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December 7th, 2012 · 112 Comments

If you are an office manager, or, if you really prefer bottled water in your home, this is definitely a deal that you want to check out.  Either way, Costco and Water.com now offer a bottled water delivery service with special pricing for Costco members.  The only catch is that you must sign up for a one year agreement and you must take delivery of at least three, 5-gallon bottles per four week billing cycle.   You can definitely get more water, but you have to get at least that much.

Costco Water Delivery for Home & Office

Depending on the amount of water you need, plans start at $15.99 for Executive members and $17.40 for Gold Star and Business members; this pricing is for the basic plan of just three, five gallon bottles for 4 week billing person.  The brands of water available differ by region, but include: Alhambra, Belmont Springs, Crystal Springs, Deep Rock Water, Hinckley Springs, Kentwood Springs, Mount Olympus, Sierra Springs, and Sparkletts.   The brand of water and the plans available all differ by region, however, the same benefits apply to Costco members, no matter what region you are in.  So, what do you get if you are a Costco member:

  • Use of bottle rack
  • Two free .5 liter cases (24/case)
  • Or, four sleeves of cups (100/sleeve) with initial delivery
  • Two free cases of .5L single-serve cases (24 per case) on each anniversary for Executive members
  • Coolers aren’t included for free, though you can add one for around $3 – $5 additional per month

Once you put in your zip code and Costco membership number you will find out the water delivery brand for your area.  At that point you will also see the pricing information for the different plans.  You can choose how many bottles of water you want per 4 week period and whether you want a cooler or not. They have plans for just about every situation, from a small residence with a need for just three, 5 gallon bottles per month, all the way to fifty, 5 gallon bottles per month, which should be enough for an office of 30 – 50 people (they say)

If you’re interested in getting bottled water delivery to your home or office, signing up is really quite easy and will probably only take about 10 minutes.  You initially need your zip code and Costco membership number to find out about delivery for your specific area.  Then you make the choice of how much water you want, and if you want a cooler or not.  Next, you put in your contact information as well as the delivery address and choose your initial delivery day and time-frame (like morning or afternoon).  On the final page, you will see an estimate of the total for your initial invoice, as well as the recurring invoice price, this includes things like taxes, refundable bottle deposit, and the variable energy surcharge.  After you review all of that and your contact information, you can put in your credit card details and you’re all ready to submit your order.  So simple and easy and you’ll be able to have fresh, clean water in no time!

Aside from the great deal you get as a Costco member, the truly best thing, I think, is the No-Spill System.  If you have ever been the unlucky one to change the giant water bottle at work and have it splash water all over you or all over whatever is nearby, you’ll definitely appreciate this too.  And even more so if you have this at home where you probably don’t have industrial water-proof flooring near your water cooler.  Every bottle of water they deliver has a spill-proof lid.  That way when you turn the bottle upside down to install on your cooler, the lid stays closed and fits right into the cooler’s anti-leak valve. Then, when you need to remove the bottle, the valve closes and the bottle is resealed and you are saved from a moist afternoon at work!  Brilliant!


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  1. 1 Merry // 2017.07.12 at 11:00 pm

    Ordered from DS services. Been waiting for over a week, called everyday that they didn’t show to deliver, promised a delivery everyday as I called. Customer center says they send messages and that I would get a call. Never did. This I, definetly going to cancel. They give me a window everyday from 8-5 for delivery. So the whole day for over a week I literally wait for my delivery which never happened. I never dealt with horrible service.
    Calling tomorrow to cancel. Warning to others don’t waste your time with this company. They seem to not care about their customers!

  2. 2 Michelle // 2017.06.29 at 3:36 pm

    Costco really needs to end services with Crystal Springs/DS Water services.
    I had nothing but problems with incorrect deliveries, delivery manager not contacting me to resolve issues after customer service left him a message requesting him to call me because he would not answer his phone when they called him and then delivering after I canceled services and not giving me credit for unused bottle that never should have been delivered. Customer service also tried to tell me that I did not get a credit after canceling services then changed her story when I said I was told upon cancelling services that I would get a refund after equipment was picked up. I contacted Costco about the poor service months ago and was told they handle it but nothing ever changed.

    • 3 Sabrina // 2017.06.29 at 3:46 pm

      Sounds like you spoke to the same costco rep I did. Nothing done. Contacted his boss, his boss handed it right back to him. So I don’t think costco cares.

      • 4 Michelle // 2017.06.29 at 6:30 pm

        I believe it was a woman that emailed me but yea, they do not seem to care.

      • 5 Carl Yee // 2017.06.29 at 8:37 pm

        This service is not a service but a curse. It is a long running joke all over the country. Certainly here in Idaho.

        And Costco still gives it publicity in it’s magazine. Look at the latest edition. And the price isn’t very good, even if the delivery was first rate. Don’t waste your breath or energy.

