Costco Australia Coupon Book: February 18 – March 3, 2013

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There’s a new Costco Australia coupon book that started February 18.  This latest coupon book has $950.00 in savings; a bit more than last month across 56 different coupons.  I really wish that they would provide pricing information for all of the coupons though; I really liked that about the UK coupon books.  It is an excellent way to comparison shop before you get to Costco.  I know they have great prices, so why not share them a little more freely?   I would say that the majority of coupons have pricing information but it seems kind of random because it isn’t consistent across categories; for instance, most but not all food coupons have prices, though none of the electronics items have prices.  But really, I’m just glad to see that they have coupon books and have them posted online.

Costco Australia Coupon Book: February 18 – March 3, 2013

You can download the Costco Australia coupon book directly from their site where you can view it online or download the PDF.  I wish that the US would have the downloadable PDF too since Canada, UK, and Australia all do.  According to the Costco Australia website they send out an email informing members that there is a coupon book online that they can view, that is if you have supplied them with your email address of course.  That is in addition to handing out the coupons at the door.  They say they only offer coupons about twice per year, which seems really infrequent in comparison to all of the other locations that offer coupons, and seems like a policy that might be changing since this is the second coupon book they have had in 2013 so far and it is only February.

There seem to be lots of coupons for staple items like toilet tissue ($3.00 off Kleenex Cottonelle), paper towels ($3.00 off Viva), Ziploc bags ($4.00 off gallon or quart size), Glad plastic wrap, tin foil, or baking paper ($2.50 off), dishwashing tablets ($5.00 off Cascade Advanced), cleaning supplies ($2.60 off Easy Off Bam, $1.75 off Pine O Clean, $2.00 off White King toilet gel, and 20% off White King antibacterial wipes or bleach) and laundry detergent ($6.00 off Omo powder, $2.75 off Kirkland Signature liquids, and $4.50 off Cuddly fabric softener).  So really, that covers just about everything you need to stock up to keep your house running smoothly.  I noticed that the Kirkland Signature laundry detergent coupon includes the KS Ultra Free & Clear, that is great for those of us with picky skin.  I really wanted to buy this when I went a couple of weeks ago but there was no sign of it at all.  Annoying when that happens.

If you have a a baby, you will probably be happy to see the coupon for Kirkland Signature nappies.  You can get $7.00 off all of the various sizes.  They don’t say that there is a limit on how many you can buy with the coupon, so I guess you can really stock up on those as well.

And if you have a dog, there’s couple of coupons for you too.  There’s a coupon for $7.00 off Pedigree Dentastix that are fantastic to keep your dogs teeth healthy and their breath a little less, um, fragrant.  There’s also a coupon for $3.00 off Schmackos beef chews, which definitely look like something any self respecting dog would enjoy.

There are plenty of treats and snacks for those of us that walk on two legs too.  There are a couple of coupons that I’ll probably take advantage of in this category.  The Tom Clark’s butter toffee popcorn for $2.50 off looks really yummy and like a good movie watching treat.  On a healthier note, the Norlax smoked salmon or rainbow trout (for $2.50 off) are also something that I think we’ll pick up next time we’re at Costco.  The packages are all around 300 grams, which is far more reasonable for us to eat then the really big packages that they always had in the UK; I always had a hard time getting through it all without having everything we ate be smoked salmon flavoured.

Also, I wanted to point out that if you missed the coupon for men’s razors in the last coupon book, like we did, then you will be interested to see that there is another one this month.  This month you can save $6.00 off Gillette Blue II Custom disposables (pack of 52) or a pack of 14 Mach 3 disposable razors.  As like everywhere in the world, I think, razors are always very pricey, so best to take advantage of the coupons when they come along.


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