This Week at Costco – April 22, 2012

April 28th, 2012 · 8 Comments

Well, Zipcar swears to me that my regular Zipcar spot will be populated again in the next few weeks.  I wonder if someone wrecked my cute little Zipcar.  In any case, it has been raining for days and days here and I’m getting a little sick of the rain.  There are only so many days I want to be stuck inside from the wet weather.  If you are in the UK, don’t forget that this is the last weekend for the current coupon book.  But have no fear, a new one starts on Monday and I will be posting it then as well.  If you are in the US, you get two more weekends for your current coupons since they run through May 6.

Kirkland Signature Yoga Jacket

Kirkland Signature Yoga Jacket – I’ve got the whole set of Kirkland Signature workout wear for women now.  I like the tank tops and the capri pants quite a bit, but I don’t really care for the workout pants.  However, I really like the jacket the best.  They have a lot of thoughtful details that they have designed into the jacket to make it highly usable and comfortable.  It is very form fitting, so if that isn’t the type of jacket you are looking for you should at least get a size bigger.  After I tried it on in the store, I decided to get an X-Large so that it wouldn’t be so tight across the chest if I wanted to wear something heavier than a thin t-shirt under it. The nice thing though is that it is longer in length than any of my other workout jackets, coming well below my hips.  The fabric is a mixture of nylon and elastane, and seems sort of heavy, but is really breathable and is quite comfortable to wear even when you’re jogging and working up a sweat.  Of course, the hidden venting on the back definitely helps with keeping you cool as well.  I also like the big, chunky zipper that goes down the front and is also on the pockets.  It’s very easy to grab a hold of when you are exercising to either zip up or down, depending on how warm you are at the moment.  Plus, it doesn’t seem like the kind that will bind up easily, which happens to me far too often on some of my other workout jackets.  One of the pockets comes with a little button-hole so that you can have your iPod or music player of your choice in your pocket and have the headphone cord go up through your jacket so that it isn’t flopping around getting caught on your arm as you move.  Also, at the neck there is a little loop where you can put the headphone cord through that as well to keep the cord in place even if you pull your headphones out of your ears.  And you’ll feel okay about having your phone or whatnot in your pockets because the outside pocket has a zipper so nothing will fall out as you move around.  Plus, the inside has two pockets where you can keep things pretty secure too, even though they don’t zip or snap, since the only opening is at the top and they are quite deep, you’re unlikely to have stuff fall out of there.  The one thing that I have been demanding of all of my workout jackets for years, is the thumbhole and this jacket has that too.  The thumbhole is a simple little idea that more jackets and sweatshirts should have.  It keeps your sleeves in place and not riding up or pulling if you are doing something like jogging or playing some outdoor sport.  But Costco takes it one step further by having the sleeves be nicely long and then at the end they have this ingenious cuff thing that you can pull over your hand to keep it warm too.  It’s like a little instant mitten type thing.  Very smart!  All in all, this is a great jacket.  It is comfortable to wear and has so many great features, it is hard to believe you can get it for this price.  You’d pay twice this price (at least) for something similar from Nike or Adidas, I think.  Now, if they would only make a really lightweight version for summer.  £16.99 (US: $27.59).  Item #: 0114494.

Border Biscuits Deliciously Different Pack

Border Biscuit Deliciously Different Variety – I’ve gotten these before, but different varieties, and loved them.  So, when I saw the coupon for these this month, I knew I’d have to pick some up.  In the pack at Costco you get six boxes with ten biscuits (cookies) in each, and each box is a different variety.  The Border people make nine different varieties in the Deliciously Different range and really, I wish they had included all nine in the pack at Costco.  But, I most definitely don’t need three additional boxes of cookies.  The six varieties that you get at Costco are:  Strawberry & cream shortbread, Lemon soufflé cookies, Chocolate & orange shortbread, Chocolate & walnut brownies, Butterscotch & pecan cookies, and Toffee apple crumbles.  I have’t tried them all yet but the couple of different types that we have had are all really good.  I love love love shortbread, so the chocolate and orange shortbread were the first box I sampled, of course.  Yum!  They were so delicious with that scrumptious buttery goodness that quality shortbread has but then you also get a citrusy kick with the candied orange peels which pair perfectly with the dark chocolate chunks.  It’s like a little piece of cookie heaven.  We also both loved the butterscotch and pecan cookies.  The butterscotch is delicious, sweet and crunchy and then you get the subtle pecan flavour to balance it out.  Both of these cookies were a perfect partner to a cup of tea for a nice little afternoon treat.  At the Sainsbury’s by us you can get the Deliciously Different biscuits for £1.53, so buying them at Costco is a bit of a savings since they are just £0.87 per box, even without the coupon they are just £1.08 at Costco.  Plus, at Sainsbury’s they only have one variety, strawberry and cream shortbread, so you’d miss out on all the other unbelievably good flavours.  If you haven’t tried these yet, you might want to get over to Costco this weekend and pick them up while there’s a coupon.  6, 175 gram boxes for £5.19 (£6.49 – £1.30 coupon)  (US: $8.43).  Item #: 0117216.

