This Week at Costco – July 24, 2011

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Don’t forget that this is the last week for the current Costco UK coupon book.  This book runs through Sunday and the next one starts on Monday.  I’ll be posting the next book on Monday.  The fresh food offers for the week are for Aberdeen Angus mince, KS Victoria sponge cake, and the super delicious rotisserie chicken.  In the US, the current coupon book is good through August 7, so you have two more weekends.

Belazu Dried Mushrooms

Belazu Finest Dried Woodland Mushrooms -These are some really nice dried mushrooms!  The mix is comprised of cepes, shiitake, yellow boletes, and oyster mushrooms, with the mix made up of 25% of each type of mushroom.  I use dried mushrooms in soups quite a lot, they are also good for sauces, and I have also used them in stir fry or pasta dishes, in a pinch.  It’s very handy to have the dried mushrooms in the pantry because you don’t have to worry about them going bad like you do when they’re hanging out in your fridge.  The rehydration process is pretty easy to since you just have to soak them in warm water for a half hour or so.  Depending on the type of dish you are using them in, after you rehydrate them, you might want to also squeeze them dry before using them.  When I’m using them in soup though, I usually just throw them in dry and then they soften up while the soup is cooking away.  You can also make good use out of the water that you rehydrate them in because it tastes very mushroomy.  Sometimes I add it to the water when I’m making pasta to get a deeper mushroom flavor.   The only thing to remember is that if you want to cut them up, it is sometimes easier to do when they are still dry.  Since the mushroom mix is made up of different types of mushrooms the pieces aren’t completely even, however, I haven’t felt that was a problem when rehydrating them or using them at all.  These are a much, much better deal than any of the local grocery stores too.  The Belazu mushrooms at Costco are £1.98 per 100 grams, whereas at other stores you will end up paying £6.28 – £7.48 per 100 grams.  That’s a bit of a difference, huh?  And I know the ones that I bought before were no where near as nice as those from Costco.  500 grams for £9.89 (US: $16.15).  Item #: 0079920.


Bananas – You know what you can’t get at the farmer’s market?  Bananas.  At least we can’t at our local market.  And if I can’t buy them right from the grower, I’d rather get them from Costco.  In Austin, we always bought our bananas at Costco because they were cheaper and always looked better than at the regular grocery stores too.  It’s not that I think they are really a better quality than other places, just cheaper.  Honestly, a banana is a banana to me, I’m not such a conosieur that I can tell a difference between them.  Bananas are certainly one of the things that you can easily buy at Costco, even if you were just one person, if you eat them regularly.  Because there aren’t really that many bananas in a bunch at the weights that Costco stocks them.  We finished off our bunch in less than a week.  1.36 kilograms for £1.15 (US: $1.88).  Item #: 0001972.

KS Men's T-Shirt

Kirkland Signature Men’s Premium Pima Cotton T-Shirt – This is a great t-shirt and I’m glad that we found these at Costco.  Normally, we buy Dave’s plain colored t-shirts from Lands’ End, because they also have a nice t-shirt.  However, these are certainly of the same quality in construction, and the feel of the material is wonderfully soft. We’ve washed it a few times at this point and it has maintained it’s nice feel, it hasn’t shrunk, and the color hasn’t faded or changed either.  This is a really great deal if you like to wear, or you like that man in your life to wear, plain t-shirts of a single color.  In a price comparison, buying a similar t-shirt at Lands’ End UK would be £12.00; £4.41 more than at Costco.  Dave likes these plain t-shirts for everything from exercising to just hanging out but they definitely look nicer than an old concert t-shirt or something like that.  Plus, they go nicely under sweaters or button down shirts for a layered look.   £7.59 (US: $12.40).  Item #: 0559140.

KS Men's Dress Shirt

Kirkland Signature Men’s Cotton Dress Shirt – I think I write about these once a year because I feel like they offer an exceptional value.  The quality is remarkably high for such a little price, I almost can’t believe you can get such a nice dress shirt for this price.  I also appreciate that Costco has added a little flair to their men’s dress shirt line by switching things up from the plain blue or white that we usually see.  Though, last year we did get a nice striped shirt too.  I was impressed though that they had something as stylish as this pink and purple striped shirt.  Which, as I’m writing that, sounds like it would be hideous, but is really attractive.  And it adds a nice little punch of color to Dave’s normal grey and black suits.  Even though the shirts are 100% cotton, they are no iron, which is great.  But honestly, they really do look much better with pressing.  The other nice feature is that they are treated to repel water and oil based stains.  But the feature I like best on the KS shirts is that they sew the placket (that’s the area around the buttons and button holes) so that they maintain a nice flat appearance.  Now, if they would just make some similarly nice shirts for women.  £11.69 (US: $19.09).  Item #: 365676.


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  1. 1 RickieM // 2011.08.14 at 3:48 pm

    I bought a gray Kirkland t-shirt yesterday and wore it today – they are really comfortable. You can tell it is a quality item (seems odd to talk about quality with something simple like a t-shirt but there’s a wide range) and the material feels so smooth. It is 100% cotton. Thanks for writing about it because that is what made me look for them in the first place.

    • 2 Kimberly // 2011.08.17 at 4:00 am

      @RickieM – Glad I could give you a useful tip for the great KS t-shirts. It continues to look and feel nice too, even after being washed a number of times.

  2. 3 carla // 2011.07.31 at 6:10 pm

    This is off subject of bananas etc. But when are you and hubby coming back to the USA. I like it when your entire blog is about Costco locations in the USA. We want you back on our soil!

    • 4 Kimberly // 2011.08.02 at 3:35 am

      @Carla – We don’t have a definite date for moving back to the US, I’m afraid. I’m trying to figure out how I can get more US reviews on here though.
      Thanks for continuing to follow my blog though, even though I’m on the other side of the pond. 🙂

  3. 5 Tle // 2011.07.30 at 7:10 pm

    I saw Kirkland shirsts for women at the Canoga Park, S. California store. I would have checked it out for you if I had read this post before shopping yesterday!

    • 6 Kimberly // 2011.08.02 at 3:38 am

      @Tle – I check every time we go to Costco for a nice KS shirt for women here. So far, no luck. But maybe there’s hope if you have them in the US now.

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