Costco UK Coupon Book: May 20 – June 9, 2013

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The new Costco UK coupon book starts on Monday, 20 May, and runs through 9 June; the usual three weeks.  There are £550.00 in savings, which is about the same as the previous coupon book.  It seems like all of my favourite cleaning products are on offer in this latest coupon book.  Of course, since we won’t be back in the UK yet.  Oh well, when we first get back I won’t have a flat to clean anyway, I guess.

Costco UK Coupon Book: May 20 – June 9, 2013

I’ve uploaded the new Costco UK Coupon Book PDF (or view it in the Google PDF viewer).  If you didn’t get your book or never do, you should stop by Customer Service and make sure that they have all of your mailing information correct and that you have allowed them permission to send you things in the mail.  Also, while you’re there, ask them for a copy of the latest book if they didn’t hand you one when you walked in the store.  In the UK they print the coupons on both sides of the pages and without the codes, so they clearly do not want you to clip the coupons out and give them to your cashier; they just automatically deduct them after they ring up your items.  I love this method of couponing and wish that all of the Costco locations in the US would follow suit.  Though, I still find it useful to have a copy so I know what to look for because I don’t always notice the signs that they’ve posted to let you know what has a coupon.  I usually download a copy of the PDF to my phone before I go to the store so that I can easily reference it while shopping.  If you sign up to receive emails from, they will send out an email that lets you know that the new coupon book is available online.  Since they now post the coupons on the Costco UK website, you can always download a copy of the latest coupon book from there; you can also find a link to it on the Warehouses webpage.

As I mentioned above, several of my favourite cleaning products have coupons this month.  I pretty much exclusively buy my cleaning items at Costco,  because the prices are so much better and it also means I pretty much always have a backup on hand and don’t have to worry about running out.  It is amazing, even to me, how much of a deal Costco can be on cleaning and laundry products when compared to a regular supermarket.  A lot of the cleaning products I’ve already talked about or reviewed on my blog at some point, so if you’re curious about any of them, just do a search on my blog for the latest post about the item.  So, here’s my list of favourite cleaning products on offer this month:

  • Finish Quantum Tablets, 2, 40 tablet packs (80 tablets total), with the half price coupon they are just £11.86 (with VAT).  These are incredible on even the hardest to clean items, and will even make glassware that has gotten a little dull looking get their sparkle back after just a single wash.
  • Fairy Non-Bio Laundry Liquid, 6.2 litres for £11.74 (with VAT) after you factor in the £2.60 off coupon.  I really prefer the non-bio laundry detergents  and vacillate between the Fairy and Persil brands, depending on what has the better deal or is available at Costco.  They both do an excellent job at cleaning without causing a problem for either my delicate clothing or my skin.  I also get the laundry pods sometimes because I like to change it up and do find them convenient and mess free.
  • Comfort Concentrate in either Pure or Sunshine, 5 litres for £4.78 (with VAT) after half off coupon.  I love the Comfort Pure, it smells lovely and fresh and things like my towels and sheets feel so nice after a wash with this.  Not to mention, with this giant amount you can do something around 110 loads of laundry.  That will definitely take a while to get through and the price is fantastic at Costco.
  • Vanish OxiAction in either Pink or Crystal, 1.5 kilograms for £5.86 (with VAT) after £2.00 off.  I always have both the Pink (for colours) and the Crystals (just for white) in my laundry cabinet.  It really does a great job on keeping whites and colours looking their best.  If you don’t have space for both giant containers, the Pink version works very well on white laundry too and seems to keep it just as white as the Crystal version.
  • Dettol Floor Wipes, 4, 15 wipe packs (60 wipes total) for £6.46 (with VAT) after £2.00 off coupon.  If you have a hard surface floor in your bathroom or kitchen, you’ll love these.  They’re basically like a giant wipe similar to what you would use on your countertops or your hands if you dine at KFC, except that they are thicker and have a more textured cloth.  That thickness and extra texture allow them to pick up even the tiniest bits of yuck from your floor with so little effort and so quickly that you’ll be amazed.  They make cleaning floors much faster and your floors look better too.

So, if you take advantage of all of those coupons you’ll have fresh, clean laundry, squeaky clean dishes, and a floor that sparkles.  What more could you ask for?  There’s also a coupon for £20.00 off a Dyson DC50 Pet Hair Vacuum (£287.98 with VAT) if you’re looking for a top notch vacuum.  I’ve not tried one but everyone I know that has one loves their Dyson.  Also, if you need a place to use all of your laundry products you bought at Costco, there’s also a deal for £50.00 off a Maytag Washing Machine and/or a Maytag Condenser Dryer.  After the £50.00 off each appliance is £419.98 (with VAT).

Aside from the multitude of cleaning products, there are other great deals in this latest coupon book.  For instance, I love love love the Mariani Ultimate Dried Apricots that are 25% off (1.36 kilograms for £3.74) and so delicious.  They are some of the best dried apricots I’ve had because they are still plump and juicy somehow and have a great flavour.  I love to just eat some plain, or with some cheese and crackers, or cut them up and add them to granola or muesli for an extra fruity punch.

This latest coupon book also points out a selection of eight items that you can find on sale at  If you haven’t taken a look at the somewhat new Costco UK online shopping site yet, you really should.  They have so many items that you’ll never see in the warehouses, including big things that you wouldn’t want to have to transport home anyway, and all at very good prices.  I think you’ll be amazed at the variety of items that you can get on the website, everything from the Taste Tradition Fresh Mixed Steak Parcel (£69.99 with delivery for 4.95 kilograms of free range, rare breed beef) to a Whirlpool Mircrowave with Grill (£199.99 with delivery).

Happy shopping and saving!


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