This Week at Costco – July 17, 2011

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Well, despite the weather not being as great this summer in London, we are still enjoying it.  Just with far fewer picnic lunches.  Don’t forget to check your US and UK coupons out before you make your next trip there.  This is especially true in the UK since they’ve got different fresh food items on sale each week.  This week you can save on a salmon fillet, Costco bakery carrot cake, and fresh green beans and tenderstem broccoli.

Mariani Ultimate Apricots

Mariani Ultimate Dried Apricots – These are delicious!  You don’t always get the dried apricots and have a good experience but these are so great.  They are still soft and tender with a ton of apricot flavor still locked inside.  Happily, they have no added sugar, which is definitely rare when you’re buying dried fruit (you really have to watch out for that because it can turn a healthy snack into something worse than a candybar).  You’re also going to get some other benefits: in a 100 gram serving you will get no fat, 15 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein of course they have 255 calories in that one serving too.  But really, 100 grams is more than enough for a snack since it averages about 13 pieces.  All in all, this is a great afternoon snack, when you’re wanting something kind of sweet but really know that you need something healthy.  The other benefit is for those of us that need a little extra iron in our diet.  A serving of these apricots has 26% or 3.7 mg of iron.  You also get quite a bit of vitamin A to, since it covers 69% of your daily needs.  I’ve been eating a little serving of these every afternoon when I start feeling munchy and it really is curbing my sweet tooth.  The last time I bought these in the US, they were $9.69 for the three pound bag.  1.36 kilograms for £7.89 .  Item #: 0138867.

Mission Flour Tortilla Wraps

Mission Flour Tortilla Wraps – If I were still in Austin, or anywhere in the US probably, I would not be buying the Mission tortillas.  Especially since Costco carries the very awesome Tortillaland ones (and if you are in the US you really should get these).  But, we’re in the UK and Mexican foods aren’t really as plentiful so we have to make due with what we can get.  The Mission tortillas are okay, but not great.  They don’t have a spectacular taste but it’s satisfactory.  The real problem I have with these tortillas is that they are a bit fragile.  We made some chicken burritos with them and they kept splitting.  I’d say of the ones we have used so far (one of the eight count packages) 75% of them split when we filled them with stuff.  So, yeah, that’s not great in a tortilla.  Once they split, you just have a huge mess too.  After using these, it really made me miss the nice variety of tortillas, both corn and flour, that we could find in our Austin Costco location.  2, 8 count packages (16 tortillas) for £1.49 (US: $2.41).  Item #: 0093293.


The Greenery Tomberries (Tomato Berries) – These are so cute!  They are little tiny round tomato berries; they look just like a full sized tomato but tiny and maybe more round.  They are the perfect size for adding to salad, which is why we bought them.  They are also nice to add to pasta because of their bite sizeness.  I also had pretty good luck throwing them in to roast with some fish for a little instant topping.  The size is just right to quickly roast and they started to split or pop open and were really tasty on the fish.  I’ve never seen these before and really like the whole concept.  Normally, even the cherry tomatoes are just too big for a single bite in a salad and you have to really spear them with your fork because otherwise they’re just going to roll off your fork.  So, the berry sized tomatoes are the perfect solution with lots of tomato flavor but none of the hassle.  I didn’t get too inventive with these but next time we get them I’ll have to try to come up with a few more clever cooking ideas.  275 grams for £2.99 (US: $4.85).  Item #: 0114362.

CHB Rye Bread

Rye Bread – This looked so great when we bought it, I couldn’t wait to make myself a big sandwich with it.  Unfortunately, I only got a couple of sandwiches out of it before it turned into a science experiment.  However, those couple of sandwiches were delicious!  It had a really great taste, not too intense on the rye flavor but definitely enough to make it really pleasant and a great sandwich companion to my chicken breast.  I was so sad when I got in the pantry though and it was all furry.  I honestly think I had only had it for five days at that point.  I guess I should have put it in the fridge.  The only downside to the bread was that it was one of those uneven sized loaves that taper at both ends.  And that means that the first and last bunch of sandwiches are very small.  Or, like me you could just skip over those smaller pieces, with the thoughts of using those to make some yummy rye toast.  I definitely don’t blame the bread because it was delicious and the fact that it went bad was totally my fault.  I guess it was preservative free, on the good side.  800 gram loaf for £1.45 (US: $2.35).  Item #: 0003895.


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  1. 1 Robin from Orlando // 2011.07.25 at 4:02 am

    I’ve seen the Mariani Dried Apricots sold in the US, though I don’t know if they are the ‘Ultimate’, too.

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