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July 15th, 2011 · 22 Comments

There’s a website called that does consumer reviews geared toward getting the best value for money.  They claim that they are the only review site that focuses exclusively on low-price products, a part of the market they say is often overlooked by experts.  So, this week they published a report on their comparison between Sam’s Club and Costco.  In the end, they decided that Sam’s Club was somewhat better than Costco.  But of course, as you can all guess, I don’t agree with that.  And I don’t even necessarily agree with that based on their own data.

One of my biggest gripes with their comparison starts with what is definitely the easiest direct comparison: prices.  They compared the prices from the two stores when purchasing a variety of items for a family of four.  Overall, they came out spending less at Sam’s Club by $12.00 ($215.65 at Sam’s vs. $227.08 at Costco).  So, you’d think that was pretty cut and dried and apparently they did too because they gave the pricing win to Sam’s Club.  However, it turns out that Costco is actually cheaper by 3.6% on the actual cost when compared on a per unit basis.  So, what that says to me is that Costco is actually less.  Does it not say that to you too?  If Costco is cheaper on the per unit cost, but costs more overall, that just means that when you are buying at Costco you are getting slightly larger quantities than at Sam’s Club.  Therefore, their pricing win to Sam’s Club is a false victory.  You’ll have to buy those items (or at least some of them) more often if you shop at Sam’s Club, thus spending more over the course of a year.  That doesn’t seem like a good thing to me.

Using their own comparison table, they show that Costco is the less expensive option by 3.6%, but then in the actual text of the article and the verdict table they contradict this finding by saying that Sam’s Club is cheaper.  Huh?  No, the price is not cheaper overall at Sam’s Club, you just weren’t buying as much stuff.  For instance, in a hypothetical situation, if you buy a 10 ounce jar of peanut butter at Sam’s Club for $2.00 and the 16 ounce jar of peanut butter at Costco for $2.50, then Sam’s Club is not cheaper for peanut butter because you are paying more for that smaller quantity.  You are paying $0.20 per ounce at Sam’s instead of $0.16 per ounce at Costco.  And you’re going to run out of peanut butter faster if you buy it from Sam’s.  But that isn’t what would say, they would say Sam’s is cheaper because you only had to pay $2.00 to get some peanut butter.  They also have this statement about buying more manageable sizes at Sam’s Club, which seems to me like they are just trying to add credence to their odd price comparison verdict.

I would encourage anyone really interested in a price comparison between these two stores to really look at the comparison table.  You need to really study it item by item for the differences in prices and quantities, as well as brands.  I think this tells a different picture than what you will find in the text and verdict table for the comparison.

I was really interested to read this comparison since I’ve never done a whole lot of shopping at Sam’s Club, but when I did, I didn’t find the quality of products to be anywhere near the same.  I was hoping that they would do a considered comparison, including a bit of an evaluation of quality differences between the two store brands in particular.  Unfortunately, they didn’t mention quality at all.  And really, in my mind you can’t compare two items of varying qualities and act like that is a direct comparison.  There are ways to be less subjective about quality too (though usually you can just ‘see’ the difference) by using label information or nutritional information on food items.  But they just compared the store brands without a mention of quality.  And that makes me sad.  Mostly it makes me sad because part of getting good value (which is what they claim they are about) is quality.  They could have at least mentioned it because I know that there are definitely some areas where there are enormous differences in quality of products.  I’ve heard people mention that over and over about things at Sam’s Club: lack of quality.  It’s the same as at Wal-mart, there is a lesser quality sold for their prices. Really, they should have at least covered a little something about that because that is the number one reason I hear people give for why they shop at Costco rather than Sam’s Club.

I don’t shop at Sam’s Club on a regular basis, and haven’t even shopped there at all in a few years, but the general feeling on the Internet and from everyone I know that shops at both stores, says that Sam’s Club is about cheapness, and Costco is about quality.  A lot of reviews and personal opinions I have gotten actually say Costco has the better value for a consumer because they offer quality goods for exceptional prices.  This would have been an excellent opportunity for to disprove that theory.  However, maybe they didn’t discuss quality because they, like Sam’s Club, really are all about cheap and have no consideration for quality.  I think they missed an opportunity here to really do a meaningful comparison on the value that both stores offer, that means an emphasis on both price and quality.

