Costco UK Coupon Book: June 10 – 30, 2013

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The new Costco UK coupon book starts on Monday, 10 June, and runs through the rest of June (30 June).  There are £750.00 in savings, which is a couple hundred pounds more than the previous coupon book.  Naturally, since we are not going to be back in the UK before this coupon book ends, there are lots of great coupons that I want to be able to take advantage of this time.  Isn’t that the way it always is?  But there are some very good deals this month, including tyres.

Costco UK Coupon Book: June 10 - 30, 2013

Costco UK Coupon Book: June 10 – 30, 2013

I’ve uploaded the new Costco UK Coupon Book PDF (or view it in the Google PDF viewer).  If you didn’t get your book or never do, you should stop by Customer Service and make sure that they have all of your mailing information correct and that you have allowed them permission to send you things in the mail.  Also, while you’re there, ask them for a copy of the latest book if they didn’t hand you one when you walked in the store.  In the UK they print the coupons on both sides of the pages and without the codes, so they clearly do not want you to clip the coupons out and give them to your cashier; they just automatically deduct them after they ring up your items.  I love this method of couponing and wish that all of the Costco locations in the US would follow suit.  Though, I still find it useful to have a copy so I know what to look for because I don’t always notice the signs that they’ve posted to let you know what has a coupon.  I usually download a copy of the PDF to my phone before I go to the store so that I can easily reference it while shopping.  If you sign up to receive emails from, they will send out an email that lets you know that the new coupon book is available online.  Since they now post the coupons on the Costco UK website, you can always download a copy of the latest coupon book from there; you can also find a link to it on the Warehouses webpage.

It isn’t often that there’s a tyre coupon offered in the Costco UK book, but this is your lucky month.  This is the perfect time to get a new set of tyres if you are planning on taking a little road trip for your summer holidays.  Through the end of June you can save £50.00 on a set of 4 Michelin tyres through the Costco Tyre Centre.  You can only get new tyres for two cars though.

As I mentioned, there are a lot of my regular Costco buys with coupons this month.  Both of my preferred laundry pod brands are having coupons this month.  Fairy Non-Bio pods are £3.60 off for 45 pods (£7.06 with VAT after coupon).  The other coupon deal is for the Persil Small & Mighty Bio/Non-Bio capsules for £3.00 off a 2 pack of 35 pods for £11.98 with VAT after the coupon.  At a quick glance it might seem like the better deal is for the Persil pods, but with these coupons you will be paying £0.17 per pod for the Persil but just £0.16 per pod for the Fairy.  I like them equally and can’t really tell a big difference in my laundry no matter which I use, so for me the better deal wins.

In non-laundry coupons, there are several food or beverage coupons that I would be interested in this month if I were in the UK.  They have a £3.00 off coupon for packages of Scotch Steak mince.  This is the perfect time to get a package or two, to keep you in mince for some summer burgers on the bbq.  Even though I haven’t tried it, I think I would be tempted to get the 1 kg package of Okains Bay Breaded Deep Sea Cod for £6.89 (after £2.60 coupon).  We like cod in our house, as does everyone else in the UK it seems, and it is nice to have on hand for a no fuss meal during the week since it is easy to pair it with something like a salad or some grilled asparagus for a nice summer dinner.  I also think that the coupon for 45% off a pack of 28 Kellogg’s NutriGrain bars is great since that means they are just £4.39 or £0.16 per bar.  These make a perfect quick breakfast or afternoon snack and this box of 28 can keep you for an entire month.   And of course, I would have to get the Francesco Mazzei Antipasto Calabrese for £3.99 (after £1.20 off)!  I might even get two for that price and have a couple of summer picnics in the park enjoying our delicious Italian meats with some olives and bread.

The only other coupon, in the food section, that I would be interested in would probably be the one for 20% or £2.30 off a 12 pack of the 330 ml containers of Vita Coca Coconut Water.  After the coupon it is just £11.02 with VAT and I’ve been wanting to try it.  Has anyone tried it yet?  I have a friend that has been having some everyday and thinks it is helping her lose some weight and feel a little better.  Of course, she also said that at first she wasn’t too jazzed about the taste but that you quickly get beyond that.

There are a couple of other coupons that I wanted to point out.  There’s a nice coupon for £4.00 off a 10 piece Klip It Food Storage set; final price of £14.38 with VAT.  I have a couple of pieces of this and I love it.  They have a super tight seal and you can use it in the fridge, freezer or microwave.  And when you’re done using it, you can put it in the dishwasher too.  This set has a nice variety of sizes from large 2 litre containers to small ones that are perfect for using for lunch items.

The other item I wanted to point out was the Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm for £8.38 (with VAT) after £3.00 off coupon.  Everyone should have one of these, or even a few since they are such a good price.  Carbon monoxide is a colourless, tasteless, odourless toxic gas that can come from equipment that uses combustion to produce heat, such as fuel fired heaters, gas water heaters, gas stoves, fireplaces or wood burning stoves, gas dryers, grills, lawnmowers, and of course cars.  It isn’t something you’re going to notice until it is already too late, most likely.  When you have carbon monoxide poisoning you kind of just feel like you have the flu because the symptoms are mostly innocuous things like headache, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath (more troubling if you notice it).  You should definitely have a carbon monoxide detector on each floor, especially by the bedrooms and it is best if you also have one near any indoor appliances that are burning gas, fuel, or wood so that you can immediately tell if there’s a problem.  So, for this rather low price it is better to be safe than sorry.

As usual, I’ve only touched on a few of my favourites in this month’s coupon book.  There are plenty of other great coupons too.  Be sure to check out the new coupon book before your next shopping trip.


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  1. 1 donna // 2013.06.10 at 9:47 am

    I wish they would put all these offers in the us book. when does the us book come out?

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