This Week at Costco – November 27, 2011

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This weekend is one of just a few where the US and UK coupon books are valid.  So, if you saw something in there that you wanted, don’t lag about!  Not to mention there aren’t that many weekends left to buy presents, wrapping paper and ribbon.  Not to mention all the goodies that you might want to pick up for all of the holiday parties you might be having or attending this month.  December can be such a busy month, I’m tired just thinking about it!

Kirkland Signature Men's T-Shirts

Kirkland Signature Crew Neck Men’s T-Shirts –   Dave wears dress shirts to work everyday, so he likes to wear a cotton shirt like this under them.  He believes that the shirts seem a little more comfortable with the undershirt.  Plus, this time of year when it is colder out, it is far warmer to have something on underneath the shirts.  These are really nice t-shirts.  They are a nice weight, thick enough that you could wear them as just a plain white t-shirt if that is your thing.  But they’re not so thick that they feel bulky under your clothing either.  As you would expect with this kind of t-shirt, they are 100% combed cotton, which means that they have a nice smooth, soft texture which feels good against your skin.  The seams are all reinforced so that you don’t have to worry about durability of the seams in the slightest.  And the one thing that seems a must now for all t-shirts, at least in my opinion, is that it is tagless.  I’m so glad someone finally realized the need to stop putting tags in t-shirts.  All of the same information is still there, it’s just not a tag.  I’ve washed these a few times now and have to say that they look just as good after washing as they did when we bought them.  There was no shrinking or anything like that.  Of course, since they are 100% cotton you do have to make sure you don’t let them lay around in the dryer for too long after they’re finished or else they will get fairly wrinkled.  If you’re looking for nice, quality white t-shirts, the Kirkland Signature ones are great and hard to beat.  6 pack for £14.99 (£2.50 per shirt).  Item #: 0749226.

Port Salut Cheese Slices

Port Salut Sliced Cheese –  This is a really lovely cheese.  Not just the particular package at Costco, but just in general.  Port Salut is a mild tasting, semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with a distinctive orange edge.  While I enjoy the mild flavour that goes well with just about everything I pair it with, I think it is the texture that really makes this cheese stand out for me.  It has such a soft, creamy texture it seems to just melt in your mouth.  Obviously, I’m a fan.  It makes outstanding grilled cheese sandwiches because of the creaminess and the mild flavour.  It’s also great with crackers too.  When you let it stand and fully come to room temperature, as you should with cheese, the texture is at its creamiest and the flavour  becomes a little more pronounced than if you just grab a piece for a quick bite right from the fridge.  Perhaps my favorite way to have this cheese is on a fresh piece of crusty French bread that has been grilled/broiled just long enough for the cheese to get all melty.  Delicious!  Aside from this being a yummy cheese, it is also conveniently packaged at Costco in two separately sealed containers so that you can have one open while the other one is staying freshly sealed up.  Also, the slices are not too wide so they are a good size for most sandwich breads.  560 grams, 28 slices for £4.49.  Item #: 0049350.

Butternut Squash Wedges

Butternut Squash Wedges – I used to love to buy the pre-diced squash at Costco in the US.  However, here they have bigger chunks but it is still as convenient.  This time of year, I find roasted butternut squash to go so well with the colder weather.  I also like to use it to make soup, which is exactly what I did with this package of squash.  To make a nice butternut squash soup, the easy way, I combine the squash with whole garlic gloves, salt, pepper, and a little bit of ground chipotle, toss it with oil and then roast it until it is soft.  Since you’ll be cooking it a little more, you don’t have to get it super soft but definitely you need it soft enough for the next step.  And that next step is to mash the squash and garlic gloves together, just like mashed potatoes really.  I then add the mashed squash to hot chicken broth or stock.  After that you just heat it and keep stirring it until the squash is soft and has the consistency of soup (obviously).  You can add a little cream or butter to make it have an even creamier texture and a richer flavour.  I added some marscapone since I had some on hand and that worked really well.  If you wanted a perfectly smooth texture you could whiz it around in a blender or food processor and perhaps but Dave isn’t judging the smoothness of my soup, all that matters is the taste.  Plus, this is easy enough and quick enough to make a great mid-week meal.  Sometimes we have the soup with a salad but honestly, we love it with grilled cheese sandwiches.  And of course those sandwiches are made with the Port Salut cheese.  Yum!  It was the perfect warming meal on a cold night.  1 kilogram for £2.89.  Item #: 0116811.

MCS Men's Moleskin Jeans

MCS Moleskin Jeans – We picked these up for Dave because he really liked the super soft feel of them.  Unfortunately, they weren’t a good fit at all.  The fabric is 100% cotton denim with a peached or combed finish, so they are incredibly soft.  Of course, the softness is only on the outside, on the inside they feel just like regular denim.  The cut is a relaxed fit with a low waist.  Strangely, we bought the same length that Dave’s other jeans are, but they were way short somehow.  Not just a little bit short but like two inches short maybe.  We have bought Dave jeans from several places with the same length and they always fit correctly but these didn’t even come to the bottom of his ankle.  Yeah, very, very short.  And really, with black jeans you don’t want them to be even a little short because it seems somehow even more tragic and uncool.  I don’t understand how there could be that much of a difference in the leg length.  But in any case, we’ll have to take these back.  But if you can get a length that fits you, these are some really nice trousers.  They looked nice and Dave said they were really comfortable.  Well, except for the breeze on his ankles.£29.99.  Item #: 0028108K.


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  1. 1 Janice // 2011.12.03 at 8:41 pm

    Oh, I just love shopping at Costco…especially this time of year. So much great merchandise. They currently have a great deal on mens Champion briefs – $5.00 off for a package of 3. Great buy~ Also, Kirkland Signature mens jeans (denim color) are $2.00 off. Some new very adorable Carters infant outfits for $10.99, which are just too cute to pass off, especially since I am going to be a Grandmother in a few months! Ho-ho-ho! And gas prices seem to keep falling. Every time I stop by Costco it seems their gas prices have fallen another 5 cents a gallon!

  2. 2 brandy // 2011.12.03 at 6:59 pm

    btw i saw a pumpkin cream cheese loaf with white/orange shavings on top. did not buy it – it wasn’t being sampled! this was a new product. scored 3 pack of barilla sauce for 2.97, the spoonable noodles 12 pack for 3.97, and the roasted red peppers (don’t remember, it was very cheap). and praise all that is holy, chi chi’s salsa. it doesn’t have any sugar added. i think it was 3.85 or thereabouts. the kirkland organic salsa and the stuff they have in the fridge case all have sugar in them. turns my stomach. i bought 2 jugs. i haven’t tried it (it’s probably no pace picante) but am so glad that they had something else to try (fingers crossed).

  3. 3 brandy // 2011.12.03 at 6:54 pm

    my husband hates the shirts. too thick. way too thick.

  4. 4 Tanya // 2011.12.03 at 7:47 am

    I will have to try that cheese. It looks yummy! My hubby also loves the t-shirts, although the price is so much better at the US Costco! I went to Costco this week, but don’t know if I will post any shopping pics on my blog. Too many of my purchases were gifts!

  5. 5 carla // 2011.12.03 at 7:08 am

    My husband loves these tee shirts. Last year we bought several packages, some of them were gray. He especially loved the gray one, but they are impossible to find this year. I only see white and a few black ones. I hope the gray comes back before winter is over.

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