September 2011 Location Updates

September 29th, 2011 · 2 Comments

There are lots of new locations and updates to existing locations coming in the next year.  I’m going to try to do a monthly update post about what new locations are opening up in the next month, as well as any updates about locations that are still in the early stages.  Of course, any time you want you can check out my Locations page to see the latest information, ask about a new location or post your own update about a location near you in the comments section.  I try to keep my list of new locations updated on that page, as well as keep track of upcoming locations that don’t necessarily have concrete opening dates, but we’ve all heard or read about opening, sometime in the future.

First up, what locations are opening up in October?

FRISCO, TX October 22, 2011
BUCKS COUNTY, PA October 22, 2011
PEWAUKEE, WI October 27, 2011

I’d love to have a guest post or two from anyone that attends the opening day for any of the new locations.  It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate just your take on the new store and maybe a picture or two.  If you’re interested you can check out my Guest Post page for details about how to submit your post.

Now, for some news on proposed locations in Coralville, Iowa and New Britain, Connecticut, as well as some changes to the current Maui warehouse.

Coralville, Iowa

The zoning for the new Coralville Costco location has been approved by the city council!  Costco will pay for nearly all of the improvements, including street upgrades, when it moves into an approximately 700,000-square-foot-warehouse along Heartland Drive, city planner Jim Kessler said.  It seems that Coralville is doing quite well despite the gloomy economy since they also approved a new 16-acre development that will include several new restaurants and hotels.  I’m impressed with any city council that can have a meeting and discuss and vote on 30 different items on their agenda.

New Britain, Connecticut

This is a situation that I’ve read about for a while now, but seems like maybe there’s a bit of forward momentum to the proposal for a new Costco location in New Britain now.  So, the problem is that the city is trying/wanting/thinking of selling piece of city owned land that is currently used for a golf course to Costco for a new store.  The controversial plan has been updated to hopefully getting it moving forward without the huge opposition that it encountered over the summer.  The new plans are for the city to sell more than 15 acres of the city-owned Stanley Golf Course along with some woodlands to the Costco.  The value of the property has been placed at $3 million to $4 million by city appraisers. Then, the city would acquire surplus land from the state Department of Transportation and use that to restore the lost section of golf course. From the story I’m not sure if Costco would pay for the purchase of surplus land or just the restoration of the golf course, but they’ll be paying for one of those two aspects of the changes.  City officials say the proposed Costco store would bring in hundreds of jobs to the city. In addition, Mayor Timothy Stewart has estimated that the city would also take in as much as $600,000 a year in new real estate and sales taxes.

Maui, Hawaii

This is a piece of news that I imagine will make anyone buying gas in this area pretty happy: Costco will be adding a gas station to its location in Kahului.  The location already exists but there will be a big addition of 18,000 square foot of new warehouse space, more parking spaces,the new gas station, as well as a new car wash.  It’s estimated that there are 91,000 Costco members on the island of Maui; yeah, like 90% of adults on the island are Costco shoppers!  That’s amazing.  Jamie Havron, the general manager for the Kahului Costco says it is “one of the busiest in the world and one of the smallest in square footage,” so clearly the additional space will be well appreciated.  But the big boon could come in terms of gas prices.  In the Wailuku area near the Costco, a gallon of unleaded gas runs about $0.20 more per gallon at $4.39 than the average for Maui of $4.19; the most expensive location in Hawaii tracked by AAA.  So, hopefully, the addition of gas at Costco will bring the prices down and make them more reasonable for people in the area.

This struck me as very funny, and clearly very self-serving:

Commissioners dismissed a petition by Dairy Road Partners, which operates the nearby Superstop gas station. Citing increase traffic concerns, the owners said the Costco expansion would hurt their business. Commissioners said Superstop’s economic interest wasn’t enough to qualify them as an intervener.

Construction will begin in January, but no word on how long it will take to make all of the changes.

For now that’s all the information on new or upcoming locations that I have.  If there’s a specific area that you are interested in finding out about, post a comment on the Locations page.  I might not have any information, but someone else often does know something helpful.


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  1. 1 Dennis Ostrander // 2011.09.30 at 12:41 am

    When can we expect opening in Apple Valley, CA (inland empire, high desert area)?

  2. 2 Ernesto // 2011.09.29 at 3:29 pm

    Hi any word on any new costco’s opening in Austin Texas?

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