Cedar Green Complete Cedar Closet Kit Sale on Costco.com

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Everything you need for your closet

This time of year, when the seasons are starting to change, is normally when I go through my closet and determine what to keep and what to give to charity, as well as what just needs to go in the bin.  This is also the time of year when I almost always start thinking about reorganizing my closet and trying to make it more efficient and organized.  I love an extremely organized closet!  Though, sometimes it is just about “how can I fit more stuff in here” so I have an excuse to go buy some new clothes.

No matter whether you are a little crazy about closet organization or just want an excuse to buy more shoes, Costco.com and Cedar Green closet kits are here to help this year.  Right now, you can save $150.00 off a 96″ complete cedar closet kit from Cedar Green on Costco.com.  With that savings you can get the complete kit for $399.99 through May 31, and naturally that includes shipping and handling.

The set includes everything you need to organize a 4 – 8 foot wide closet with beautiful cedar wood.  Cedar is great for keeping away pests and mildew, not to mention it has that great fragrance too.  This would be an excellent way to store your seasonal clothes, like sweaters and woollen items in particular.  No one likes to see a beautiful wool sweater chomped on by a moth.  However, it is so nice it is perfect for your regular, everyday closet as well.  I like that the 3/4″ thick cedar shelves are 14″ deep because that is actually deep enough to store things like sweaters on without them hanging over the edges or being squished up getting wrinkled in them.  Or, it is also deep enough for Dave’s giant shoes, just barely but they’d work.

Deep shelves in fragrant cedar

It’s a great kit though with enough pieces to make an excellent closet that gives you plenty of options for organizing your clothing, shoes, and accessories.  So here’s what you get in the kit:

  • All fasteners, screws, supports, needed for installation
  • Two Wall Rails: 44” and 18” and Decorative Covering Strips
  • Three Wardrobe Tubes: 24”, 24”, and 51”
  • 2 Wall Panels
  • 2 Tower panels
  • 2 – 24” shelves
  • 5 – 18” shelves
  • 1 – 51” adjustable shelf
  • All US grown cedar
  • 14″ Deep shelving
  • ¾” thick material

This sounds like a perfect way to update your closet without having to make it too complicated.  I will also point out that the reviews on Costco.com are quite good with the kit getting a very solid 4.4 out of 5 stars from seven reviews.  If you’re looking for more closet ideas in cedar, be sure to check out the Cedar Green website where you can take a look at their catalog.  Of course, in their catalog they have cedar closet items galore, but you could also use their ideas to organize your closet with something less cedary too.  But now is the perfect time to cull your clothing herd and whip your closet into shape!


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