Their comparison of services was hit or miss too.  For instance, they claim that Costco doesn’t sell contact lenses.  Strange because I’ve bought mine there for years and can easily find them, with big giant prices, in the glass wall cabinet right by the eyeglasses.  How did they miss them?  Maybe it’s because they had gotten their glasses at Sam’s Club.  Don’t know, but they say they never even saw them.

Then there’s the electronics, where the prices don’t differ all that much but they say Sam’s is better because they have an extra year of warranty and offer technical assistance which they claim Costco does not offer.  However, all over any Costco store’s electronics area you will find the signs and brochures talking about their technical concierge services, as well as their second year of warranty for free.  If they missed the big obvious things like that, what other things are they missing or leaving out of their review?  One of the big things they’re missing is that the Sam’s Club extra year of warranty is apparently only available to Advantage Plus or Business Plus ($100 membership) members.  Whereas at Costco, everyone who purchases a computer, television or projector gets the extra year of warranty, no matter your membership level.

Also, I don’t think they were giving any credit to Costco for their added value deals that they often have with electronics and kitchen electrics.  For instance, I know that when you buy a camera at Costco a lot of times you get extra things like memory cards, cases, extra batteries or cables, in any case, not just the camera.  Does Sam’s do that same thing? They mention a camera that Sam’s has for $10.00 less, but mention nothing about getting an SD card in the deal at Costco.  From looking online, I can see that the camera they compared, Canon Powershot SD4500, comes with a 4GB Class 6 SD card at Costco, but does not come with one at Sam’s Club.  And at Sam’s Club it is going to cost you another $15.00 – $20.00 to get a similarly sized class 6 SD card .  So, in the end, you’re paying more at Sam’s Club for the same camera and a comparable memory card.  Well, that pretty much wipes out the Sam’s Club advantage, doesn’t it?

Then they talk about the pharmacy services but leave stuff out too.  They mention that there are some $4/$10 generic prescriptions at Sam’s Club and how they have a member prescription plan.  But from what I read online you have to have the Advantage Plus membership to get the discounts on prescriptions or the $4/$10 generic prescriptions.  They also don’t mention that Costco also has a prescription plan for members.  Or, how the two plans might differ.  Nor do they do a direct price comparison for any actual prescription medications.  It does look like if you get one of the generic versions that is on their $4/$10 prescription list, then you would come out ahead at Sam’s Club though I didn’t do an exhaustive comparison of the lists.  I’ve never done a pharmacy comparison with Sam’s Club, but I have done a direct comparison with Wal-mart.  Costco was the winner in a big way for my particular set of prescription drugs, so I say that Costco’s pharmacy is better and I have actual numbers to prove it.  But seriously, this is really going to depend on your prescriptions and to some extent your insurance situation too.

The other thing I didn’t like was that they included snippets of  reviews from various online sites about the two stores.  But that seems a bit contrived and gives too much room for things to be taken out of context.  If they had used the broad ratings generalizations that these types of review sites usually give (four stars out of five, or an 87% favorable rating), then that would have been better and more useful.  But finding one positive or negative thing that someone wrote in a review isn’t all that helpful to me.  We all know that there are people that have had bad experiences just about anywhere and we all know that there are people that just absolutely love someplace.  However, if the majority of people love or hate someplace that is more telling and useful.

They also do a little comparison, or their version of one anyway, of the membership prices.  Again they say Sam’s is better because their price is lower and they have more in-store benefits.  Of course, they never do list all in-store benefits for each store, but then they seem to not know half of the ones for Costco, so I guess the list wouldn’t necessarily be that helpful anyway.  But they also don’t point out that Costco has a lot of external partner service benefits.  Does Sam’s Club?  I don’t know.  Nor do they mention anything about the 2% cash back at the Costco $100 membership level.  Does the Sam’s Club $100 membership level have the same benefit?  From what I’ve read online, it doesn’t seem like Sam’s Club has the same kind of cash back deal for their upper level memberships.

