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Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!  I hope you all have a nice holiday season.  Don’t forget that Costco is closing early today and will NOT BE OPEN on Christmas day. However, normal hours will resume on Monday in North America.  Costco UK and some locations in Canada (Atlantic Provinces and Sudbury) will also be closed on Boxing Day (Monday) but will resume normal hours on Tuesday.  If you’re in doubt, you should check the website for your country’s Costco stores and see what their specific holiday hours will be this year.

Fairy Non-Bio Liquitabs

Fairy Non-Bio Liquitabs – So the last time that we went to Costco I was completely out of laundry tablets.  And of course, there wasn’t a coupon for anything laundry that I use but I figured I would still be able to get the same stuff that I’ve been buying for at least a year now.  Yet, no, of course not.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?  They were out of my preferred Persil non-bio tablets that I usually pick up.  Just my luck!  After being annoyed for a couple of minutes and searching through the whole area and finding no evidence of the Persil tabs, I decided to try these Fairy liquitabs.  The biggest, most obvious, difference between the two is that these are little liquid packets that you toss right in the washer with your clothes, instead of the compressed powder tablets that I get from Persil.  I’ve heard from a few people that the liquid detergents are better at dissolving, especially in colder water (or during the winter when the incoming water is colder from the pipes), so I can see that might be an advantage of the liquid tabs or pouches.  Of course, when I do really small loads I could split the Persil powdered tabs in half but definitely can’t do that with these liquid things.  In my baby washer-dryer combo, I could never put enough clothing to get over the load size where I require two tabs, so this box will do 45 loads.  However, if you have a normal size washer they say you should use two liquitabs per load; so that’s just 22 loads.  To me they seem a little pricey for the amount of loads you can do with each box.  Without the discount that I was fortunate enough to get (I guess there was a coupon) each load has a cost of £0.21, as compared to £0.10 per load for the Persil tablets.  Yeah, that’s a big shocking difference, huh?  Even with the £2.80 off, each load costs £0.15.  Having done several loads with these I can’t really tell any big difference in the quality of washing either.  They don’t seem to make a huge difference on my laundry, certainly not twice as good as the Persil.  So, I’m really, really hoping that the Persil tabs are back at Costco in January for my next trip.  45 tabs for £6.69 (£9.49 – £2.80 coupon).  Item #: 0120596.

Kirkland Signature Men's Dress Belt

Kirkland Signature Men’s Dress Belt – Dave is always looking for a nice leather belt that isn’t super hard but is thick enough that it won’t look all broken down after using it for a week.  All of which seems like it should be fairly easy to find in a reasonably priced belt, doesn’t it?  But alas, it is not anywhere near as easy as it should be I have found.  In the last year, we have purchased a belt from John Lewis that was way more than this one and did not live up to the standards that Dave has set, and then we bought a belt from Lands’ End that he absolutely hated, luckily it wasn’t hugely pricey.  The KS belt is full-grain leather on the top and the back, much like the others, but I think the difference is that they use a soft leather on the back of the belt with a feather edge so that it is more flexible and doesn’t get that crunchy, bent look right away. Plus, it is more comfortable to wear since it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a steel cable around your waist with absolutely no bending or flexing.  The belt is 1.25 inches in width so it is the perfect thickness for wearing with dress trousers or casual trousers like jeans.  The buckle is a pretty simple silver affair that is just a regular, simple buckle like you’d find on most belts like this, but it is a nice weight.  The thing that I think is nice is that on the packaging they have a size guide so that you know what belt size to get based on your pant size.  Sometimes it is hard to determine this without trying the belt on and if the person you are buying it for isn’t with you, well, you just have to guess and that usually does not turn out well.    £12.99.  Item #: 0584416.

Jacob's Biscuits for Cheese

Jacob’s Cheese Biscuit Selection – If you like crackers and cheese, or crackers and something else, this is the box of crackers for you!  There are eight different types of crackers so you get a wide variety to have for pretty much any occasion.  And more importantly they’re all good.  The eight types you get are:  cheddars, digestives, choice grain, water biscuits, Cornish wafers, cream crackers, high fiber cream crackers, salt & cracked black pepper bakes.  Some of these are round and some are squares, so you have a lot of options if you’re trying to come up with different toppings.  I loved the cheddar crackers, but the cream crackers are really delicious too.  And of course the water biscuits are great because they go really well with anything you want to put on top of them – sweet or savoury; they’re juts a delivery vehicle for the topping.  Honestly, they all taste yummy with some cheese on them.  Though I will say that you have to be careful about what cheese you pair with the digestives as the crackers are kind of sweet (sort of like a toned down graham cracker) so not every cheese or topping is going to make a good companion for these crackers.  I even like the little plastic box that they come in because it is a great way to store your crackers without them getting stale.  I do wish that the trays of crackers inside were individually wrapped, just to make extra sure that your second layer of crackers isn’t getting stale while you are munching your way through the first layer.  The storage is great though since there are approximately 130 biscuits/crackers in this box.  I’m not sure exactly when they did it, but sometime over the last couple of years they have increased the size of this package too because there are about 15 additional biscuits in this box than there were last time I purchased it.  900 grams for £3.19 (£4.79 – £1.60 coupon).  Item #: 0002942.

Lucky Country Soft Liquorice

Lucky Country Soft Strawberry Liquorice – Dave likes this kind of thing for a snacky treat.  Luckily this tastes a whole lot better than the yucky Red Vines he made us buy not too long ago (those taste like wax lips to me).  This is little ropes of liquorice, like they cut a big rope of it into little mouth-friendly sized chunks.  It’s also nice that it is soft and not all hard and rubbery so you don’t feel like you’ll rip out your teeth chewing it.  The strawberry flavour is nice and not too overly flavoured in that fake Hubba-Bubba bubblegum type of way.  They call this Aussie liquorice, which I thought was just because it’s from an Australian company, but I guess the soft-ness is really what makes it Aussie.  Who knew?  But it’s Australia’s best selling liquorice and I can see why.  The softness makes it much more enjoyable.  It’s very chewy but since it is so soft it’s more like gum than hard, waxy liquorice.  I’m not usually a fan of liquorice because of that waxiness but I found this really good.  Plus, it’s fat free, so you can get a little sweetness and not feel guilty like you would with other fatty candies.  I read on their website that Costco has asked them to make a marionberry flavoured liquorice too.  Since those berries are only available for a few weeks a year, I’m guessing this flavour isn’t available year round.  However, you can always get the strawberry and black from Costco.   682 grams for £2.99.  Item #: 0083590.


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