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It’s been a horrible week here and I’m glad to see the end of it!  Phew…  And the weather has been nasty too.  I hate weeks like this.  Glad I’m going on holiday for a few days to relax!  Don’t forget to check your coupon books in the US and UK, because you’ve only got a couple more weeks to use them.

KS Variety Snacking Nuts

Kirkland Signature Variety Snacking Nuts – I think I might have written just recently (last week?) about buying the big thing of peanuts.  Well, I must admit that we also bought this box of nuts too.  This is totally different though because this is actually 24 little 2 ounce bags of either cashews, almonds, or peanuts.  I wanted this because of the cashews and almonds and Dave wanted the other canister of roasted peanuts.  So, we got both and won’t need to buy nuts any time soon, I’m guessing.  As a fun side affect of a medication that I take I have a little problem with anemia, so I have to come up with new and tasty ways to get plenty of iron into my diet.  Luckily, two of my favourite nuts, cashews and almonds, are both really good sources of iron.  Cashews have a little bit more iron, you’ll get 20% of your RDA in the 2 ounce bag, as well as 10 grams of protein.  But at a hefty caloric price – 330 calories.  The almonds are also quit good because they have 15% of the iron RDA with 13 grams of protein, but a whopping 340 calories.  I’d have to be starving to eat the whole 2 ounce package though.  I usually end up having half of the bag for a mid-afternoon snack.  The decent amount of protein in nuts is great for a snack because it really gives you the little pick me up that you need to stay alert during the afternoon, plus it keeps you from turning to other less healthy snacks like a candy bar.  In any case, since I can only eat half of the bag at a time I wish the bags were resealable or smaller, but I can cope with it.  If you’re a hiker, these are the ideal snack to throw in your backpack too because they’re in the nice little bags and you don’t have to worry about crushing them.  Plus, you need the fat and protein after you’ve been hiking for a few hours.  In total there are 24, 2 ounce bags split evenly between the three types of nuts; that’s 8 bags of each type of nut.   24 bags for £11.49 (US: $17.94).  Item #: 0190379.

Brown Gourmet Premium Sliced Turkey

Brown Gourmet Sliced Premium Turkey Breast – If you are like me, you occasionally like a nice turkey sandwich.  Unfortunately, almost all of the sliced deli turkey is sub par.  It either has that weird taste like wallpaper paste.  Or, it’s got that slimy coating of congealed fat or whatever (when I’m being optimistic I try to convince myself it is fat, but probably is something far more gross).  But this sliced turkey is delicious and not at all slimy.  This is actually not at all like your typical sliced turkey because it is actual breast meat slices, not turkey press-board.  Yes, it is like if you prepared a turkey breast at home and then sliced it.  The slices are a nice thickness too so that it makes a really great sandwich.  The meat is also very juicy, which is probably from the butter basting.  It was nice to be able to have a hearty turkey sandwich for lunch without worrying about what kind of scary additives or preservatives I was eating.  In this sliced turkey there’s nothing but turkey, salt, unsalted butter, and sugar.  And it really does taste like it is nothing but good roasted turkey.  It reminded me of sandwiches we might whip up with leftovers after Thanksgiving except I didn’t have any stuffing to go along with it.  On the package, they suggest eating it in sandwiches, in salads and with heated with gravy.  I just stuck to the basic sandwiches and didn’t try it heated or anything but I can see how it would be good that way.  I prefer it for a really great sandwich though!   I will admit that this isn’t the cheapest sliced meat that you could buy to make a sandwich, but it is far better than the thin stuff.  And it is definitely the best sliced turkey that you’ll find.    700 grams for £7.99 (US: $12.47).  Item #: 0130433.

Alpen Cereal Bar Variety

Alpen Cereal Bars Variety  – Sometimes in the morning, I’m a bit hungry and need just a little something quick to eat that won’t bother me during my workout.  So, these little bars are the perfect thing.  They have less than 100 calories, are quick to eat because they are so small, but manage to keep me going through my workout.  It’s just the little pick me up that I need to get going in the morning.  There are three varieties in the box at Costco:  Fruit & Nut with Milk Chocolate, Chocolate & Fudge, and Summer Fruits.  The chocolate & fudge and summer fruits bars are actually Alpen Light bars, so they have fewer calories at just 70 per bar.  All of the bars are good but I do think that the chocolate ones are the best; either the chocolate and fudge or the fruit, nut and chocolate bars.  Luckily for me Alpen made the variety pack heavy on the chocolate bars.  There are 15 of the fruit and nut with chocolate bars, 10 of the light chocolate and fudge bars, and then just 5 of the summer fruits bars.  I will say, these are not a good option if you are planning on putting them in your purse, backpack or lunch.  They are very soft and totally will be smushed if you aren’t careful with them.  I found this out the hard way and ended up having to pretty much lick it off the inside of the wrapper (I was starving so I did it, in pubic even).   Luckily I didn’t purchase them with the thought of making them mobile.  Here’s the other thing that is a tiny bit annoying: the nutrition information is only given for a 100 gram serving which these are no where near.  But I’m not exactly sure how big they are because it isn’t listed that clearly on the bars.  I believe that the fruit and nut bar is 29 grams and I think that light chocolate and fudge bar is 19 grams, as is the summer fruits bar.  So, as you can see from those serving sizes, these are pretty small.  So, you wouldn’t want to only have them for breakfast but they make a good snack or in addition to something else.   30 bars for £7.49 (US: $11.69).  Item #: 0128953.

Hula Hoop Multipack

Hula Hoops Multipack – Okay, okay, I admit it: sometimes I like a good crispy potato-based snack product.  If you’ve never had a Hula Hoop (like people in the US), they are a unique pay on potato chips.  They are much thicker but not a chip at all, they are in a ring.  Like a tall ring really.  I like them because they are super crunchy, in that way that chips just never are, even the ridged chips.  Luckily, the bags are very small at just 25 grams.  And really that is big enough to go with my turkey sandwich (with the turkey above, of course) or just a small snack.  I’m not even going to talk about how nutritious these are, because they’re not and we all know it.  You don’t eat this kind of thing if you are looking for something healthy.  So, on to other things.  There are four flavours in the bag at Costco: regular, salt and vinegar, bbq beef, and cheese and onion.  I like all of the flavours except the salt and vinegar.  I usually like the salt and vinegar chips but these are just too vinegary.  I think my favourite flavour is the cheese and onion, they’re like the sour cream and onion chips in taste.  Yum!  Since there are 22 of the little bags in the big bag at Costco, you end up paying just £0.14 per bag.  That price is about £0.09 less per bag than if I buy the multipack at Ocado.  So, buying them at Costco is a great deal.  This would be perfect to buy to include in lunches for school or work.  22, 25 gram bags for £2.99 (US: $4.67).  Item #: 0067384.


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    Hula hoops! So sad we can’t get those in the U.S. 🙁

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