So, all in all, I’m a little disappointed by this comparison of Costco and Sam’s Club.  I think they could have been more thorough and certainly could have done a far better job on research before they published this comparison.  I found a lot of information online, from here in the UK, so why couldn’t they have done that?  I didn’t even have to spend that long looking things up and I could see that there were discrepancies and issues with the information that included in their article. says that they are about value but in reality it appears that they are more concerned with cheapness:  how little can I pay to bring something home once.  They don’t appear to be concerned with how long that product will last or how many times will I have to go buy more.  And I guess that is why they don’t mention quality in their comparison, and also why they don’t place more emphasis on the fact that Costco was cheaper on unit price.  They are just looking at how cheaply they could buy their set of items, not how long those items will last, whether that is because the items break or because they have fewer servings.  Either way, they were not really looking at the value of these stores or memberships to me, just about how much they would spend right now to get some stuff but not the same amount of stuff.

What do you think?  Fair comparison or are there issues?  Am I being too in love with Costco?  Are there other issues with their comparison that I didn’t even consider?  Where do you stand on the Sam’s vs. Costco thing?  And yes, you fans of BJ’s, why didn’t they include them in their comparison too?

Read the whole comparison:


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  1. 1 joni pitt // 2014.03.27 at 9:36 am

    I know that the role of is to provide information on the best value to consumers between Sam’s Club and Costco. However, I’m disappointed that any retailer review doesn’t address the “soul” of the retailer.
    Sam’s Club is a great place to shop but it’s owned by Walmart. And regardless of Walmart’s effective PR regarding its employee policies, it has a poor reputation worldwide for providing low prices while paying employees poorly and providing meager benefits. Walmart is the largest retailer in the US. As such, its employees are the greatest users of the US assistance programs such as Medicaid, WIC, etc. On behalf of all of its citizens, the US government should force Walmart to increase its wages because all Americans are forced to pay those wages in the form of higher taxes. But perhaps the worse offense that Walmart commits against its employees is the “stealing” of their pride and dignity by forcing them to seek government support. As if anyone would prefer taking handouts to having a job where they can support themselves and their families. No matter what anybody says, I don’t buy the argument that all poor Americans are low-life’s simply because a very small handful are low-life’s

    I’ll begin where I started: I liked Sam’s Club but I gave up my membership and switched to Costco. What I didn’t have to give up and would never give up, is a clear conscience.

  2. 2 Dave // 2012.10.13 at 8:09 pm

    I’ve been trying to decide which club to join; Costco or Sam’s Club. It is interesting to note that union trolls are all over these pages whining about “bad business practices,” i.e. they don’t have a corrupt filthy union in place. So from reading these posts, I will get a Sam’s Club card first! Part of the reason they can offer lower prices is because they don’t have to pay someone $25 dollars an hour to stare at the door and watch people come in and out

    Screw unions.

  3. 3 Rob from Orlando // 2012.06.07 at 10:58 am

    I’ve been shopping at Costco since they were Pace club. I would agree they offer some products at the best prices to be found, however like any store, you must comparison shop because not everything is lower priced. For example, I was able to buy diapers and baby wipes much cheaper from Amazon than Costco, plus Costco doesn’t have Pampers, which is the only brand I use. Anyway, I use Costco almost exclusively for grocery shopping (in fact I hardly ever bother to walk the non-grocery isles on my visits), and for that, there are only about a dozen items I buy from them regularly that I can’t find at a better price elsewhere, however of these 12 items I can find at least half of them at Sam’s for either the same price or negligibly more, and so for me it’s getting harder and harder to justify staying with Costco given that their membership fee is 40% higher than Sam’s. And while it’s true that Costco, generally, has happier employees working for them, this is kind of hit or miss as I’ve come across very happy employees at Sam’s (and even Walmart). Oh, another issue with Costco recently, at least the one in Orlando near me, is the quality of their fruit is really really bad. I’ve had instances of buying the apples that come in the plastic containers in which over half of them have been rotten (even had one where all were rotten), and while I know I could have taken them back, the problem is Costco is far enough from where I live that I don’t get back except every two weeks or so, and I could just imagine the returns person’s thought about someone bringing back apples after two weeks. Anyway, so I’ve given up on buying fruit at Costco, oh, as well as ice cream, I’ve too many times gotten “refrozen” ice cream from them (could just be an issue b/c this is a Florida Costco where it is hot hot hot, but on the other hand, Costco should know that and promptly refrigerate perishables when delivered, something they are obviously not doing with ice cream, and probably not doing with meats, etc… only with ice cream it’s easy to tell if they’ve been refrozen, with meats not so much). Anyway, my Costco addiction seems to be waning over the last few years, so perhaps I’ll have to give Sam’s (or BJ’s) a try.

