This Week at Costco – December 4, 2011

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Sadly, this is the last weekend for the current Costco UK coupon book.  And I was really sad to see none of the usual laundry items as I’m totally out and was hoping there would be a few coupons this time around.  But isn’t that the way it always is?  If I were fully stocked on things like that, there would be a bevy of coupons.  Sigh.  If you’re in the US though, you’ve still got another week for the current coupons.

Zespri Kiwifruit

Zespri Kiwifruit –  Who doesn’t love a nice kiwi when it’s 100 degrees outside? They’re great in smoothies, in a summer fruit tart, or my favorite way, just as nice slices. Of course, it’s not summer here anymore, that is for sure, but I still love kiwis.  The worst part of eating a kiwi is getting the little furry brown skin off of it. I usually use a vegetable peeler and hope there are no super soft spots on the kiwi.  But I’ve also discovered an only slightly messy but much quicker method recently.  If you just cut the kiwi in half, you can then spoon out the soft fleshy part like you’re eating ice cream from a bowl.  It does get your hand a little juicy or sticky, but it’s so much easier and quicker than futzing with a peeler or knife.  This also makes it much more likely that I will just grab one for lunch or a mid-morning snack.  For those of us that aren’t huge fans of oranges (or just completely can’t eat them), kiwis make a great choice to get your vitamin C.  In one kiwi (around 100 grams) you get 166% of your vitamin C daily allowance.  That is really great!  I was also really impressed with how nice the fruit was too.  I don’t know if it was because of the way they were packaged or what but none of them were bruised or even overly ripe.  Actually, they were a few days away from being fully ripe, and they didn’t all ripen at the same time and turn to mush the next day.  That was good because it meant I could actually eat the whole package and not waste any of them.  I treat them much like I do avocados: I let them ripen on the counter and then when they are my desired level of ripe, I pop them in the fridge and that keeps them from becoming over ripe.  That always seems to work for me.   8 kiwifruit for    £2.49.  Item #: 0001557.

Eghoyan Pittas

Eghoyan Pittas – I so wanted to like these and think they were the next best thing since sliced bread.  But they’re just okay.  They don’t have a much taste.  It’s not that they taste bad or anything, they’re just kind of devoid of any taste at all.  Then there’s the flimsy nature of them that kind of makes the whole pocket thing useless.  We ripped several of them and weren’t even manhandling them, just trying to pop them open a little bit to put a bit of filling in, or in one case just a little butter.  Yup, even the butter didn’t really rescue them.  I had originally bought them because I love pitas for sandwiches or filling with salad, things like that.  Unfortunately, these really only seem to work if we use them without trying to pry open the pocket part.  On the package they say that you should eat them immediately after you cook them.  I found out the ‘hard’ way that they aren’t kidding around.  I cooked a packet of six and figured I could have a couple the following day for lunch.  So, the next day when I got them out I was amazed at how hard they had gotten.  They were like little frisbees and no longer bore any resemblance to bread or something that was ever that soft.  I have had such good luck with all of the other breads like this, where you have to finish baking them at home, but I’ve been really disappointed by these.  I’ve still got a few packages left, so I’m going to try changing how I cook them, store them and stuff to see if I can get better results in the future.  I guess I should be less lazy and just make my own.  They’re not that hard to make and taste so delicious fresh from the oven when they’re all puffy.    6, 6 pita packs for £2.29.  Item #: 0062315.

Mrs. Kings Melton Mowbray Pork Pie

Mrs. Kings Melton Mowbray Pork Pie – So it turns out that I’m sort of ambivalent about a cold meat pie.  But if I were going to be a fan, then this would have been a favourite.  I have to say that the pastry was outstanding thought.  Really good flavour, flaky, and perfectly cooked.  Of course, it’s made with lard, so it probably isn’t shocking that it tastes so good.  It’s sad but true that lard or butter really do make such a huge impact on pastry.  Why can’t they have something that is as good as lard but not so, um, lardy?  In any case, I’m just not that excited by cold pork products (unless it is ham), I guess.  But you never know until you try it.  We only bought one of the pies because we weren’t sure how much we would like it.  The pie is very dense and split between the two of us with a salad made for a nice lunch.  I’m honestly not sure that I could have eaten a whole one, I’m sure Dave could have, but I would have had to split it between two meals for sure.  To make the filling, they use fresh, uncured pork shoulder joint cuts, all from British pigs, and then they add the peppery seasoning to it by hand from a secret family recipe. In addition to the pork, they add a savoury jelly to hold the pie filling all together.  The jelly is made from the juices of the slowly simmered trotter stock. It tastes better than that probably sounds.  It was good, certainly, I’m just more of a hot meat pie type of girl.  Although, you know, if it were summer I can totally see this making a great picnic item for lunch in the park.   £3.59.  Item #: 0118150K.

Kirkland Signature & Anderson Peanut Butter Pretzels – Dave is a big fan of the pretzel in its many shapes and forms.  And he really loves these little pretzels with peanut butter in the inside.  I wonder, of course, how do they get the peanut butter in there?  In any case, these are the perfect blend of sweet peanut butter and salty pretzel, plus you’ve got the added crunch too.  They are certainly not the healthiest snack you could pick up, I’m sure.  However, they will very quickly fill you up in a way that a regular pretzel just won’t.  In eight of these nuggets you’re consuming 148 calories but the fat is not too bad at 7 grams and you’re also getting a decent amount of protein at 5 grams and even 1.5 grams of fiber.  For once, the serving size seems totally correct, because 10 of these is certainly enough to fill you up (not if you’re starving after being lost in the desert for a week, but in general).  These are really good though and this big canister that you get at Costco doesn’t have to be consumed by next week because they are apparently good for a number of months (not that we would ever know because Dave eats them too quickly to worry).  I like them for a little snack in the afternoon and a couple of times I’ve even had them for breakfast when I was out of cereal.  I find them really filling and feel stuffed after the 10 that is considered a serving size.  Dave can eat a few more than me though.  For instance, he started eating these so quickly, that I didn’t even have time to snap a photo.  I guess I need to make sure he eats breakfast before we go to Costco in the future.  52 ounces for £6.29.  Item #: 0656622.


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  1. 1 Sam Iams // 2014.11.30 at 7:40 pm

    Will Costcos be bringing in Mrs King’s pork pie this December?

  2. 2 gakski // 2011.12.11 at 8:19 am

    A Marks & Spencer’s Melton Mowbray Pork Pie with Branston’s Pickle is one of my favorite meals when I’m in the U.K.

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