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Don’t forget that this is the last weekend for the current Costco UK coupon book!  If you’re in the US, don’t worry, you still have another whole week before the current coupon book expires.

If you’re in Bucks County, PA, Frisco, TX, or Pewaukee, WI, this might be the perfect weekend to check out your newly opened Costco locations.  All of those locations have opened in the last 10 days or so and are ready to be explored!

Kirkland Signature Dried Cherries

Kirkland Signature Dried Cherries – I used to buy the other brand of dried cherries at Costco, but when I ran out recently I decided to try the Kirkland Signature variety.  As with most things I’ve tried from Kirkland Signature, the cherries are delicious and just as good as the other brand that they used to carry (at least in the US).  The cherries are of the Montmorency variety and somehow manage to be both tart and sweet, but not too much of either.  I’m not into super tart things, nor overly sweet, so these seem absolutely perfect to me.  The cherries themselves are moist and still amazingly tender, despite the fact that they are dried.  As with a lot of dried fruits, these cherries do have added sugar but not a shockingly huge amount.  They consider a serving to be 1/3 cup, but I think that is way bigger than what I would call a serving.  However, at a full serving they have 130 calories, which isn’t bad for a quick snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a healthy does of antioxidants in the form of vitamin A (35% of your RDA).  I like eating them plain, however, they also jazz up my morning muesli quite nicely too.  The dried cherries also make a great sauce for pork or duck.  I’m sure you could also add them to a smoothie for some sweetness and a punch of cherry flavour.  It’s great to have these around because you can get a lot of cherry flavour from the dried fruit, however, you don’t have to worry about how quickly your pricey fresh cherries are going bad.  And hey, you don’t have to worry about the pits either!   20 ounces or 567 grams for £5.39 (US: $8.68).  Item #: 0141960.

Goikoa Sarta de Chorizo Extra

Goikoa Sarta de Chorizo Extra – This chorizo is so delicious!  In the package you get two types of chorizo: sweet and spicy.  The difference between the two is the type of paprika that is mixed in with the pork.  The sweet chorizo uses a sweet Spanish paprika that gives the sausage a nice smoky flavour and a very light hint of sweetness in the background (way in the background) but you mostly get the smokiness.  The spicy chorizo uses a spicy Spanish paprika that has a spiciness in addition to the nice smoky flavour that always accompanies paprika.  We used the spicy chorizo in a black bean soup that was outstanding.  The spiciness isn’t outrageously hot, but just adds a nice bit of a kick that works really well with something like black beans or things like that that don’t perhaps have so much flavour of their own.  The spiciness is really tempered with a nice smoky flavour that gives it a unique flavour, making it more complex flavour-wise over other hot sausages.  We also used some as a topping for pasta and that was a fabulous way to have it as well.  And, hey, it’s pretty outstanding all on it’s own with just some crackers.  If you do cook it though, make sure you don’t add too much oil because it is pretty fatty and adding a lot of oil can turn it greasy.  So far we have just eaten the sweet chorizo sliced and without cooking.  However, I think it would work well in either of the ways that we have used the spicy chorizo too.  I don’t have a favourite because I think they are both awesome and something I will definitely buy again.  It’s nice that it is pretty equally good when cooked or just sliced and eaten without much preparation except a piece of cheese or crackers.   Next time I buy it I’ll have to look for some new ways to prepare it, just so I can try it in a more appropriately Spanish recipe.  2, 260 gram sausages for £4.29 (US: $6.91).  Item #: 0122389.

Kirkland Signature 540 TC Sheet Set

Kirkland Signature 540 Thread Count Supima Cotton Sheet Set – As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we can’t buy replacement sheets here in the UK due to drastically different mattress sizes.  So, I had to have my mom bring some additional sheets with her when she came in September for her visit.  In addition to the microfiber sheet set that I wrote about previously, I also ordered a set of the KS cotton sheets.  I was a little worried that they would be really thick and heavy, which Dave doesn’t really like.  However, these sheets are pretty close to perfect.  The fabric of the sheets is smooth and soft, yet somehow also quite crisp.  I’m not a sheet ironer (I don’t even own an iron right now), so I also really appreciate that these can look crisp and not all wrinkly and messy when I just pull them out of the dryer.  Though, I do pull them out of the dryer when they are ever so slightly damp which probably keeps them from over drying and getting too wrinkly.  The sheets are made from 100% supima cotton with 540 threads per square inch using single ply yarn.  All of that means that the fabric is soft but still very durable.  And the weight is perfect, not too heavy nor too light weight (and thus cheap feeling).  The sheet sets come with a fitted and flat sheet, as well as four pillowcases.  The sets come in California King, King, and Queen sizes in meadow, white, bark, ivory or slate blue.  The Queen set is $10.00 cheaper than either the King or Cal King sizes.  I bought my set through, however, I think you might be able to get these sheet sets through the warehouses as well.  California King 6-piece sheet set for $84.99 (UK: £52.77).  Item #: 11653784.

Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort – I really love my Wii.  I use it pretty much every day to exercise through one of the EA Sports Active programs or even the Just Dance 2 game.  It actually does make it possible to exercise and get a good workout without going to a gym (and paying for a membership that you might not get the full value out of).  I’m not a big game console person but the Wii is so different because you’ve got all the action of actually moving around and Dave and I both really like that. It gets us up and moving and seems way better than just sitting on the couch playing another type of game.  I think it’s a good way to relax and have fun on the weekends too. This new Sports title gives you 12 new games or sports that you can play with your Wii, including: swordplay, wake boarding, archery, Frisbee, basketball, power cruising, cycling, golf, table tennis, bowling, canoeing, and air sports (skydiving, flying, dogfight).  It’s fun because most of these are new sports that we aren’t going to do in any other setting but this game.  This game incorporates the Wii MotionPlus accessory, which you will have to buy separately if you don’t have them already.  For those of you that don’t know, the MotionPlus is supposed to make playing even more precise.  Because of the increased sensitivity to your movements, the games seem far more challenging and probably more like playing for real; you have to be much more controlled and even. Of course, it makes it more challenging, which is great for those of us that might be a little competitive.  I think that the archery and possibly the swordplay are my new favorites but they’re all pretty fun.  I really don’t enjoy the cycling though because you’re not actually pedalling with your legs (obviously since these are hand-held controllers) but using your hands to simulate pedalling; it seems totally wrong and backward.  If you liked the previous Wii Sports, you’ll like this one even better.  The other thing that is nice about this is that you can play it by yourself and you could certainly use it for a workout.  However, you can also play it with up to four people and compete singly or as teams, so it would be fun for a party too.  I got my game via with delivery by my mom (she’s so much more pleasant than the UPS guy).  $37.99 (UK: £23.59).  Item #: 579722.


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