Guest Post: This Week at Costco Canada – July 1, 2012

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[This week instead of doing my usual round-up of reviews for items I’ve gotten here in the UK and maybe something from the US, I’ve got a Guest Post from a Costco Canada shopper.  This is a great bunch of products that are pretty unique to Canada (well, except for the Kerrygold cheese), I think.  I’m hoping all of my Canadian readers will appreciate getting such great reviews this week, and I think everyone else will find it interesting to see a little peek into what is on offer at a Costco in Canada.]

My name is Dione N., and I’m a 37 year old medical laboratory technologist in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  I have been a Costco member for about five years.  I’m lucky enough to have Costco a 5 minute drive away from  my home, and even though I live alone, there are many things I buy there on a regular basis.  I am there at least every two weeks.  I saw Kimberly’s post looking for guest posters, and I decided to talk about some of my favourite products, specifically products that are Canadian (and one that isn’t, but I love it so much I’m going to talk about it anyways!)  Please excuse the iPhone pictures, as I am not the best photographer.

Balderson Royal Canadian Chedda

Balderson Royal Canadian Cheddar, Aged 2 Years (750 grams item 88964, $15.59CAD or 20 x 21g portions item 181357, $9.99CAD)

I love my cheddar nice and sharp with a lot of flavour (mild cheddar isn’t worth eating in my opinion!)  This is a delicious white cheddar that fits the bill.  It’s aged two years, so it has a wonderful bite, but it’s still quite creamy because it hasn’t reached  the dry crumbly stage.  Lately I’ve been loving it for breakfast on a piece of toast or a crisp English muffin with raspberry all fruit spread (a yummy savoury and sweet combination).  It’s a good all purpose cheddar to keep on hand for a variety of uses and snacking.  There is also a five year cheddar available which I  have yet to try, but I’m sure it’s amazing too. (

Silver Hills Bakery Squirrely Bread

Silver Hills Bakery Squirrely Bread, (2 x 600g item 2434, $5.99CAD)

This bakery is based in British Columbia and specializes in bread made from “sprouted organic whole grains” according to their website.  I have loved this bread for years, and it was always a treat when my mother would actually buy it for me as a teenager, because it’s very pricey in a regular grocery store, generally upwards of $5 a loaf.  You can get two loaves for almost the same price at Costco.  It’s a dense, chewy and filling loaf, full of sunflower and sesame seeds.  The nutritional stats are really good too (110 cal, 5g fibre, 2g fat, 6g protein per slice).  It’s best when toasted.  There are also other breads available for the same price, such as Mack’s Flax, The Big 16, and Steady Eddie.  (

Liberte Greek Yogurt

Liberte Greek Yogurt (2 x 500g plain, item 206057, $7.29CAD or 12 x 142g fruit bottom, item 261367, $13.69CAD)

This is the first brand of Greek yogurt that was available in Canada a few years ago, when Greek yogurt became popular.  This is a true Greek yogurt (not “Greek style” with fillers), that has only milk and bacterial cultures on the ingredient list of the plain version.  It’s strained like Greek yogurt is supposed to be, and is therefore very thick and creamy and full of protein.  The plain has no sugar in it and is quite tangy, and delicious alone or with fruit like berries or bananas.  It’s also good with a little jam or real maple syrup swirled in.  The fruit flavoured ones have fruit puree on the bottom, and are not sugar free but still have no fat.  I love both and alternate which one I buy depending on my mood.  (

Brookside Dark Chocolate Fruit Crunch

Brookside Dark Chocolate Fruit Crunch (600g, item 301884, $9.69CAD)

This is a fairly new item at Costco, made by the Canadian chocolate company Brookside.  It is a large bag of little nuggets of dried cranberries and fruit pieces made from acai, blueberry and pomegranate, with rice crisps and oats, coated in dark chocolate.  According to the package, a 40g portion has 60mg of cocoa flavanols which means it’s full of antioxidants and good for you!  Any excuse to eat chocolate is alright by me.  I like it because I always need a bite of something sweet after dinner, but I don’t really need a whole dessert or cookie or anything.   A few nuggets of this is just perfect and doesn’t break the calorie bank, as long as you can keep your hand out of the bag. (

Dubliner Cheese by Kerrygold

Dubliner Cheese by Kerrygold (400g, item 33991, $8.99CAD)

I am addicted to this Irish cheese.  I only started buying it about 9 or 10 months ago, but I always need it in my fridge now.  I love it’s tangy, sweet, nutty flavour.  I don’t really know what to compare it’s too, besides maybe a cheddar crossed with gouda crossed with parmesan.  Like the Balderson cheddar, it’s an aged cheese, but this one is drier and has calcium crystals in it.  I got my boyfriend hooked on it, and plan on bringing it to my next book club meeting for our wine and cheese tasting.


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  1. 3 millo // 2012.07.13 at 9:47 am

    yeay costco canada! thank you for sharing! 😀

  2. 4 Campsie // 2012.07.07 at 10:21 am

    Hello Kimberly,
    I saw you on the MSNBC Costco show and I thought you were great. I love your blog and will be checking in from now on. Like that lady in the show said, “I LOVE Costco”!

    My sister lives in Iowa and was no where near a costco. I would send her presents from the web site and she would always love what I sent. Now they are opening one near her so she will have access to the same stuff I do. I am bummed I won’t be able to surprise her, but I am glad she will get to enjoy what we do.

    I am so glad I first learned of Costco…in Maui, Hawaii on vacation. We were visiting a good friend who lives up in the Hana Hills. He would drive to Kahalui to go to Costco to load up. He took us Costco for the first time….I am so glad “my first” was in such a c00l location! I will always remember my “first time!” ….lol

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