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If you’re in the UK, don’t forget that this is the last weekend for the current coupon book.  Also, while you are at Costco getting the last little bit of use out of the coupon book, you could pick up some chocolates or flowers for your mom since Sunday is Mother’s Day!

Kirkland Signature Aberdeen Angus Lasagne

Kirkland Signature Aberdeen Angus Beef Lasagne – I totally wanted to love this because it tastes really great.  They lured us into trying it with the little tasting station.  We noticed that it seemed a little oily in the little cup but the taste was so fabulous that we decided to overlook that warning sign.  I’ll start with the good stuff.  The ground meat is a nice high quality Aberdeen Angus beef that gives the lasagne a really nice, deep meaty flavour.  And then there’s the cheese, which they actually use enough of so that you can taste it fully and see it layered up with the meat and noodles.  Even the noodles were really nice with a good texture, neither too mushy or too crunchy, after cooking.  I also found the tomato sauce really nice with a good amount of spices but not so much that it overpowered everything else, plus there wasn’t so much sauce that everything was drowning in tomato sauce.  It comes in a nice big slab that could easily feed 4 to 6 people, depending on how big their appetites are and what else you are serving with your lasagne.  It would also be very easy to freeze it, even in smaller portions so that you could easily have just enough for one or two people packaged up in your freezer.  And like most Costco made ready meals, it comes in the black plastic container that you can actually cook the lasagne in, so you don’t have to worry about transferring it to something else to cook it.  All in all it was a really well put together lasagne.  Except for the massive amount of fat that was coming from something – maybe a combination of the beef and cheese?  Honestly, it was like poached in fat almost.  Truly, floating or sloshing around in it once we cooked it.  I tried draining it off but that didn’t really work so well because the lasagne started sliding out of the container; probably carried on the tide of fat.  I didn’t think it tasted greasy or anything, but Dave thought it seemed pretty high fat.  I’ve never had this fat issue when I’ve made my own lasagne and I use a lot of cheese (as you might expect) and sausage took, so it is in no way lean and fat free.  So, needless to say we will probably not be getting this again.  Dave and I were joking around saying that it would be great to take on our next polar expedition, but other than that it is not likely to make it on to our shopping list again.  1.654 kg lasagne for £9.74 (US: $15.32).  Item #: 0003869.

Woodside Farm Sweet Pancakes

Woodside Farm Sweet Pancakes – This is definitely the lazy persons version of crepes.  And I’m okay with that.  They are a bit thicker and more golden brown than (properly) homemade crepes would be, a bit more like a regular pancake but thin.  They are still thin enough that they roll up quite easily, so you know they are too thick.  They do have a bit of preservative added to them, but otherwise they are all regular ingredients that you would put into pancakes that you would make at home, like fresh milk and eggs.  This was certainly an impulse buy and I wasn’t holding out much hope, if I’m honest.  I was expecting them to be really rubbery and kind of flavourless.  So, I was pleasantly surprised when they were neither of those things.  They have a nice sweet taste, not crazy sweet, just enough that you know that these are a dessert item.  They really enhance fillings of fruit or berries.  I imagine that they would be good with a bit of ice cream and some caramel or chocolate sauce.  However, our preferred filling is Nutella.  I like any excuse to break out my big jar of Nutella, so these are a perfect little sweet treat for us.  They’re easy to heat up too.  We used the microwave method, which takes just 30 seconds for a single pancake.  We did two at a time for a smidge longer but I wouldn’t suggest doing the whole stack at once (and neither do the people that make them).  Alternatively, you can use your oven if you want to heat a whole package of six pancakes at once.  In that case, you put the pancakes in an oven safe dish and cover with foil and then heat for about 8 minutes.  Either way, you really need to serve them immediately once you’ve heated them; they just don’t have the mass to stay hot for very long.  This is especially key if you are trying to fill them with something like Nutella or chocolate sauce that you want to get warm and gooey.  We really liked that the bundle at Costco consisted of three individual packages of six pancakes each.  The individual packages mean that you don’t have to have the whole stack sitting in your fridge if you just want to have three at a time.  It also means that you can have a package in your fridge and two in the freezer.  Either way though, you really need to eat them in about a month.  For the price, I think they’re a great item to have for a quick sweet treat after dinner or even for breakfast.  3, 375 gram packages of 6 pancakes each (total of 18 pancakes) for £2.89 (US: $4.55).  Item #: 0117350.