  4. 4 Gene Chang // 2011.08.05 at 7:02 pm

    I have a membership to both. When I moved to Louisville 7 years ago, there wasn’t a Costco so I got a Sam’s Club membership. A Costco finally moved in about 3 years ago and my membership was still active through my parents so I have both memberships. For somethings, I go to Sam’s because it is only 7 miles from work vs about 20 for Costco. As some others have said, I feel that Costco has higher quality stuff.

    I have always likened Costco to Target and Sam’s to WalMart.

  5. 5 Mike // 2011.07.28 at 7:46 am

    In my opinion, there is little to compare with regard to Costco and Sam’s. I vastly prefer Costco but, here in Corpus Christi, TX, Sam’s is the only game in town. I left a town that had 3 Costcos within easy driving distance.
    I have found that I get greater ‘value’ for the money at Costco. 2 such purchases were a high end GPS and an expensive digital SLR camera. The price of the GPS was the same as at a sporting goods chain, but with a big difference. I got at least $150 in accessories with it at Costco. With the the camera, the price was the same as a big box chain. However, at Costco, I got a $200 zoom lens with it.
    Costco’s Kirkland brand items are always of high quality. From their batteries to their decaf coffee. Sam’s club has some name brand items at decent prices but I don’t care for their inconsistent stocking and availability. Member’s Mark brand items are of decent quality but cannot compare to Kirkland. And hot dogs: now there’s a no brainer! Sam’s uses Nathan’s hot dogs and they are very good. The price is also very good. However, Costco’s hot dogs are just as flavorful and the buns are vastly superior in taste and construction.
    I sincerely miss Costco and await the day when they finally decide to come to Corpus Christi (I’ve even kept my membership up to date, even though the nearest location is 220 miles away).

  6. 6 Robin from Orlando // 2011.07.22 at 5:38 am

    Welcome Matt.

    I can’t think of a bad employee experience I’ve had at Costco, other than occasionally looking for assistance and there is no one at the back of the store. It might have something to do with my shopping at the end of the day. lol

    I asked about the coupon book and found for some reason I didn’t get mine. They gave me an booklet at the desk. I also found out if they buy something and it goes on sale (ie coupon book) in the next week or two, they will give you back the difference.

    I posted my comments at Cheapism. I agree their review contradicts their findings. Using the Cuisinart as an example, they did not count that at Costco when you deduct the value of the K-cups and filters, the coffee make only cost $132.

    I ended up buying a new Keurig Platinum for $129 at Costco after realizing I was getting $30 worth of coffee, making the Platinum the same price as the mini-Keurig in other stores. has a cheaper (less cup sizes and smaller tank) Keurig for the same price at the better machine at Costco.

  7. 7 Matt // 2011.07.19 at 6:54 pm

    Hello everyone,

    I have used this site for about 6 months to find the online scans of Costco coupons but today is the first time I have delved into the site’s other content. So far I am quite pleased with all of the information.

    I shop at Costco mainly because of proximity. I live in Oakland, CA and there are 8 Costco warehouses within 15 miles of my house including one business center. The closest Sam’s Club is 30 miles away and I have never been to it or any Sam’s Club for that matter.

    I am fairly satisfied with my Costco experience mainly because of the prices on some things. However I find that some of the prices are not very good such as fresh or frozen meats which can be found at local supermarkets for the same price if not better when on sale or in bulk. Frozen fish seems especially expensive on top of the fact that my closest warehouse (San Leandro) only sells 2 fish/seafood items that are on the Montherey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch “Best Choice” list. Most of them are on the “Avoid” list and some on the “Good Alternatives” list. Also, many of the seafood items have too little information to be accurately placed on the Seafood Watch lists. The prices on other items still save me enough to warrant my continued membership.

