Graham & Gunn Men’s Custom Clothing Event at Costco

August 9th, 2011 · 15 Comments

I wrote about the designer wedding dresses that you could get at selected Costco stores a couple of months ago.  And now, they’re offering something for the guys too.  At selected Costco locations around the US, you can take advantage of this special event with Graham & Gunn personal tailoring group to purchase nice looking, custom clothing for men.

While Costco has some really nice shirts and trousers with their Kirkland Signature brand, they aren’t custom.  But you really should check out the KS men’s trousers, you really should (if they have them at your location). Dave was very impressed with the quality of them.  And of course, if you’ve read my blog for long you have definitely heard me rave about the wonderful KS men’s dress shirts that you can get for such an amazing price you almost can’t believe it.  But still they’re not made just for you in the fabrics that you want and tailored to your body.

Graham & Gunn Clothing Event at Costco

However, through these Graham & Gunn events you will be able to order shirts, trousers, blazers, sport coats, tuxedos, and suits, all made to your specifications.  I think it is great that they are offering something like this for men.  If you’re a guy that sits around in a suit all day, it really is worth it, I think, to get a nicely tailored one at least.  And if you can get it with a discount through Costco, so much the better.  The discounts start at 40%, which is marvellous and can certainly help to bring the price of bespoke clothing into the realm of affordability.  The price range is $89.99 – $899.99 across the whole line, which at the high end is not cheap but considering that a custom tailored suit can run into the thousands that is a pretty good deal.  Quality suits and men’s clothing can cost a pretty penny, but if you can get that quality and save at least 40% how can you not take advantage of that?

So, if you’re wondering what the process is, you really need to check out the video that gives some information about the whole experience.  They use this very cool body scanning software to get your measurements, which is super cool and very James Bond-like.  But better yet, it is probably highly accurate, so your suit or shirts will fit you very well.  Then you choose the fabrics and styles for your pieces from their large selection of options.  They seem to have a wide array of suiting materials, as well as different cuff and collar configurations, so you can really get just what you want.  The order will be shipped directly to your house and will take around four weeks.  While four weeks is certainly longer than if you bought something off the rack, it’s very reasonable for tailored clothing, in my experience.

I really wish we were in the US to take advantage of this, though there wouldn’t be a location near our home in Austin anyway.  I’m going to post the list of locations (below) where you can attend one of these events in August.  However, you should check out the additional information at on the event where you can also make an appointment for the location by you via the website.

  • ISSAQUAH, WA: 8/5 – 8/14/11
  • ST LOUIS PARK, MN: 8/5 – 8/14/11
  • RICHMOND, CA: 8/5 – 8/14/11
  • CARLSBAD, CA: 8/12 – 8/21/11
  • WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA : 8/12 – 8/21/11
  • NORWALK, CT: 8/12 – 8/21/11
  • SAN FRANCISCO, CA: 8/19 – 8/28/11
  • OAK BROOK, IL: 8/19 – 8/28/11
  • MANHATTAN, NY: 8/24 – 8/30/11
  • IRVINE, CA: 8/26 – 9/04/11

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  1. 1 David // 2013.12.29 at 11:46 am

    I bought two suits two years ago and they’re great. With the exception of these suits I wear Brooks Brothers exclusively. These suits look great, and in fact I’ve gotten a number of compliments including from a C-level executive of my company. Wish I had bought more at the time but I wanted to see how these came out. Also I assumed they’d be doing it every 6-12 months, but they haven’t come back to my store since. If they come back I’ll definitely have 2-4 more suits made.

  2. 2 James Boyd // 2012.10.18 at 2:39 am

    Great concept, excellent material selections and price points but the idea needs more development. I love Costco and they have set standards very high in most areas but this is an exception. We members expect perfection!

    The young man who assisted me in my purchase had very limited knowledge of tailoring techniques, understanding of garment construction, pattern-making skills, different body shapes, knowledge of fabric types and measuring. His clothing looked as if he purchased his shirt (wrinkled), pants (way to tight), jacket (actually belonged to his very little brother) from the Salvation Army. How can an over-weight person be a fitness instructor? How could they allow his young man to dress and look like this? I understand their business model is relying on technology but they must select quality people and train them well. Instead of having three non-trained people, I would suggest one well trained person. They should also have disposable foot covers to be used during the scanning process. A five-minute measurement must be taken to verify the measurements made by the computer.

    In my case, the suits I purchased for my son fit ok, not perfect.

