November 2011 Locations Update

November 30th, 2011 · 13 Comments

There seemed to be a bunch of news about new Costco locations this month.  I don’t know if that has to do with the build up of planning items for new locations that will open in 2012 or just how slow planning organisations are in most cities or something else entirely.  In any case, lots of news and updates this month.

New Costco Proposed for Sun Prairie

It looks like Sun Prarie, Wisconsin could be home to the state’s fourth Costco location.  The proposed location is off of Highway 151, where there are already a host of large retailers including Target and Woodman’s Food Market which is currently under construction.  There are also plans to build a 17-screen cinema in the same area.  So, a bit of a booming area for retail and entertainment it seems.  Costco hopes to start construction in the Spring 2012 with a Fall opening date.  The city planning commission meeting on November 22 was supposed to discuss the plans.

Costco Gains Planning and Zoning Approval for Baxter Location

In early November, the Baxter Planning and Zoning Commission granted approval for the permits needed to build a new Costco location in Baxter (near Brainerd, Minnesota).   The next hurdle for the proposed location will be to gain approval from the Baxter City Council.  The proposed location would be 143,698 square foot warehouse with a gas station.  The only area of concern is regarding an outdoor display or sales area in front of the warehouse that Costco will use to sell cars part of the year and Christmas trees (when appropriate).  This is not really something that the planners are used to and is a bit of a departure from the normal outdoor display and sales area, so they needed to grant conditional use permit.  Luckily, they did that and hopefully the City Council will approve the plans too.  Costco is proposing to build on the vacant land, near the intersections of Highways 210 and 371 in Baxter, across from Home Depot on Elder Drive. The new warehouse already received approval from the Architectural Review Committee.  All of the recommendations will go before the city council in December and hopefully by Fall 2012 there will be another Costco location in the state of Wisconsin.

East Peoria eyeing Target, Costco for Downtown

The city of East Peoria in Illinois is hoping to secure a new Costco, along with Target, to their downtown area that is under redevelopment.  Talks have apparently been going on for around a year, but within the next few weeks the city council will be voting on whether or not to approve the deal to bring Costco to the new downtown area.  The proposed location for the Costco would be adjacent to the gas station just south of West Washington Street next to Springfield Electric and would represent the first Costco location in downstate Illinois.  If both the Target and Costco projects are approved this would mean a huge boom in the construction activity in East Peoria in 2012.  All of the proposed projects would amount to more than $70 million in construction activity in 2012 alone,  including a $20 million Holiday Inn and Suites and $15 million Morton Community Bank project.  And all of that does not include plans for a new Fondulac District Library, City Hall, Caterpillar Heritage Museum and up to 180,000 square feet of retail and commercial space still to be developed adjacent to the proposed Target.  Good for East Peoria to be able to get such a fantastic amount of development right now.

Work begins on new Costco store in Sarasota

Finally work is in progress on the new Sarasota, Florida Costco location!  For those of you that haven’t been following the news on this location, the new Costco will go into the old Dillard’s store at Westfield Sarasota Square Mall.  The Dillard’s location is only about a third of the size of the 145,000 square foot Costco, so that along with a connection to the mall there will be much building work required with an estimated cost of almost $9 million.  The new store is planned to open in Summer 2012.  After lease issues with Westfield (affecting stores in Los Angeles and Wheaton, Maryland too) that took several months to iron out, site preparation is now underway.  Not a huge amount of news, but at least there is progress.

Is Costco Coming to Brisbane, Australia?

Rumour has it that Costco is about to purchase a 6 hectare parcel of land in Brisbane at Stockland’s North Lakes Business Park.  The size of the property would allow them to build a 14,000 square meter warehouse with a 700 spot parking lot.  If indeed this is more than just a rumour and does happen, this would be the fourth Costco location in Australia since opening their first store in Melbourne in 2009.  There are already proposals to build an Ikea and a Woolworth’s Masters Home Improvement Store in the same area too.  As usual, Costco will neither confirm nor deny the possible new location.