    On the topic of customer service, I find it to be horrendous at times. On July 3rd, the day the coupons were expiring, I went over the supervisors’ kiosk to ask when I should expect the next coupons to become active. Despite my indication that I frequently notice over a weeks time without coupons being active the kind lady assured me that they always become active on the Thursday after the last coupon book expired. She then told me that the new coupons should have already been sent out and that they would be become active on Thursday, July 7th. They did not…

    Earlier, during that same visit to Costco I asked another person at the membership desk if there was any way to view the current and upcoming manufacturer’s instant and mail-in rebates. She confidently stated that there was no way for a customer or employee to know and that I would have to simply walk around the aisles and look for such rebates on the price tags. During my visit earlier today, while walking the aisles to find such rebates I saw that the Snapware Glasslock (redesigned I might add) had a $6 off rebate so I put 2 boxes in my cart and continued on with a keen eye out for more rebates. Upon checkout the checker rang me up with no mention of rebates. Looking at the receipt only only rebate had been applied and the checker, without looking anything up, said it was limit 1 and that if I would have to return the other or keep it without a rebate. The lady at the return/membership desk said that it must be limit 1 also without checking in the system. She refused to check the system even after my repeated requests for her to do so.

    These strange service incidents will not keep me from shopping at Costco but I felt the need to point them out. On the good side. Costco did give me a refund for a camping tent that had been used for a year before the zipper broke. They did not have the tent in stock anymore and we did not have the receipt but they looked it up and gave us back the exact amount we paid for it.

    Sorry if this post is too long, maybe I should start my own web log.

  8. 8 KATE // 2011.07.17 at 2:03 pm

    Yes, I have noticed for instance Coke, Sams has 32 cans and Costco had 24 cans available, They try to have different quantities on everything it seems so you can’t easily compare. I suppose the suppliers do that. I was told Sams is like Sears and Costco is like Marshall Fields. BUT, lately I don’t like the huffy attitude at the front desk sometimes, when we are supposed to be able to buy everything at Costco knowing we can return if there is a problem. I, too ask the employees what they think and they LOVE working at Costco. I heard a college ethics teacher recommended Costco highly as a great employer. I was told to try online for a seasonal job to get a foot in.

  9. 9 Nan // 2011.07.16 at 12:03 pm

    Very interesting post. I have memberships to both Sam’s and Costco and in the past included a membership to BJ’s also. The BJ’s here in Southwest Fl is terrible. Looks dirty, dingy and very little traffic. It’s redeeming value is that it takes coupons and carries dried porcini mushrooms.

    Sam’s Club is 10 minutes away and we buy stuff there we don’t have room for when we make our 100 mile round trips to Costco, such as bottled water or for something between Costco trips.

    And then Costco. I agree with the others about quality. But for me, it’s all about the experience. Shopping at Costco is fun, plain and simple. I consider it an adventure and I never know what I might find. Costco has several items that I can’t buy at Sam’s. I’ve never found shopping at Sam’s fun.

  10. 10 Danita // 2011.07.16 at 10:56 am

    Sam’s is part of the Wal-Mart family and I won’t shop there. I don’t agree with their business practices, so they don’t get my $.

  11. 11 Bill W. // 2011.07.16 at 9:42 am

    Bet they didn’t compare the satisfaction level of employees at each store. I make a point of always asking at least one Costco employee how they feel about their employer, on each shopping trip. With very few exceptions, the response is enthusiastic.

  12. 12 Maria S. // 2011.07.16 at 7:44 am

    I think you spent more time researching your post than they did. Thank you for your ever thoughtful on a favorite subject.
    I wasn’t sure if was going to be checking in as much since you hopped the pond – but I’m still here…

  13. 13 Chun // 2011.07.15 at 9:06 pm

    We used to be a Sam’s Club member for years because it was 15 minutes from our house but Costco was 20 minutes away. (How stupid I was!) We became a Costco member because we needed a bedroom set and Costco had a nice set at a very good price. We never renewed our Sam’s Club membership since then. My perception was that Costco was 1-2% more expensive in general but it would even out with the 2% rebate for the membership we bought. Costco does offer higher quality goods and a peace of mind with their return policy. Because of its return policy, we actually buy significantly more at Costco than we did at Sam’s but rarely return things.

    A few months after my Sam’s Club membership expired, I went to Sam’s to return two set of broken Christmas LED lights we bought nearly a year ago. Sam’s did have lifetime satisfaction guarantee on some items, but not all, leaving it a puzzle for the customer to figure out. They could not do the return because of the expired membership. The store manager tried to lure me back and I declined. I argued their lifetime satisfaction guarantee was essentially a contract at the time of purchase and didn’t have the requirement of keeping membership (I knew their free tire rotation had that requirement.) The manager finally called his boss and gave me a full return but as a Sam’s/Walmart cash card.

