Costco Australia Website Offers Cake & Deli Platter Order Information

January 4th, 2012 · 1 Comment

So, recently I was poking around on the Costco Australia website looking for information about hours and holidays in preparation for changes I’m planning to make to my blog.  While looking around, I noticed that they have a section called ‘In the Warehouse’ that is sort of similar to that on the US website.  However, under that section they have something amazing that you won’t find on the US Costco website:  they have sections for ordering cakes and deli platters.  That is to say that they have the forms online and allow you to email them to their bakeries or delis directly!  How wonderful is that? makes ordering a cake easier

Under the Cake Orders section of their website you can find out all of the information regarding the freshly made Costco Bakery cakes.  They let you know that the cakes will serve 48, if each serving is a 5cm x 5cm square, and that they will cost you $26.99 (AUS).  Much like other places now, you can choose from white or chocolate cake, with raspberry or chocolate filling and white or chocolate whipping cream icing.  To order a cake you simply download the Costco Australia order form and then email it to the appropriate warehouse.  The order form is quite similar to what I have found in the UK and US Costco stores.  You choose what type of cake you want, or 20 cupcakes, what kind of filling and icing, and then you choose the design and add any custom message that you would like.  They have very nicely added images of all of their cake designs to the page as well, so you can get a perfect idea of what your design will look like.  I think this is so great and really wish that all of the Costco websites offered this useful information for customers.  To get the email address for your location of choice, you do need to go to the Locations page though.  They should put that information on the Cake Order form or page too for bonus usability points.  I would also like to see them add the price information to the order form, just for total clarity.

Deli platter ordering is a snap

They do something very similar for the Deli Platters page.  You can order those using a form that you download and then email to the appropriate warehouse.  On this page they show you an image of the four deli platter items you can choose from: wings, prawns, ham and cheese rollers, or rotisserie chickens.  The order form for these items is a bit more what they should probably move towards for the cakes because it has images on it, which are maybe less pertinent here than they would be for the various cake designs.  In any case, this form gets the bonus usability points for including the email addresses right on the order form, as well as the prices for each type of deli item.

I was really amazed that they had all this information so readily available.  Amazed and impressed!   This is the kind of information and processes that should be on all of the Costco websites, but definitely isn’t.  Why can’t that level of information be on the websites for other Costco stores in the US, Canada, UK, and everywhere?  It doesn’t take that much more work to create and once you do, you’ve taken out just one more step or hindrance for Costco members to order cakes or deli platters from the warehouses without needing to actually go there first.  In any case, kudos to the Costco Australia website for doing something even better than the flagship Costco US website!  Of course, they still don’t have an ecommerce side to the Costco Australia website, so there’s only so much woohooing.


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  1. 1 Simona // 2012.01.04 at 4:25 pm

    They also sell a great seafood pizza but they don’t have it here in the UK !

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