Pink Lady Apples

Pink Lady Apples – We buy a fair amount of our fresh fruit and vegetables at Costco.  I find that they have good prices and quality that is certainly on par with the better supermarkets.  And then there are some fresh items, where the quality is way better than the local supermarket; these apples were certainly in that category.  Last week, I think, I had gotten some of the same type of apple from my grocery delivery people (Ocado) and they were tasty but tiny.  And by tiny I really do mean, child sized and to get the baby apples we paid £2.99.  So, I definitely feel that the real sized apples at Costco, which are £0.30 less, are a much better deal.  The apples at Costco are also packaged with the tray so that keeps them from banging against each other and getting bruised and turned into applesauce.  We actually didn’t have a bruise on any of our apples that we got from Costco.  Dave really prefers the very tart green apples, so the pink lady variety is a bit of a compromise for us because it is sweet enough for me but not so sweet that Dave won’t enjoy them too.  They’re like the perfect apples to me, like ones you would actually grow if you had your own apple tree.  This is one of the few things at Costco that I wish came in a larger pack.  I would like 12 apples at a time (yes, I know, I can just buy two trays of them) and they’re not going to go bad that quickly that the bigger size is a worry.  And if apples aren’t your fruit of choice, you should check out the awesome looking berries (strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries) that they have this time of year; beautiful.  6 apples for £2.69  (US: $4.37).  Item #: 0000236.

Good Humor Ice Cream Bars

Good Humor Ice Cream Pack –  It’s getting to be that time of year when a delicious ice cream treat is the perfect way to end the day.  Luckily, at Costco US you can get this great variety pack of Good Humor ice cream bars.  Inside the big box, you get four individual boxes – one for each variety – so you can store them a little more easily and keep them organized.  All together you get 36 bars, broken down like this:  8 sundae cones, 10 ice cream sandwiches, 8 ice cream bars, and 10 fudge bars.  Except for the fudge bars, all of the ice cream treats are made with light vanilla ice cream (as in light on fat and calories).  The sundae cones are the highest in calories at 240, next is the ice cream bars with 160 calories, there are 130 calories in the ice cream sandwiches, and just 100 little calories in the fudge bars.  My mom loves ice cream.  She loves ice cream like I love cheese, you’d swear we were dairy farmers, huh?  So, she was very pleased to see this little variety pack show up at her Costco recently.  She wanted me to pass along that she thinks hese are really good and a terrific buy.  She thinks the size would be good even for kids because they don’t seem to be the full sized ice cream bars that you normally get.  Of the four varieties, her favourite is the ice cream bars; she thinks they are  delicious.  So, in case you missed my subtle hints about it, these ice cream bars are something my mom bought this week at her Costco in Kansas City (yes, the US).  36 bars for $9.75 $4.99 (UK: £5.99).  Item #: 570276.


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  1. 1 GeeGee // 2013.02.28 at 12:52 pm

    Love the Ladies workout 3 pice, color coordinated outfit. Purchased in Kapolei, HI store. Cannot find on the mainland, CA. Want the Aqua jacket, LG. GeeGee

  2. 2 Kelly // 2012.04.30 at 11:13 pm

    I love those jackets from Costco. I got the pink one to run in and the details are well thought out and comparable to much more expensive brands. I am watching The Costco Craze on television tonight and they mentioned your website!

    • 3 Kimberly // 2012.05.02 at 3:47 am

      @Kelly – I actually like all of the Kirkland Signature workout wear, well, except the pants. Have you tried the pants? I’ve been wondering if I’m the only one that finds the pants not up to the quality of the other pieces.

  3. 4 Fred // 2012.04.30 at 4:07 pm

    No problem Kimberly. Even at $9.75 that is a good deal.

  4. 5 Fred // 2012.04.29 at 2:24 pm

    I highly doubt that this box of 36 ice cream bars sell for only $4.99

    • 6 Kimberly // 2012.04.30 at 5:13 am

      @Fred – you’re right, I mistakenly had listed the price from the item on the receipt that was right above it. I’ve updated the price to the correct $9.75. Thanks for point that out!

  5. 7 brandy // 2012.04.28 at 11:51 am

    Wish they’d send those biscuits over to the states! The pink lady pack isn’t really Costco sized.

  6. 8 Tanya // 2012.04.28 at 8:40 am

    Thanks for the tips. I’m headed to Costco on Monday!

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