  14. 14 Sharon // 2011.07.15 at 2:05 pm

    “Maybe they bought their glasses at Sam’s.” Ha! Very good post today. The few times I went into Sam’s I could see the products were of much lesser quality, as was the service. No comparison.

  15. 15 Cristina // 2011.07.15 at 12:58 pm

    I find it interesting that they clearly show that the coffeemaker at Costco comes with 54 cups and 6 water filters for only $5 extra, yet they still find Sam’s Club to be the winner. Next, the office chair is priced identically at both places, but they fabricate an 11 cent difference which gives the edge to Sam’s Club. Give me a break. As for the extra year of warranty, Sam’s Club only offers it when you BUY a warranty through them, something you get for free at Costco.

  16. 16 Na // 2011.07.15 at 12:36 pm

    I don’t know about Sam’s club but my local Costco carries a LOT of organic stuff, and that’s a big plus to me. I get organic bread, eggs, milk, butter, farro, quinoa, oats, wild rice medley, raisins, figs, crackers, cheese, blueberries, raspberries, lettuce, packaged salads, orange juice, ice cream, frozen berries, frozen spinach, whole chicken, chicken breast, chicken thighs… you can see, it has become super easy to buy organically and eat well these days, thanks to Costco 🙂
    P.s: I’m sure I’m forgetting lots of other things…..especially things that I don’t eat like maybe organic cereal, organic granola bars and stuff like that.

  17. 17 RickieM // 2011.07.15 at 11:08 am

    I’ve only been to a Sam’s Club once but that was enough for me. It did have low prices but the store itself was messy and run down, and they carried a lot of junky stuff. Costco is a store I trust. I know that what I buy there is of good quality and if I ever have a problem, they will fix it without hassle. The employees care about their job. It’s a quality operation. Personally, I shop at Wal Mart and am not one of these anti-WalMart fanatics who take every opportunity they can to dis the store, so I am not just being negative about Sams Club because it is owned by WalMart. Sams Club simply does not have as high an overall quality as Costco. Even if Costco was higher in price (which based on your blog post it is not), I would still continue shopping there because of the total experience.

  18. 18 tle // 2011.07.15 at 10:19 am

    Can’t put a price on customer service. I have dealt with Costco customer service many times and each time it was superb, both at the store level and I would not shop frequently if prices are slightly less but customer service is bad!

  19. 19 Anonymous // 2011.07.15 at 10:15 am

    I like both for different things. I go to both.

    I tend to go to Sam’s more, however, because they carry more brand names. Cereal for example – Costco carries just a few, and mostly Kirkland. Sam’s carries the brand names you see at the grocery store. If you have picky family members, this is a big help. Also the Sam’s near my house caters to more small businesses. They all shop at 7am, so by the time I can go at 10, it’s not as crowded.

    Never heard of BJ’s.

  20. 20 Tony T // 2011.07.15 at 8:26 am

    I absolutely agree on the quality aspect. When I buy items from costco I feel like I don’t have to do research on the actual quality. I just need to research the price to make sure that it’s a decent price, compared to let’s say Amazon. This is for two reasons: 1) Costco tends to offer high quality items 2) If the quality is not top notch, then I have the peace of mind when I buy the item to know that if it breaks down in a couple of months I can return it without a hassle.

    One interesting fact. I just read online that Sam’s Club has more US locations thatn Costco. I am quite shocked because everywhere I travel in the US I see costcos everywhere but can’t say the same about Sam’s Club.

  21. 21 Wade // 2011.07.15 at 7:43 am

    I have memberships at both. Nearest Costco is 17 miles away from me in Houston (they need more stores here). Sam’s has more locations and is closer. On store brand products, Kirkland Signature vs. Members Mark – Costco products are of higher quality and better value. On name brand products from electronics to toilet paper, there is not much difference between the 2. I find Sam’s to have lower prices on fruits and vegetables – although local grocery stores like HEB often are lower than both and with better quality. Meats – hands down Costco has better quality.

  22. 22 Cynthia // 2011.07.15 at 6:01 am

    I really don’t care. Sam’s Club is after all Walmart and I am anti-Walmart.

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