This Week at Costco – July 15, 2012

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If you’re in the UK, this is the last weekend for the current coupon book.  At this point I don’t have a copy of the next one but I hope to get one posted some time next week.  Of course, if you are like a lot of people I know you might be going on holiday about now because of the Olympics that start next Friday, 27 July.  We’re planning on staying in town and I’m hoping that none of the road and lane closures are an issue for my upcoming trips to Costco.  Ugh.  It’s bad enough that the tube stations near us are pretty much all expected to be busier than normal, I can’t have my Costco shopping interrupted!

KS Yoga Tank

Kirkland Signature Yoga Tank – I’ve written about the KS Yoga Tanks before but now they have an updated version at our Costco UK location that I like even better.  The tank is really comfortable with just enough stretch to make them comfortable for your workout, whether it be yoga, jogging, walking, or strength training.  The thing I think I like best though is that the tank is really long.  The extra length means that it won’t pull up and expose your back or belly, no matter how much you’re jumping around.  The tank is made from a moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry during your workout.  The fabric weight is one of the big differences from the previous version of the KS yoga tanks.  It is much lighter, which means it isn’t as hot and doesn’t seem to hold as much moisture.  There’s also no big scratchy tag but that info is printed on the shirt by the neck and then there is a little tag on the side that talks about all of the fabric and washing stuff.  The seams, which are very flat, really do a good job of not rubbing against your skin when you’re doing something really active like jogging.  I find the tank super comfortable during my workouts.  My only complaint is that the racer back is very deep and unfortunately doesn’t cover my racer back bra’s straps.  That may or may not bother you and your bra might be narrow enough in the back to be covered by the tank.  But despite that, it’s very comfortable and I plan on buying a couple more.  They have the same selection of colours as the previous version but the colours are heathered now (meaning there’s some white and lighter colours mixed into the fabric so that it isn’t a solid colour) they have black, gray, purple, turquoise, and pink to coordinate with the workout pants.  Even though the colours are heathered, they still coordinate with the pants and capris as well as the jackets.  I like the updated version of the tank since it is even more comfortable than the old version and plan on buying a few more.  It would be super if Costco would come out with some workout t-shirts, like with sleeves, in this same fabric for an outside workout in colder temperatures.  £8.49 (US: $13.35).  Item #: 0617639.

KS Men’s Pima Cotton T

Kirkland Signature Men’s Pima Cotton T-Shirt – This is a great t-shirt and I’m glad that we found these at Costco.  Normally, we buy Dave’s plain colored t-shirts from Lands’ End, because they also have a nice t-shirt and a wide selection of color choices.  However, these are certainly of the same quality in construction, and the feel of the material is wonderfully soft and way better than anything from Lands’ End.  Dave likes these plain t-shirts for everything from exercising to just hanging out but they definitely look nicer than an old concert t-shirt or something like that.  Plus, they go perfectly under sweaters or button down shirts for a layered look.  We’ve washed these a few times at this point and they still have maintained the nice feel.  They haven’t shrunk, and the color hasn’t faded or changed either.  This is a really great deal if you like to wear, or you like the man in your life to wear, plain t-shirts of a single color.  In a price comparison, buying a similar t-shirt at Lands’ End UK would be £12.00; £4.01 more than at Costco.  We bought some of these last year and they have held up very well and look just like the day we picked them up at Costco.  I like that they have a good selection of colours as well.  Sometimes when you just want a men’s plain t-shirt it is hard to find one that is well made and in decent colour choices, but doesn’t cost a fortune.  So, it is nice that Costco is helping out all the gentlemen out there by making these nice t-shirts.  It would be nice if they would make something just like this but with long sleeves as well.  A guy likes to look nice in colder weather too.  £7.99 (US: $12.56).  Item #: 0605550.

Fresh Olive Company Mixed Stuffed Olives

The Fresh Olive Company Mixed Stuffed Green Olives – I love olives with some fresh bread and a nice cheese, so I’m always happy when Costco has the big jars.  This time I thought I would try the tub of fresh olives that you can find in the refrigerated area.  This tub is a mix of green olives stuffed with either pimento or garlic.  The olives are nice, big ones so they are perfect for an appetizer or to set out for a party.  However, I eat olives often just as a snack during the afternoon or as a part of my lunch.  For some reason, olives are nicely filling and you don’t even have to eat a ton of them.  I’m not overwhelmingly a fan of the brine it just doesn’t taste all that good.  I also like it when the olives are brined or marinated in something with a little bit of oregano or seasoning in it; it just accentuates the taste of the olives but doesn’t overpower.  The olives stuffed with garlic are very garlicky so be sure that if you have one so does anyone else you might breath on.  I think they’re a little too something that I can’t put my finger on, as a result I like the pimento stuffed olives better.   But in all honesty, I’m not all about these olives so I probably won’t get them again most likely.  But I might consider it if I were having a party and needed a large amount of olives.  Otherwise, I’ll stick to the ones I get at the supermarket in a jar or from the olive bar at Whole Foods.   1.1 kilograms for £4.99 (US: $7.84).  Item #: 0083543.

Wolf Thuringian Rostbratwurst

Wolf Thuringian Rostbratwurst – I love this kind of bratwurst and they are really hard to find in the US.  This isn’t like the typical bratwurst that you see so often, like the Johnsonville brats for instance that our Austin Costco stocked.  In fact, these are a very unique sausage even in Germany and have PGI status under EU law.  They come from the German state of Thuringia, in the central part of the country and bordered by the Hartz mountains and the Thuringian Forest.  And these people are serious about their wurst, they’ve even got a whole museum dedicated to the Thuringian sausages, the Deutsche Bratwurstmuseum.  So, what sets this apart from the rest of the bratwurst around Germany?  It’s all about the spices, apparently.  Thuringian sausages are distinguished from the dozens of  types of German wursts by the distinctive spices, which includes marjoram, as well as their low fat content  of just 25% as compared to up to 60% in other German sausages.  Only finely minced pork, beef, or sometimes veal, is used to make the sausages. In addition to salt and pepper, caraway, marjoram, and garlic are used to spice the sausages; this can vary according to traditional recipes or regional tastes. These ingredients are blended together and filled into a natural casing of pig or sheep intestine.  However, at least 51% of the ingredients must come from the state of Thuringia because of the PGI status.  I think the reason I like them so much is the texture and the taste because it really isn’t like every other sausage.  And they cook up beautifully!  The natural casings brown picture perfect on a grill or under the broiler.  While I like these served up like a hot dog on a bun, these great sausages are the ideal centrepiece for a German meal with the brats, sauerkraut, and potato salad (of the German type of course).  And in true Thuringian fashion, I like them served with a nice mustard.  They are always awesome!  1 kilogram, 10 sausages, for £4.49 (US: $7.06).  Item #: 0070998.


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  1. 1 Whitney // 2012.07.21 at 7:02 am

    I love those tanks and capris. I haven’t seen the jackets. In fact, when my Costco (actually, the two near me) were getting low, I went out and stocked up on them. Perfect for, in my opinion, everything.

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