Development Started on Potential New Costco Location in Spanish Fork, Utah

The worst kept secret in Spanish Fork according to one city council member, is one step closer to becoming a new Costco location.  The city is still finalizing negotiations and contracts with Costco but expects to be finished with that by early 2012.  Once everything is totally set, the city will make the announcement officially.  So far they have started working on the ground preparation for the plot where the new Costco will be located.  Since the ground is very wet, according to Sunroc senior project manager, Ernie Thornton, they will take about six weeks to prepare the ground which will require at least 150,000 tons of fill material – nearly 4,000 truckloads – as well as layers of geotextile fabric and gravel to protect against erosion from groundwater.  After all of that work is done the ground needs to settle for 120 days before any of the actual building can occur.  If all of that goes to plan it sounds like a Fall 2012 opening for this potential Costco location.

Norcross, Georgia Costco is Actually Movie Set

Sorry people of Norcross if you were getting all excited about the possible new Costco location.  Instead, it turns out it is just a movie set for  “Neighborhood Watch” a Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller movie.  The new faux location is being built in an old BJ’s Wholesale Clb location at Peachtree Industrial and Jimmy Carter Boulevards for filming that will take place through the beginning of December.


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13 Responses so far ↓

  1. 1 William B Hammond // 2014.01.29 at 9:22 pm

    We need another Costco in Henderson, Nevada, preferably on the south end. We only have one now, and it is always crowded. Also, a long ways from the thousands that live on the south end.

  2. 2 Wade // 2013.01.24 at 10:22 am

    Are there any plans to build a Costco south of the Atlanta airport? Peachtree City or Fayetteville?

  3. 3 mdowdd // 2012.10.09 at 8:32 pm

    EXCITED…new store opening in Fargo in October and I definitely want a member ship but dread the thought of fighting crowds go get it when the store opens. Do you know if they will be offering a special deal on memberships as part of the Grand Opening? After all the more I save on the membership the more money I’ll have to spend.
    Or should I get my membership now?

  4. 4 Pam // 2012.10.08 at 8:03 am

    Are you making any attempts to build a Costco in St. Cloud, Mn?

  5. 5 Corey // 2012.07.08 at 2:14 pm

    Just wanted to let you and everone else know that the Sun Prairie, WI Costco is in full swing. I can safely say that I have spreading the word about how great Costco is after getting my Executive Membership and people can’t wait.

  6. 6 Ron // 2012.07.08 at 10:36 am

    Hi Kimberly, Thanks, we have a farragut here in idaho about 60 miles south of Ponderay.. where there is a rumor of the new costco coming.

  7. 7 Ron // 2012.07.08 at 8:35 am

    Hi Kimberly! what state is the Farragut store ?

    • 8 Kimberly // 2012.07.08 at 9:42 am

      @Ron – It’s in Tennessee.

  8. 9 Nancy Bledsoe // 2012.06.29 at 2:33 pm

    We have heard that property was purchased for a Costco in Knoxville, TN, and that constructions would begin in June. Any word on this?

    • 10 Kimberly // 2012.07.03 at 4:21 am

      Yes, that is the Farragut store that I have listed on my Locations page as opening sometime in late 2012. They’ve started work on the site already but don’t have a firm opening date at this point.

  9. 11 Bonnie // 2012.04.25 at 1:03 pm

    I would love, love, love a Costco location in Northern Indiana, preferably Elkhart County! I know of a perfect location directly off the Toll Road!

  10. 12 Ron // 2012.01.05 at 2:26 pm

    Hi, is there any Rumors /plans for costco to open in the sandpoint area of Northern Idaho?

  11. 13 Katherine // 2011.12.12 at 11:46 am

    Costco will be opening its third location in the Austin, TX area! It will be in Cedar Park off of 183A and 1431. Coming in the fall of 2012!

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