  3. 6 Victor Katona // 2017.05.16 at 10:18 am


    I had many bad experience with this service. Finally I canceled it. Now they are looking on me additional battle, which I do not have. I am very disappointing with Costco they putting they name on this fuzzy business. I would not recommend this to anyone.


    • 7 Sabrina // 2017.05.17 at 9:29 am

      Sorry to hear this is still going on. At the end of my battle I paid something I didn’t feel I owed because I was done fighting and I didn’t need it on my credit.
      I recommend you speak to corporate. My last contact with Costco I was told something is being worked on to resolve these issues. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it has changed. Have you contacted Costco corporate? There is someone there who sets up vendor accounts, and his boss to complain to. I did not renew my membership this year because I feel the service has become pretty bad as a whole with Costco. I miss it dearly. But I refuse to give my money to any company who simply acts like they deserve my money. I wish you a happy resolution to you issues with them!

  4. 8 AMI // 2017.03.10 at 12:50 pm

    Horrible service! We signed up in June and finally canceled today after constant missed deliveries (our last delivery was a month and half ago and I’ve been calling everyday for the past 2 weeks!) The representatives on the phone, although nice, can’t seem to help.

    • 9 ffindians84 // 2017.04.08 at 10:21 am

      Were you on a two week schedule for deliveries if I may ask you?

  5. 10 camila // 2017.02.14 at 8:29 pm

    Same thing here Dee… I cant even get them to come get there stuff… Try calling them its a joke u have to take off work for a day to wait on hold…i dont know why costco dont part ways with them there maken costco look bad cuz thats where i got the water…but i am done with DS services, water.com well i am trying to get in touch with them still cuz i dont have one bill thats rite..

  6. 11 Dee // 2017.02.13 at 4:21 pm

    Water.com and DS Services are terrible! Billing problems, missed deliveries, terribly unpredictable web site, leaky water dispensers, and on and on and on.

    I can’t tell you how many times the driver only made partial deliveries or simply didn’t show up. One time, the driver picked-up my empties, didn’t leave ANY replacements, and charged me a delivery charge. Another time, the driver literally hung a u-turn in front of my house and left. (I assume they have GPS’ on the truck to show he’d actually driven to my house.)

    I canceled my water service in December and I’m still fighting with them to get my bottle deposit refunded. I’ve heard every excuse.

    What a pain in the ()() This is definitely not up to Costco’s high standards and I wonder why Costco hasn’t fixed this.

    • 12 Sabrina // 2017.02.13 at 8:33 pm

      @ Dee… Same thing happened to us. The guy wouldn’t come bills would come showing he did. When I cancelled service it took 2 months. And was told 1 amount I needed to pay. I disagreed with the amount. All of the sudden Costco called to let me know a lesser amount owed. Still didn’t agree with it but I lost a lot of time so I just wanted it to be over. Paid what costco said to pay. Be aware of costco vendors as this is just water service and there seems to be ongoing issues that aren’t addresed.

    • 13 Carl Yee // 2017.02.13 at 10:11 pm

      Nothing changes because Costco does not care. This has gone on for years. And it seems in most places.

      • 14 Sabrina // 2017.03.10 at 1:39 pm

        If enough people complain they will be forced to care. Costco is raising membership prices. Let corporate know subpar service is unacceptable.

  7. 15 Adam // 2017.02.07 at 1:23 pm

    Worst service I had ever used.

    Crystal Springs through Costco. And judging by reviews, seriously disappointed in Costco continuing this service.

  8. 16 LM // 2017.01.16 at 7:59 pm

    Very Frustrated. Used to be a really avid fan of Costco until I dealt with their Water services department. Gave them ample verbal and written notice that I would be cancelling the service end of July 2016 with changes in account and billing address. Last statement showed a $24 credit but they have not changed the statement address. That was in August 2016. It is now January 16, 2017 and they still have not mailed my refund check. I have been following up by email (because it takes hours to get someone on the phone) every 2-3 weeks since August 8, 2016 and all I get is a response stating I have to wait 6-8 weeks for my check. I’m not one to post comments online but this is absolutely ridiculous. Costco should take a serious look at their water department customer service.

  9. 17 Sue // 2016.10.31 at 5:39 pm

    Wow so many bad comments on the service! What area is this? We had excellent service in So Cali and was so happy with it all! I am now back in WA and after seeing all the negative comments a little unsure if I should proceed??!!!

    • 18 ffindians84 // 2017.04.08 at 10:19 am


      Remember that ipthat bad news travels faster than people who love the service and never had any problems. If you ever were interested in signing up I’d be more than happy to help! I can’t speak for everyone here that had huge problems from what I read but if you experienced great service then I encourage you to rejoin!

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