This Week at Costco – April 15, 2012

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Hope everyone survived US Tax Day okay this year.  I got all of our tax stuff and my mom’s done on time, luckily.  And hopefully I’m done with that until next year (well, except for my UK taxes that are easier and not due until the end of the year).  I’m a bit annoyed with Zipcar this week because it seems that they have gotten rid of the car location that is nearest our flat.  While the other one is just a bit further, when it’s raining out, every extra metre is a pain in the bum.  I’d like to think that they’ll be bringing back the spot right by our flat, but I don’t usually have that kind of good luck.  Anyway, enough of me complaining.

Don’t forget that there are coupons right now for both the US and UK to use.

Diced Chorizo

Diced Chorizo –  Chorizo in its many forms is a staple item in our fridge.  It’s great sliced and just eaten as is or added to stews or soups, tossed with pasta or added to scrambled eggs to zest them up a bit.  Chorizo has a smidge of a spicy flavour going on, not really hot, but lots of flavour.  It gets all that flavour from smoked paprika, various herbs, nutmeg and garlic. The mix of flavours is perfect for pairing with lots of different things.  The sausage is quite firm, so if you’re going to do something with it, you either need to slice it or dice it.  This package of nicely diced chorizo takes one of those steps out of the process, making it just that much quicker to prepare things.  I had intended to try it with scrambled eggs, because that is one of the suggestions on the package that caught my eye.  But I didn’t get a chance to do that yet.  The two packages are great because it allows you to add one package to something that you are cooking and then you still have a second package perfectly sealed up and waiting for the next chorizo recipe you whip up.  Since this is already diced I find it perfect to toss in with soup to give it a little flavoursome punch.  And of course, it is awesome with pasta.  Since it is so nicely cut up already you can easily add it to just about anything.  I’m thinking it would be great to add it to scrambled eggs and use the mix to fill breakfast burritos, which are one of the things I really miss from Austin.    2, 200 gram packages for £4.39. Item #: 0128271.

Del Monte Sliced Pineapple

Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet Pineapple Wedges – We’re big fans of pineapple, but nobody here really loves the thought of cutting up the pineapple ourselves.  It’s not so much that I’m lazy (though sometimes I am) but I always feels like I waste more of the pineapple than I actually get out of it when I cut it up myself.  And I hate all the pokey bits on the pineapples too.  As with mango and other prepared fruits and veggies that we buy at Costco, it makes it so convenient to add fruit (or vegetables) into our diet.  It just takes a bit of the barrier out of getting our five a day.  With the prepared pineapple, you get the very thick slices that are great for eating just as they are or cutting up into cubes to add to other things.  The only bad thing about the slices is that they aren’t great to add right into the blender for things like smoothies; they just don’t seem to get blended in super well.  But with a bit of chopping you can roughly cube it up pretty quickly and blend away.  And chopping it into cubes it way faster and easier than cutting up a whole pineapple yourself.  I was also impressed that the pineapple was still really juicy and moist, even though it had been cup up already and wasn’t in juice or anything like that.  And as the name suggests, it really is super sweet.  It’s that perfect pineapple taste that is so delicious.  We don’t do anything fancy with our pineapple, we just eat it as is usually.   875 grams for £2.99.  Item #: 0124863.

Compeed Blister Patches

Compeed Medium Blister Treatment Patches –  If you walk around a lot, especially in new shoes, you’re likely to get a blister or two.  This especially seems to be the case when you’re on vacation and don’t want to be limping around with a giant blister.  Luckily we found these great Compeed blister patches.  Once you get a blister or the painful beginnings of one, you can put one of these on and breathe a sigh of relief that it won’t get worse.  They are like a puffy band-aid that really adheres to the site of the blister to keep it protected from infection, as well as from further rubbing which will make the blister even worse.  They use “hydrocolloid technology” that gives your blister the right environment to heal while also nixing the pain.  The other good thing is that once you put the patch on, you can leave it on (in fact you really must leave it on until it falls off on its own), even in the shower, because the patch is waterproof and will give your blister protection from any bacteria or dirt that might lead to an infection.  I think these are awesome.  They proved a total vacation saver on more than one trip too.  Compeed nicely packages five of the patches in a handy little plastic case that you can easily keep in your purse for any blister emergencies on the go.  Since you get a three pack at Costco, I keep one of the plastic cases in my puse, Dave keeps one in his backpack that he takes to work, and then we have one at home too.  It’s great and we always have our feet covered.   3, 5 packs for £9.49.  Item #: 0108310.



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