Costco US Coupon Book: November 10 – 27, 2011

November 5th, 2011 · 7 Comments

This upcoming coupon book starts on Thursday, November 10, and runs through November 27.  You’ll have around two and a half weeks to shop for any of the deals in this month’s coupon book.  And while it does run through Thanksgiving, you should also be on the lookout for the Black Friday coupon book that Costco hands out at the door but does not mail out.  This month there are coupons worth more than $1,800.00 in coupons, and then another $6,500.00 in online deals at  In addition, there are also some terrific instant savings deals that you can take advantage of in the warehouses.

Costco US Coupon Book: November 10 - 27, 2011

I’ve uploaded the new Costco US Coupon Book PDF(or view it in the Google PDF viewer) so you can browse it if you haven’t gotten yours yet.  While you can print these out for reference purposes, Costco only accepts the original coupons (if your location requires you to hand them in).  If you didn’t get your book or never do, you should stop by Customer Service and make sure that they have all of your mailing information correct and that you have allowed them permission to send you things in the mail.  Also, while you’re there, ask them for a copy of the latest book.  If you were not aware, the coupon books are only mailed to the primary member on the account.

As usual there is a tire coupon this month, which is great if you’re planning on doing any car trips for the holidays.  There’s a coupon for $70.00 off a set of Bridgestone tires.  But wait, there’s more!  With this coupon you’ll also get $30.00 off the installation of your new set of tires.  That means that the installation portion of your bill will be just $26.00.  The other nice thing is that this coupon can be used for an unlimited number of new sets of tires and installation.

For all of the parents, there’s a $5.00 off coupon for Kirkland Signature diapers, with a limit of 2 boxes.  There’s also a coupon for $5.00 off the 1120 count box of Huggies baby wipes; limit of two.  I think this is the reverse of last months baby deals which was for Huggies diapers and KS wipes, funny enough.

At this point, I’ve written about a lot of the items that are on offer in this new coupon book.  So, if you’re curious about my take on a product you should search my blog to see if I’ve got a review of it someplace.  I’ve written reviews for at least seventeen of the coupon items, things like Vanity Fair napkins, Jet Dry, Spanakopita, Boursin, and Kirkland Signature Crystal Clear Cutlery, amongst several others.

The one thing that I haven’t tried, but wish I could, is the Sunbeam Heated Throw.  It’s much chillier here than it was in Austin, at least most of the time, and a heated throw would be perfect for curling up on the couch when I want to read a book or watch a movie this winter.  It’s pretty big too since it is 50″ x 60″, which is an ideal size for a throw blanket.  So, if like me, you’d like a heated throw, you can get $6.00 off of this one at Costco this month.

This month Costco has included a couple of current deals from Costco Travel in the coupon book, which is great if your planning a trip to family in the next couple of months, or maybe a trip to get away from family and the holidays.  Either way, there’s a deal for up to 30% off a weekly rental car from Budget.  That rental also includes the Budget Where2 GPS system, which is always a great addition, but a pricey one, in any rental car.  Sadly though, there are holiday blackout dates covering Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Aside from the rental car deal, they also have a deal to save up to 20% on vacation and cruise packages that you book before November 27th.


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    […] pie, that you didn’t have to make, for under $6.00?  Also, don’t forget that the current Costco Coupon Book runs through this weekend, so check it out before you go to […]

  2. 2 Kimberly // 2011.11.14 at 6:42 am

    I told my mom that she should get herself one of the Sunbeam throws since it seems to get favorable reviews here. Unfortunately, our Costco in the UK doesn’t have them or any electric blankets even. I was rather shocked about that. I guess if I want one I’ll have to find somewhere else to buy it.

  3. 3 Gailsy // 2011.11.09 at 7:48 pm

    I decided to try and save money by keeping the termostat lower at night. I bought everyone in my family the Sunbeam heated thows last winter. We all love them! We use them on our beds between our conforters and flat sheets. It turns off automatically after 3 hours, just enough to get good and toasty. They’re very soft and made in attractive colors. It’s held up very nicely. I highly recommend them.

  4. 4 Laura // 2011.11.08 at 6:15 pm

    I have the sunbeam heated blanket which is a bigger version of the heated throw for my bed and I absolutely love it! Considering getting a heated throw also this month!

  5. 5 Eric // 2011.11.07 at 10:55 pm

    note that also publishes previews of their coupon books now

  6. 6 Danielle // 2011.11.06 at 1:45 pm

    What are the chances – I finally caved and bought the food processor on Friday and now I see there’s a $30 off coupon – guess Ill be going in for a price adjustment LOL

  7. 7 Mike // 2011.11.05 at 12:28 pm

    The coupon for Adobe Photoshop Elements is awesome. Their price of $80 is already an excellent one, but with $30 off, that makes the final price an absolute steal.

    Plus, you get free prints.

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