Maidenform Flexees Tummy Control Camisole

Maidenform Flexees Tummy Control Camisole – So, if you’ve bought the lasagne, you should go immediately over to the clothing area and pick up one of these camisoles!  These Flexees camisoles are perfect for wearing under any tight, body hugging sweaters or dresses because they have this great tummy control panel that starts right below your bust line and really smooths out any little bumps and bulges.  They would be great to wear at any time too, in place of  a regular camisole, because they are really comfortable.  Plus, the length is really long so you don’t have to worry about it pulling up or rolling up at the bottom.  I was a little dubious but it works quite well.  So well that I think I’ll try to pick up one in white and black.  When I was at Costco all they had was the nude color, which they try to dress up by calling it something like ‘latte’ but we all know the color and it isn’t really something you would wear if it is going to be seen.  I’m hoping that on my next trip they at least have white, though black would be great too.  If you haven’t heard of the Flexees stuff from Maidenform before, it is their line of shapewear; they refer to it as fat free dressing.  It is honestly one of the only times I’ve bought clothing of any kind that came with instructions on how to put it on.  If you’re wondering, you are supposed to step into your camisole and pull it up to your waist and then situated it over your bust before sliding your arms into the straps.  Interesting, huh?  It is remarkably comfortable for being shapewear though.  Because of the longer length, it’s actually more comfortable to wear than a regular camisole, I think.  And the length is pretty long, I think it goes beyond my hips by at least a couple of inches.  The one thing I noticed about wearing it was that I think it actually led to my having better posture.  But of course, the best part is that it really does smooth out your tummy and will reduce any love handles or things like that.  It’s not magic, it won’t make you look 3 sizes smaller, but it well definitely make you look more trim and give your clothes a better line.  Oh yeah, and I was looking at these before I went to Costco and found them there and they were around £25.00 everywhere else; yes, double the Costco price.  £11.99 (US: $18.86).  Item #: 0412363.

Pringle Ladies Socks

Pringle Ladies Socks – I buy a lot of socks, especially cute ones like these striped ones.  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the floor covering in my flat is sort of like the sandpaper of rugs and wears the bottoms of my socks quite badly.  Luckily though, Costco can keep me in cute little socks to wear around my flat to protect my feet.  I’ve got several pairs of the Pringle socks now because they have fun patterns and colours.  The socks are nice on the feet and very comfortable because they are mostly cotton but have a little bit of synthetic fibers in them so that they maintain their shape while still being form fitting and comfortable.  They are a thinner sock, not a big fluffy thing, but they aren’t so thin that you’ll immediately get blisters or feel like you might as well not even have socks on.  Mostly though, I just like the fun patterns and colours that they have available.  This time I picked the striped socks in bright colours, but they also had bright coloured argyle socks too.  I’ve also got some socks from them that are in solid colours (for actually wearing with things where you might see my socks) and some more sedately coloured argyle socks as well.  I think I have some others with stripes and polka dot socks too.  The bright colours are perfect for summer though.  And these are cute enough that you could easily wear these out in public and not be ashamed of them; I will definitely have the cutest socks in the park this summer, for instance.  There’s a coupon right now that makes these about £1.00 per pair, which is a great price for socks and hard to beat.  Despite the fact that the rug in my flat likes to chew up my socks, they are surprisingly durable too.  These have held up much better than a lot of my thicker socks even.  I would not have thought that would have been the case, but I’ve only gotten holes in a couple of my little Pringle socks (out of over 12 pairs), whereas I’ve had to throw out pretty much all of my fluffy socks because they’ve disintegrated on the sole.  7 pairs for £6.99 (£8.99 – £2.00 coupon) (US: $11.00).  Item #: 0094588.


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