This Week at Costco – March 4, 2012

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Why does it always want to rain on the days that I go to Costco?  No matter how lovely it is the rest of the week, it will start raining Saturday morning right as we start walking to the Zipcar.  And then magically, it will stop raining after we get home.  I’m almost used to shopping damp now though.

Fairy Non-Bio Liquid

Fairy Non-Bio Liquid Laundry Detergent – I’ve been in the habit of buying the laundry tablets practically since we moved to London and have been really bummed that it seems that Costco has quit carrying my preferred Persil Non-Bio tablets in favour of other brands and types.  There seems to be a big switch to the liquid tablets, which I tried and liked but they are kind of pricey.  Are they still considered tablets when they are more like little liquid filled parcels?  In any case, I’ve had to try some new stuff this week as I was totally out of laundry detergent of any kind.  So, I decided to try out the big bottle of Fairy Non-Bio liquid since there was a coupon (in the February coupon book) and I did like the Fairy non-bio liquitab things, but didn’t like the price.  This enormous bottle says it does 65 loads but it really seems like it should do more than that because it is so large.  I don’t like that it doesn’t come with the cap that you can use to measure the correct amount of liquid to use for your wash though.  I thought all laundry detergents came with the measuring cap.  What gives, P&G?  And apparently I’m supposed to have something called a ‘dosing ball’ but I don’t and it didn’t come with one so I just put it in my regular liquid detergent dispenser on my washer.  It seems to work just fine doing it that way.  I also just have to eyeball the amount in hopes of getting it correct since I don’t have this dosing ball thing and don’t want to break out my measuring cup every time I do laundry and get it all gummy with detergent.  But no matter how you manage to get the liquid into your washer, it does do a nice job.  Granted my clothing is not heavily soiled or anything exciting like that, but it seems to work well and leaves the laundry smelling nice and fresh but not perfumey.  Since it is the non-bio formulation, it is nice to know that it doesn’t seem to irritate my skin like other brands (I’m looking at you, Tide and Bold).  All in all, I’m quite happy with the Fairy Non-Bio liquid.  Though I do miss the convenience of the tablets or liquitabs.  I did find out that you can order your ‘dosing device’ through the Fairy webpage, luckily it is free but you have to wait for it to come in the mail which I don’t feel like messing with just so I can do some laundry.   4.7 litres for £7.99 (£9.99 – £2.00 coupon) (US: $12.61).  Item #: 0125065.

180s Ear Warmers

180S Ear Warmers – It seemed like maybe Spring had arrived, but then just as quickly it turned back to cold weather again.  I guess it’s a good thing that we picked up this pack of ear warmers because in the week that we have owned them we have already used them several times.  So, if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of ‘ear warmers’ I would say that these are like the adult version of ear muffs, and probably the unisex version too.  They are very low profile and not all fuzzy and big, plus they go behind your head instead of over it.  Honestly, they seem a bit like ear muffs that you just wrap around behind your head instead of over it.  As I said, they are pretty compact and are lay quite flat against your ears.  The ear warmers are covered in fleece on the outside and the inside is a faux-shearling fleece.  All of this fleece make them very warm and cozy.  They really work amazingly well at keeping your ears warm and manages to keep out all of the wind too.  One of the things that I like is that they stay put quite well despite just wrapping around the back of your head; it really seems like they shouldn’t work but they do.  The other good thing is that they don’t mess up your hair since they go across your neck instead of over your head smushing your hair down.  And, Dave likes them too; far more manly than fluffy ear muffs.  The band easily clicks to fit the size of your head and once you’ve clicked it to the right size, it will stay at the right size until you change it.  Because of the way they cover your ears they aren’t a problem if you’re wearing glasses and since it goes behind your head, you could also wear them with a hat for super-duper warmth.  One of the other benefits is that they roll up onto themselves into a small little bundle that can fit into a pocket or your purse, way easier than your thick wool hat will do.  In the pack at Costco you get two pairs of ear warmers, one pair in white and one in black; those seemed to be the only color options available.   2 pack for £14.99 (US: $23.65).  Item #: 0120009.

Dettol No-Touch Hand Washing System

Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System – I decided to try one of these automatic hand wash dispenser systems since there was a coupon (in the March coupon book) that makes it not that much more than buying decent hand soap.  The hand wash system includes a dispenser with a sensor that is run by four batteries and a 250 ml bottle of soap.  All of the stuff that you need to get going is included, even the batteries.  They have white ones like we chose as well as some that were supposed to look like stainless steel.  They also had a couple of different soap scents that you could choose from.  We decided to go with the hydrating cucumber soap.  All of the soaps were anti-bacterial though, no matter what the scent.  Setting it up is as easy as upending the hand soap bottle into the dispenser and turning the unit on, after that you are good to go.  To actually use it you just put your hands in front of the sensor and a blob of soap is squirted out of the dispenser and into your waiting hands.  If you’re going to move it or clean it, you really need to turn it off first.  I learned this the hard way and ended up with soap all over my counter when I tried to move it and didn’t think about the my big hand in front of the sensor.  We had gotten the dispenser for our kitchen, however, it would work just as well in the bathroom.  It is super convenient to be able to get the soap dispensed onto your hands when they might be yucky with chicken or something else that you don’t want to contaminate your entire kitchen while you try to get them clean.  At Costco you can also get a three pack of hand wash refills too.  This same system at other supermarkets will cost you around £10.00, so even without the coupon it is a total bargain at Costco.  I really think it’s great and should be in everyone’s kitchen and at this price, it’s hard to pass it up.   £3.49 (£4.99 – £1.50 coupon) (US: $5.51).  Item #; 0110039.

Sunpride Mango Juice Drink

Sunpride Mango Juice Drink – I think I’ve mentioned my love of mango before, be it juice or nectar or fresh fruit.  I really miss the Langers mango nectar that they sell at Costco in the US.  And for the longest time we were just out of luck when it came to getting our fill of mango juice at the good Costco prices.  And then this week, we saw that they finally had some mango juice.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the ingredients list because of the way the packaging was done so we took a gamble that it wouldn’t be all water and sugar.  So, it turns out that the ingredients are not as pure mango-y goodness as I would prefer.  Ingredients: water, mango puree (15%), glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, citric acid, vitamin C, and flavouring.  I guess it could be worse, but it does have a lot of extra added sugar that I wish they hadn’t included.  But at least I can get some mango juice, and it probably isn’t any worse than other juice really.  The good news is that in a 250 ml glass of juice you get all of your vitamin C requirements for the day for just 115 calories.  Of course, this isn’t any where near as good as the Langers nectar, but it is better than most of the other things I’ve gotten at the supermarket, and certainly less expensive.  There were a few other types of juice from the Sunpride people that Costco had this weekend too, I don’t remember them all but I know they also had pineapple juice.  In any case, I think they all had added sugars, so you might consider that if you want to buy them.  It’s not the worst thing in the world but it wouldn’t be my preference for my mango juice.  The taste is good though and is thicker than just regular juice, so we have found it enjoyable.  The pack at Costco consists of 12 cartons that are 1 litre each.  The cartons are the nice cartons that you can recycle and their rectangular nature makes them easy to stack or store in your fridge.  They have this interesting little reverse flip-top thing that makes pouring easy.  Unfortunately, the pouring can be a little messy from the cool flip-top being maybe not in the ideal spot and you’ve got to be careful or it will glug out and cause the juice to splash all over your cabinet.  I’ve found that if you pour the juice into the glass on an angle, kind of like how you would pour beer so that it doesn’t just foam up, you can avoid the big splashes.  12, 1 litre cartons for £4.99 (US: $7.87).  Item #: 0127542.


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