This Week at Costco – October 7, 2012

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This is the last weekend for the current UK coupon book, so if there’s anything you’ve been interested in picking up, you need to get over there in the next two days.  Also, if you’re in the US, the new coupon book just started on Thursday, so be sure to take a look at it before you’re next trip to Costco.

Reversible Memory Foam & Microfiber Fill Pillow

Reversible Memory Foam and Microfiber Fill Pillows – I’ve been needing to get pillows for a while now, but I’ve been kind of slacking off on looking for them.  Every time I’ve remembered it when we’ve been at Costco they’ve only had down or fill versions, and Dave wanted something firmer than that.  So, I felt really fortunate when we found these memory foam pillows.  Since these are reversible, you get the benefit of having memory foam or soft fill depending on what side you pick.  This double-side thing makes these pillows great for couples like us that like different things from their pillows too.  The memory foam is good because it gives lots of support and is firm but not overly hard.  And then the microfiber fill is soft against your head, but because it is backed by the memory foam it is a little more firm than your average all-fill pillow.  The pillow is covered with a 100% cotton cover, that combined with the fact that there’s no down in the pillow, should make this a great option for people who have allergies to that type of pillow. Unfortunately, because of the memory foam portion of the pillow, you can’t throw it in the washer to clean it.  The only downside is that I really would have preferred king-sized pillows but these will work too.  £14.99 (US: $24.10).  Item #: 0118497.

Onken Biopot Mango, Papaya & Passionfruit Yogurt

Onken Biopot Mango, Papaya and Passion Fruit Yogurt – This is some awesome yogurt!  It is super creamy and thick with chunks of fruit and lots of fruity flavour too.   You can tell when you open the pot that it is going to be good because it has this lovely mango-y smell and the yogurt has a lovely pale golden color, plus you can see the chunks of fruit.  It’s so lovely, creamy and delicious that you almost feel guilty eating it for breakfast.  Almost.  It’s perfect for an afternoon snack too.  I like it just as yogurt but they also suggest that you could mix it with custard to make a quick fool.  It’s also pretty yummy if you add it to some strawberries or raspberries.  The yogurt is made with cow’s milk and live probiotic cultures, plus mango, papaya, and  mango puree, but it only has passion fruit  juice instead of the actual fruit.  The good thing is that it is all natural with no artificial colouring or flavourings, no preservatives, and no gluten.  Also, it’s suitable for vegetarians. At Costco they sell this in a big 1 kilogram tub for £1.69, which is way, way less than you are going to pay at any other UK supermarket.  At every place else, you’ll end up paying £1.20 for a 450 gram tub.  So, I guess you can see pretty clearly what a great deal this is when you buy it at Costco.  They say that there are 8 servings in this big tub, but I think they must be having bigger servings than I am because I got several more out of my tub than that, like 12 I think.  But if you combine your yogurt with some additional fresh fruit or toast, then you don’t need a giant serving.  1 kg for £1.69 (US: $2.72).  Item #: 0119124.

Great Food Falafel

Great Food Falafel – After the last time we tried falafel from Costco, I was pretty sure we’d never go down that road again.  But this is a new brand and more importantly, they were giving out samples so we could try it and see that it was better than the previous version.  Falafel are little balls of chick peas and vegetables with some spices added in to give them some flavour.  These have the added benefit of being baked, not fried, to be a bit more healthy.  In fact, they have 40% less fat than the fried version.  We really liked these because they are  actually quite flavourful, though they were a bit dry.  Not so dry that they were inedible or anything but they are definitely in need of something like tzatziki or some other type of dip situation.  But I almost always feel like this about falafel, I think it is all that chickpea that makes them seem sort of dry.  In any case, the flavour is really good with all of the delicious Mediterranean spices like coriander  cumin, and garlic.  While you can serve these cold, I find that they are better heated up in the microwave for a couple of minutes.  It doesn’t take that long to heat them up but it seems to make the flavours much more intense and thus the falafel is that much better.  Aside from being baked and not fried, these are healthy in other ways too.  They are gluten free, suitable for vegetarians, and produced in a nut-free environment.  Plus, they don’t have preservatives or GM ingredients.  So, you’ve got all that good healthy stuff and they’re tasty too.  So, what more could you want?  500 grams for £2.99 (US: $4.81).  Item #: 0060630.

Orexis Tzatziki

Orexis Tzatziki Dip – For those of you that aren’t sure, tzatziki is a Greek dip made with yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, and mint.  They were giving this out as a sample with the samples of falafel at Costco too.  So, naturally, we had to get this as well since it tasted so great with the falafel in the store.  Because falafel can be ever so slightly dry (or really dry if you get the wrong kind), this is the perfect, creamy companion.  A little dab of this goes perfectly with the flavours in the falafel too.  Yum!  Aside from falafel it makes a great dip for lots of different things, like vegetables or pita bread.  If you’re industrious and make your own gyros or kebabs then it is an excellent dip or sauce for those as well.  And, slightly less traditional, but still great, it is perfect as a sauce for fish tacos too.   The stuff at Costco is quite good, and will save you lots of time instead of making your own.  Plus, anytime you don’t have to squeeze the water out of cucumbers, I think that’s a good thing.   The container is pretty good sized too, so you’ll be able to try out all kinds of different ways to have your tzatziki.  700 grams for £3.19 (US: $5.13). Item #: 0019705.


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  1. 1 nancy // 2012.10.29 at 1:52 pm

    Oh I LOVE these half memory foam and half fiberfill pillows and I am always looking for more at every Costco I go to. Normally, I use pillows about a year and replace them. But I Love these and have even washed them, at a commercial laundry. I hope I didn’t break the machines. Amazon sells them but they cost lots more. I know the minute I order some, Costco will have them by the pallets!!!

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