Moving or Storage Made Easier with Costco Canada and Cubeit

August 28th, 2012 · 6 Comments

If you live in Canada and you’re going to be moving, doing some renovation work, or maybe you just need to clean some stuff out of your house and store it, Costco has you covered with their partnership with Cubeit Portable Storage.  Costco members can save $40.00 off the regular price of $199.00, so you’ll end up paying $159.00, plus delivery charges, for your portable storage unit.

Cubeit Mobile Storage Unit

The mobile storage units from Cubeit are delivered to your location where you can pack it yourself and arrange all of your furniture or belongings just the way you want.  At that point Cubeit will come retrieve the mobile storage unit and move it to your new location in the case of a move, or store it for you until you want it back.  Or, if you’re just renovating and need a secure place for your furniture for a few weeks, and have the space, you can leave the mobile storage unit at your location and once you’re all done with it, Cubeit will come retrieve it.  The mobile storage units are delivered with a super secure disc lock to keep all of your goods safe while in storage or in transit.  Plus, they also come with tie-down straps to keep your items from moving around.

This sounds like a great way to take a lot of the hassle out of putting your stuff in storage or moving.  Not to mention, you can pack up the storage unit at your leisure and then Cubeit will take care of transporting it.  And that transport thing can be a real pain, if all you’ve got is a regular sized car.  Instead of making 50 trips back and forth to the storage unit, or your new house, or even worse, renting one of those horrible big trucks from someplace like U-Haul, you can let Cubeit take care of the driving.

If you go to the regular Cubeit site, you can get more information on the sizes of the units and other details you might want to know before you rent one of the units.  The units come in two lengths – 8 foot and 16 foot long – but are both 8 foot wide and 8 foot tall.  That’s a lot of packing space if you’re careful about how you arrange everything.  And since the units will be at ground level you can just walk your stuff right in; no scary ramps to walk up with a heavy couch.  Plus, the doors roll up like a garage door and the roof is translucent so you can actually see what you’re doing inside the unit.  You can also find out about buying boxes, tapes and renting moving pads from Cubeit as well; naturally they will be delivered with your storage unit.  Also, on their full site you can get a more exact quote, without your Costco discount, before you call them or fill out the form for Costco members so you’ll have a better idea of the potential price.

If you’re in need of some help from Cubeit for your next move or to take care of storing your stuff, you can either call them to set up your reservation, or use their online form.  Either way, it’s pretty hassle free.  I think this is such a great idea!  There have been so many times when we’ve been moving or doing work in our house that something like this really would have come in handy.  Has anyone used this service through Costco already?


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  1. 1 Mona // 2012.09.10 at 9:25 am

    I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Cubeit Company for agreeing to support us by donating a cube to help us with our community fundraising event. The Cubeit staff were great and extremely helpful!
    Shannon and Bobbi, I appreciate your kindness and positive and welcoming attitude, and I will never forget how quick and responsive you were to my inquiries.

    I would definitely consider Cubeit for any personal and professional future business.
    Mona A.
    Fundraising Committee Member

  2. 2 Brenda Thibodeau // 2012.09.05 at 12:45 pm

    I recently joined COSTCO and love the joint ventures they have with other Great Canadian Companies like Cubeit. I think that Cubeit offers a wonderful solution for many challenges I have had as a home owner, like storing furniture right at my home during renovations, staging for open houses (when selling a house) and of course moving & storage! Thanks for offering a true value-added deal for COSTCO members.

  3. 3 Christine // 2012.09.04 at 7:37 am

    My life moves at 90 miles an hour all the time – kids, dogs, sports, work, social, etc – Costco makes sense for my life and the use of the Cubeit for my reno’s kept life organized while we made upgrades to our home. It was convenient, clean, and simplified the reno which was done in no time at all. Thanks to Costco for adding this service. Cubeit was reasonably priced and my belongings were safe and clean throughout.

  4. 4 Roberta // 2012.08.28 at 5:56 pm

    So far, its working out great. I wasn’t even aware my Costco membership would apply to something like Cubeit. The discount paid for my membership for the year. The service has been great as well. They managed to deliver my container on the day I wanted, even though it was last minute.

  5. 5 Tara Hurley // 2012.08.28 at 1:59 pm

    LOVE Costco services. It took me much too long, as a Costco member, to clue into the non-store side of the membership benefits but I’m on a roll now!

  6. 6 Megan // 2012.08.28 at 1:45 pm

    I recently used Cubeit Portable Storage and they were fantastic! I was renovating my house in Toronto and they delivered the storage container to my house.

    Great service too.

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