange juice, I think.  The good thing is that these are made with all natural ingredients, 63% fruit juice and have just 44 calories each.  They are a good size too for a little afternoon or evening snack if you’re sweet tooth has a craving.  Well, a craving for something sweet and orange, anyway.  I wish that the orange would have been toned down considerably and there would have been more strawberry and pineapple flavor.  Perhaps what Del Monte should have done was make a variety pack of lollies in individual flavors instead of trying to do three flavors on each popsicle.  I’ve certainly had better popsicles, but at least we didn’t have to pay a fortune for them.  And hey, they’ll probably last all summer long too.  3 boxes of 6 ices for £2.49.  Item #: 0078647.

Serrana Rosca Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Serrana Rosca Ham and Cheese Baguette – These might look weird but they are really yummy!  It’s not often that you see a sandwich in a ring like this, so immediately I was intrigued.  The simple ham and cheese toppings are the perfect, classic combination.  The one problem I had was that the diameter made them hang over the edges of my small(ish) cookie sheet.  Luckily, the cheese didn’t melt so much that it dripped all over my oven or anything like that.  Of course, since you only heat it up for 5 – 10 minutes, just enough to get a little crunchy and melty, there’s not much chance that the cheese is going to totally turn into a melty mess.  The simplicity of the sandwich is what makes it so delicious though.  The bread is nice and crunchy and the ham is a little salty and porky (of course) and then the cheese is just delicious.  These would be fun to have at a party because of the cool ring shape.  We had them for a nice weekend lunch with a nice salad.  They say they serve four but I think that would depend on how hungry you are really. For us, splitting between the two of us worked well.  2 rings for £5.29.  Item #: 0118472.

Nike Dri-Fit Workout T-Shirt

Nike Men’s Dri-Fit Workout T-Shirt –  I’ve got a couple of different pieces of Nike DriFit workout wear and have had various luck with them.  I like the shirts far more than the yoga pants for sure.  So, when I saw the men’s t-shirts at Costco recently, I suggested Dave pick up one or two.  The shirts are great for working out, definitely, but they’re also perfect for hiking and active things like that.  The shirts are cut generously and long enough so that they don’t pull up and flap around when you’re moving around.  The shirts are made of cotton and polyester, which might not sound like it would be a comfy combo but really is.  The polyester helps to wick the sweat and moisture away from your skin while you’re working out so that you stay comfortable.  The material is really soft and hangs really nicely too.  Plus, it is a pretty thin layer if you want to wear it under a sweatshirt or  it layers really well for running or whatever when it is cold out.  The other nice feature is that the neck is kind of elasticy (not as dorky as it sounds), just enough to make pulling it on and off over your head a little easier.  That little bit of built-in stretch also helps make the shirt a little more durable.  Sometimes the seams start pulling at the neck because of all the pulling over your head, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for these.  £9.99.  Item #: 0180793.


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