Costco UK Lets You Be an F1 Superstar

April 18th, 2013 · 2 Comments

Full Size F1 Racing Car Simulator

When I was young, and had too many quarters jangling around in my pockets, I used to love the racing games in the arcade.  There was one that you sat in that was complete with wheel and pedals, and for those of us that couldn’t drive, it was just like being in a race car.  You could almost feel the wind buffeting against you as you whipped around the tight corners.  And it was so so much cooler than playing an Atari or something where you had to use a joystick and just hand controls.  Now that I’ve grown up, those kinds of games are still fun, but don’t seem anywhere near as realistic, of course.  But Costco UK has something on their website now that can certainly up the racing realism for you.

No matter if your F1 hero is Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher, or maybe you like it more old school like Ayrton Senna or Jackie Stewart, you can feel just like them in your own, full size F1 racing car simulator that you can pick up at Costco.  And when I say full size, I really mean it.  You are seated in an F1 style car with three 23″ monitors in front and a 5.1 surround sound system so that you can get the full racing experience.  The car even has tires and details like brake callipers!  The car is manufactured by specialists racing car and simulator constructor FMCG International and is a full size high end F1™ style show car with simulation equipment.  And it isn’t cheap.  You’ll need to have a bank account like Michael Schumacher to afford it probably because it is a whopping £89,999.89 (with VAT).  But hey, for that price they do deliver and set it up too.

VRX iMotion Full-Motion Custom Racing Simulator

If you want to buy one though, you can’t just pop it into your online cart and check out as normal, as if you were buying XBox game console.  Nope, to purchase this very cool toy, you’ll need to email the “wow items” team at  And you’ll have to wait 12 – 18 weeks for delivery because, as you can imagine, it is custom made and you even get to pick the colour.

I wonder who is buying this?  Because I really want to come test it out with them.  I can even bring my own helmet!  Call me!

If spending £90,000 isn’t quite what you had in mind, you can get the less pricey (though I wouldn’t say more moderately priced) VRX iMotion Full-Motion Custom Racing Simulator that is a mere £24,999.99.  This model comes with a commercial grade D–BOX actuator system capable of producing 2G’s of acceleration and three axes of movement.  You have a Sparco seat and all of the correct driving paraphernalia (wheel, gear paddle shifters, clutch, etc), three 27″ monitors wrapping around your field of vision and 5.1 surround sound booming, not to mention feedback steering, you just don’t have the full sized F1 car wrapped around you.  Again, if you’ve already got your credit card out, you’ll need to email the “wow items” team instead of just going through normal checkout at the website.  This one isn’t quite as long on lead time though, since it only take 4 – 8 weeks before you can be racing.

The less pricey race car simulator lineup at Costco UK

Clearly, this kind of full on racing simulator setup isn’t for everyone, or everyone’s budget.  But maybe one of the three other models available through, ranging in price from £3,400.00 – £6,900.00, is more within range.  These are all variations on the monitor and seat setup, with clearly more bells and whistles for the more expensive version.  I mean, the “cheap” one for £3,400.00 only has a single 24″ monitor.

But I bet they’re still all really fun!  And you don’t even need to have a stack of quarters or tokens on hand when you want to have another race, though you might have to queue up behind the rest of your family and friends.


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  1. 1 sean // 2013.04.18 at 11:52 am

    Guessing this is for the guy who has everything or the kid who wants everything. It would also be cool to have at an office or something. I agree I would personaly never spend that much on a fake car and video game though.

  2. 2 tle // 2013.04.18 at 9:58 am

    Wow, more than $100K for full size racing simulator. Why? With that money, you can buy a decent sportcar, and with the money left over, use it for high performance driving school. These HPDE, as they are called by various car clubs (bmwcca, pca, audi…) will teach you to drive as fast as you are comfortable in your car around a racetrack. It is not racing; It teaches you to be a better driver with skills that are applicable to everyday driving. Plus it is exiting since you cannot hit the reset button if you have an “incident”!

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