Two Costco Employees To Split $23.1 million Powerball Win

December 26th, 2012 · 1 Comment

What would you do if you won $23.1 million in the lottery?  You would probably be having a really incredible Christmas, huh?  Well, this dilemma is what two Costco employees in Waltham, MA after their recent lottery win.  How nice to have such troubles!

The two Costco employees, Rosa DeLeon of Arlington and Reginald LeBlanc of Lexington, have been buying tickets for the past 10 months and now it has paid off big time with a $50 million win on 12/12/12.  They chose to take the cash payout, so after taxes the winning amount is $23.1 million, or $11 for each of them.  Here’s my favourite quote from the story about their win:

Asked if they were going to quit their jobs, both DeLeon and LeBlanc said Costco was a great company and they hadn’t decided yet whether to quit. They also said they would continue to shop at Costco, despite their millions.

It would be nice to turn the dream of “what would I do with a winning lottery ticket” into a reality right at Christmastime.   I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

For more on this story: Lexington man, Arlington woman to split $23.1m check after Powerball win


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  1. 1 Rachel // 2013.01.21 at 7:05 pm

    Regie deserves this win! He is the receipt checker at the costco in Waltham. When I heard that he won, I expected not to see him… But I went a few days ago and he was still there checking the receipts! 🙂

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