Great Holiday & Gift Ideas with Costco US Photo Center

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This holiday season, Costco US Photo Center has several products that might be just perfect for you.  They have a range of personalized photo cards that can take some of the frustration out of sending out cards this holiday season.  Plus, they have a couple of products that would make great gifts this holiday season.

Let’s start with the thing that you need to get done first:  cards.  Costco’s photo center has great options if you want to send out a photo greeting card this holiday season.  You can easily create your own 6×7.5″ photo greeting cards through the photo center website.  For the holiday season Costco has several templates to choose from and then you just insert your chosen photos and before you know it, you’ve got personalized cards.

Holiday Photo Greeting Cards from Costco

First you select the design from one of Costco’s many holiday design templates, broken down as follows:

  • Season’s Greetings: 9 designs
  • Merry Christmas: 40 designs
  • Holiday, Religious: 2 designs
  • Happy Holidays: 12 designs
  • More Holidays: 56 designs

After you have selected a design, you get to add your photo(s) and a caption.  As with all of the Costco Photo Center gifts, you can preview and tweak it before you make the decision to buy.  All of the photo gift cards are $14.99 for the first set of 50 cards and envelopes.  You can order additional sets of 25 cards and envelopes for just $5.49; so 75 cards and envelopes is just $20.48.  Plus, right now you will get 4 free 6×7.5″ photo calendars for free with your photo card order of 50 cards; 2 additional free calendars with each set of 25.  You can customize the calendars too.  You can also order additional calendars for $0.39 per calendar if you’d like to send one with each of your cards.  This is a great way of getting great holiday cards that are personalized with your photos, and all at a really great price.  While sometimes you can get your Costco photo gifts through the mail, these gift cards must be picked up at your local Costco warehouse.  But I’m sure you’ll be at Costco shopping for holiday gifts and goodies several times in the next couple of months, so picking up the cards should be a breeze.

Now, in addition to photo gift cards, you can also get a bunch of great photo gifts from Costco as well.  The Costco Photo Center has a wide, wide variety of items that you can customize with your own photos, everything from mugs to mousepads to notebooks or notepads to photo books to photo throws.  However, there are a couple of items that I wanted to highlight today because they would be great gifts, I think: multi-canvas prints and ornaments.

Multi-Canvas Triptych Prints from Costco

The coolest of the photo center items, in my opinion, is the multi-canvas print.  You can choose to have your photo printed on two canvases (a Diptych) or three canvases (a Triptych).  While they aren’t super inexpensive, they would be a great way to turn one of your favourite photos into a really unique and wonderful gift, even if it is just a gift for yourself.  We’ve turned one of our photos into a canvas print and have gotten lots of compliments on it.  Somehow it is cooler to have artwork hanging on your wall that came right from your own creativity.

The diptych prints start at $174.99 and the triptych prints start at $139.99.  And each of those styles has several options for how you can split up the canvas sizes.  For the diptych choice, you can has the two canvases be of equal sizes, either two 22.5X30″ or two 20×30″ canvases.  Alternatively, you can choose to have one canvas larger than the other by having one 40X45″ canvas and one 20X45″ canvas or one 40X40″ canvas and one 20×40″ canvas.  The evenly sizes canvases are the less expensive options at $174.99 and $199.99.  The unevenly sized canvases are much more expensive at $339.99 and $369.99 for the bigger size.

Personalized Photo Ornaments at Costco

The triptych prints have similar options but there are a couple of different choices too.  As with the diptych prints, you can get your three canvases split evenly.  You can get your three 16×30″ canvases ($209.99), or three 12×27″ canvases ($139.99), or three 20×20″ canvases ($184.99).  With the three 20×20″ canvases you can get that orientated either horizontally or vertically for a quirky little difference.  In addition to the evenly sized canvases, you can get your triptych split across three canvases of three different sizes.  You can get two 14×36″ canvases and one 28×36″ canvas, split so that the slimmer canvases are on either side of the wide one or two slim canvases and the wider canvas on either the left or right side; all are $299.99.  Or you can get a slightly smaller version, but the same layout options, split across two canvases of 12×36″ and one 24×36″ canvas; all are $259.99.

While the multi-canvas prints are very cool and really could be a great gift or splurge any time of the year, the ornaments are ideal for Christmas gifts.  Much like most of the other gifts, you choose your style of ornament and then you choose the photo that you would like to use to customize it.  For the ornaments you have two options to choose from:  pewter rectangle or a porcelain filigree oval.  The pewter ornament has an overall size of 2.5×3″ and comes with a red ribbon to hang it.  The oval filigree ornament is slightly bigger at 4.25×3.75″ and also comes with a red ribbon for hanging.  No matter what ornament you choose, the price of $9.99 is the same, plus $4.95 for shipping (if you order more than one ornament the additional ones have a lower shipping fee of $1.50).  These would make great gifts for parents or grandparents.  They would also make a great keepsake if you get one each year for your children.


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