Costco UK Coupon Book: November 26 – December 16, 2012

November 24th, 2012 · 5 Comments

I feel like the last couple of weeks it has been coupons, coupons, coupons.  So, I figured I might as well round out the latest bunch of coupon posts with the next Costco UK coupon book.  The latest Costco UK coupon book starts on Monday, 26 November, and runs throughout the first half of December, until the 16th.  This coupon book has £600.00 in savings, which is a several hundred less than the last coupon book.  There are some good solid offers for those of us that are still doing our Christmas shopping, but there are also a lot of coupons for just everyday items too.  It seems like a good mix of items.  Also, don’t forget to check out the newly unveiled for lots and lots and lots of other great items.  The online site is especially good for gifts I think.

Costco UK Coupon Book: 26 Nov – 16 Dec, 2012

I’ve uploaded the latest Costco UK Coupon Book PDF (or view it in the Google PDF viewer) so you can browse it if you haven’t gotten yours yet.  If you didn’t get your book or never do, you should stop by Customer Service and make sure that they have all of your mailing information correct and that you have allowed them permission to send you things in the mail.  Also, while you’re there, ask them for a copy of the latest book if they didn’t hand you one when you walked in the store.  In the UK they print the coupons on both sides of the pages and without the codes, so they clearly do not want you to clip the coupons out and give them to your cashier; they just automatically deduct them after they ring up your items. I still find it useful to have a copy so I know what to look for because I don’t always notice the signs that they’ve posted to let you know what has a coupon.  I usually download a copy of the PDF I post to my iPhone before I go to the store so that I can easily reference it while shopping.  Also, you can now download a copy from the Costco UK website; there’s a link to it on the Warehouses webpage.

This is a pretty good coupon book if you are thinking of buying a new television, or maybe want to surprise someone with one for Christmas.  There are three LED television coupons this month, from 19″ all the way up to 60″.  The small 19″ Toshiba coupon is for £20.00 off but that does bring the price down to £139.98 with VAT; which seems a good deal.  At the other end of the size spectrum is a coupon for £150.00 off a 60″ Samsung; final price of £1,019.98 with VAT.  But if you’re looking for something really cool, you might like the 46″ Smart 3D Samsung television for £100.00 off with a final price of £779.98 with VAT.

I also found a lot of great household item coupons in this latest coupon book too.  I especially like the big collage picture frame and am considering picking one up.  It is 48″ x 29″, which is quite large and would be a great way to show off your latest holiday snaps.  There are 17 picture spaces of various sizes, which means that you really can display a lot of photos of kids, pets, family, or whatever.  I have a slightly different version of this frame that I got from Costco US and I love it because it is so large and can display so many photos.  For such a small price it is a very impressive frame and display.  The other nice thing about these frames is that you can hang it either vertically or horizontally, depending on the photos you want to display and the space you have available.  In any case, you can now get £10.00 off the frame, which makes it just £23.98 with VAT.  And then, you can use the Costco Photo Centre to print out the perfect photos for your new frame.

There are three really good kitchen coupons this month, as well.  There’s a coupon for £2.00 off  (final price: £9.58 with VAT) a three pack of porcelain bowls that would be great if you’re having a party this holiday season, or even just for everyday dinner.  The white bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe and come in three different sizes (1 litre, 580 ml, and 280 ml).  Next, is a coupon for £2.00 off a three pack of Neoflam cutting boards in three different sizes.  They are safe to stick in the dishwasher, and they are also stain and odour resistant.  And at £9.58 with VAT, they are really reasonably priced, I think.  The last kitchen coupon I wanted to highlight was for a five piece set of Joseph Joseph Elevate kitchen tools.  They are mostly black or dark grey, but with big pops of various colours in that Joseph Joseph design way.  The set includes: a spaghetti server, a flexible turner, a slotted turner, a slotted spoon, and a solid spoon.  And they have their own little rests, like little legs on the bottom, to keep them elevated (thus the name) off of your counter when you’re using them.  Clever.  The deal this month is for £6.00 off the set with a final price of £16.78 with VAT.  As I know from buying other Joseph Joseph kitchen items at Costco UK, their prices can’t be beat on this stuff, they are usually around 40 – 50% less than you could find them online or in another store.

Okay, phew, this post should mean that everyone in both the UK and the US is up to date on all the coupons for the next three weeks.  Now I’m off to enjoy a day of traffic free shopping on Oxford and Regent Streets to see if there are any deals as good as the ones at Costco.


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  1. 1 Lesly // 2013.03.20 at 9:51 am

    Thank you! I think the brand is Banquet. I’m looking for the Recycled Large Refuse wave cut bags, 90 ct. If you happen to see them next time your in, could you snap a pic for me?

    • 2 Kimberly // 2013.03.20 at 7:09 pm

      @Lesly, the Banquet rubbish bags are in the latest Costco UK coupon book that I just posted about. You can get the info, including an image, from the new coupon book.

  2. 3 Jonathan // 2013.03.17 at 9:26 am

    Lesly – I will look next time I’m in the warehouse here in Edinburgh.

  3. 4 Lesly // 2013.03.15 at 9:18 am

    Hi! I’m in the US and heard Costco’s in the UK sell trash bags in much reduced packaging. I am doing some research on packaging and wandering if you’ve seen Kirkland bags sold in just a netted package or a paper wrapped around a roll? I havn’t seen them online and I would pay to get my hands on that sort of product… Any help would be great!

    Thank you and happy shopping!

    • 5 Kimberly // 2013.03.17 at 8:02 pm

      @Lesly – I know there is a type of trash bag that comes in a big roll with just a band around it, but I didn’t think it was the Kirkland Signature brand.

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