Organic Salad with a Live Tree Frog on the Side at Costco

November 3rd, 2011 · 1 Comment

A California woman got a little something extra in her organic salad from Costco on Monday night – a live tree frog.  My first reaction was to laugh, but it is kind of crazy and a little gross if I really think about it.  But I’m trying to just keep with the funny side of it.

When Liya Ma first picked up the container of Babe Farms organic salad mix she thought something seemed off and noticed two little eyes looking up from amongst the lettuce.  Her first reaction, was one that probably most of us would have: she screamed and dropped the container.  The part I really like though is that she didn’t run to find a lawyer and sue Costco, but actually asked the store manager if she could keep the frog.  So, the manager agreed to let her have the frog and the lettuce, for free of course.  She’s now keeping him as a pet and has named him ‘Dave’, which seems an odd name for a frog to me.

According to a spokesperson for Babe Farms the salad has no pesticides and is not chopped before being packaged, so it is not out of the realm of possibility that something like this could happen.  However, part of the processing is a series of three washings and a spin in a centrifuge to remove moisture from the lettuce.  So, that makes it rather more amazing that this little frog could last through the processing.

Craig Wilson, vice president of food safety for Costco, said it was the first time he heard of someone finding a live frog in a salad (thankfully, for all of us that shop at Costco).  Costco plans to contact Babe Farms to figure out how this happened, so they can avoid such things in the future.  Wilson said he was amazed that the frog had made it all the way to the sales floor unscathed.

“If you consider that he’s been under refrigeration … you go `Holy cow he’s one tough frog,”‘ Wilson said.

If you have to find something unexpected in your lettuce, this is certainly one of the better, and one of the funnier, things you could discover.  But really, no one ever expects live frogs in their salad, do they?


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  1. 1 Costco UT // 2011.11.05 at 5:36 am

    We also had a bag of lettuce returned in UT with a tree frog in it. Not sure if it was the same brand. An employee took it home to keep as a pet. I love salads so I did not look at it when the manager had it on his desk- would have ruined lettuce for me! I will be inspecting my produce a little closer for awhile.

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