  3. 3 Vicki Baker // 2012.10.17 at 4:30 pm

    My husband ordered a suit and shirt, and both fit horribly! The shirt was very loose, and the arm lengths were both off. One cuff hung down to the middle of his hand while the other was above his wrist. The suit pants were too tight and fit tightly through the crotch, while the jacket was way too big. I don’t know how they could be making money on this technology because we returned everything, a $900 purchase refunded in full. The only problem was they charged us in full the day they took the order and it took 6 weeks for the suit and 8 for the shirt to arrive, so now we have a large overpayment on our account.

  4. 4 Brian // 2012.03.14 at 7:46 am

    I’m glad I checked this board! I was very excited to get a custom suit for $600, what a deal. But if their measurement technology doesn’t work, what’s the point? Why would they make an investment in computerized measurement equipment if it doesn’t work? My last custom suit from Brooks Brother was measured by hand and came out perfect. Sounds like the sales reps need some training or they should return the equipment and find someone who can use a tape measure. I’ll pass for now.

  5. 5 ek // 2011.10.20 at 1:46 am

    I just got my custom shirts. They are definitely of high quality, probably even higher quality than the ones I have from Brooks Brothers for $100. The problem is that they don’t fit. It’s an inch too long on the sleeves and the shoulders are too big. I had a feeling I was going to have issues with the sleeves because of the way holding the bars in the scanner made you bend your arms. I asked if they would take back up measurements, but they said they didn’t need to because the machine was so accurate. Obviously that wasn’t the case.

    This was sort of a test run before I paid for a suit. I’m going to pass on it. My tailor quoted me $25 each to fix the shirts. Yeah, $125 for quality shirts isn’t bad, but I’m not sure if he’ll botch it and then I won’t be able to return it.

  6. 6 Keith // 2011.10.01 at 8:20 pm

    Ordered a two button suit for $600, called the next day to change it to three. The two button was shipped. G&G called to say I could return it if I wanted a three. Unfortunately, the suit jacket fit very very poorly. I went to return it today but needed my original paperwork. Went to Nordstrom’s and bought a Hugo Boss for $800.

  7. 7 eddy // 2011.09.23 at 5:04 pm

    I ordered 6 shirts I got 3 within the promised 4 weeks.However 3 shirts where still unfinished. I called G&G to find out when my shirts would be shipped and I was told the end of next week (that was 4 weeks ago)I was then promised shipment next Weds but no shirts once again.
    I then was told that they will be shipped tomorrow overnight….guess what ?? They weren’t..Im still waiting but not much longer..
    On I good note the shirts I got fit great but that’s little consolation at this point..

  8. 8 David // 2011.09.20 at 1:37 pm

    I was disappointed that my suit didn’t fit – it was at least an inch too short in the leg, and too tight in the chest/arms. Not to worry though, I was able to return to Costco for a full refund, no questions asked.


  9. 9 Mike // 2011.09.16 at 7:07 pm

    I order a suit from Costco. The quality is great but I do have one big problem. During the order taking process I started out with a contemporay cut suit but then after disucssions with the representative, I changed it to a traditional cut. When I checked out, I confirmed my order and verbally and asked if it was a traditional cut as there was no way of telling from the paper work they gave me. The respresentative confirmed it was a traditional cut. When my suit arrived it was a contempoary cut, which was a disappointment.

    Based on this experience, I’m not sure I can recommond this offering. It’s a lot of money to pay and then get something you didn’t order with no-recourse. Also, Costco should include more information on the receipt so one does not have to rely on a verbal confirmation from a sales represenative. It would be a shame if others have to repeat my experience.

  10. 10 Kay Armstrong // 2011.08.24 at 1:25 pm

    I’m pround to announce that there is going to be a Graham and Gunn event at the Costco Cenntenial in Las Vegas from 9/16/2011 to 9/25/2011 and I’ll be there to help and assisst you folks, so see you there and Viva Las Vegas….

  11. 11 Emily @ // 2011.08.09 at 7:59 pm

    Costco, if you’re reading, send a show to Atlanta!

    • 12 Kimberly // 2011.08.10 at 7:19 am

      And then send one to London! LOL

  12. 13 tle // 2011.08.09 at 10:03 am

    Sorry, I meant the cost of this suit if it was tailored at another store. Actually, ignore my post. At leat 40% off. Duh on me!

  13. 14 tle // 2011.08.09 at 10:01 am

    Does anybody know the average cost of a suit?

  14. 15 Jana @ The Summer House // 2011.08.09 at 9:14 am

    Wow….this looks fantastic! And there is an event at my local Costco. I’m so lucky,

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