Costco Canada CLOSED for Canada Day

June 29th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Happy Canada Day!

If you live in Canada, how are you planning on celebrating Canada’s birthday this weekend?  Are you having a party with lots of goodies and supplies from Costco?  Because if you are planning a big celebration for Canada Day this weekend, you will probably be interested to know that Costco Canada locations are closed on either Sunday, 1 July, or Monday, 2 July, depending on the province.

Costco Canada Holiday Schedule:
Canada Day: Sunday, July 1st CLOSED. Exceptions: Provinces of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario which are OPEN.
Canada Day Observed: Monday, July 2nd OPEN. Exceptions:Provinces of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario which are CLOSED.

Enjoy your celebrations!


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  1. 1 Ellen // 2012.06.29 at 12:35 pm

    It doesn’t look as though you have anything on your blog devoted to problems dealing with Costco and how to get issues addressed by them when their Customer Service fails, yet I know they exist as I’ve spent the entire morning trying to handle one myself. If you have any insight (since I’ve been transferred four times and each time I get someone who says it’s the other area’s issue until I’ve been transferred back and forth to each area twice now) I would appreciate it. This issue relates to their travel website and published information that’s inaccurate.


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