Costco Korea Coupon Book: July 5 – August 4, 2013

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The latest Costco Korea coupon book officially started on Friday, 5 July, and runs through 4 August.  The Costco Korea coupon books are a little different from those in other countries in that not all of the coupons are valid for the same dates.  In this coupon book, there are four sets of five coupons, each set of coupons covering about a week.    This is another coupon book that started after I left Australia for my holiday in Japan, so I’m a bit late getting it posted, however, the first set of coupons is good through 14 July, so you still have a couple of days to save with the first set of coupons.

Costco Korea Coupon Book: 5 July - 4 August, 2013

Costco Korea Coupon Book: 5 July – 4 August, 2013

As with all of the Costco Korea coupon books, you can find this latest coupon book online.   I believe that Costco Korea just automatically deducts the coupons when they ring up your items making them more like instant savings deals instead of true coupons.  I love this method of couponing and wish that all of the Costco locations in the world would follow suit.  Of course, it is still nice to know what coupons/savings you can count on for a given time period, so I still find it useful to have a copy of the coupons as a PDF on my smartphone of choice.

We were actually in Korea the first weekend that this coupon book was available.  How cool is that?  We went to the Yangjae Costco location near Gangnam, where we were staying.  It was quite packed with people on a Saturday afternoon.  It was like the Thanksgiving rush in the US, but I think that’s just how it always is there.  But more on my holiday Costco field trips later (I’ve got pictures and everything).

As I mentioned there are five different coupons for each week that the coupon book covers.  They’re referring to this as the “Summer Fresh Foods” coupon book, so as you might imagine everything in here is a food item.  Basically, there’s meat, fish and fruit each week.  Well, the last week they throw in a souffle cheesecake for ₩2,500, just to give you a little treat at the end of the coupon book, I guess.

This week though, I would be taking advantage of the deal on red mangoes for ₩2,500 (just a single mango).  I love mangoes of all varities and I noticed that some of them can be quite expensive in Korea, so this is a great time to get nice mangoes for a  good price.  For my readers from other countries, ₩2,500 is equivalent to £1.47/$2.23 USD/$2.46 AUD/$2.32 CAD.  And in the set of coupons coming up next, running 15  – 21 July, they have some lovely Gu-long grapes for ₩2,500 for a box.  I don’t know how big a box is but that seems like a good deal for yummy grapes.  We noticed that there seemed to be grapes and grape flavoured things everywhere in Seoul and the grapes were always big, sweet, and so juicy and delicious.  Since grape is Dave’s flavour of choice, he was loving all the grapeyness.

Aside from the great looking fruit each week, there’s a lot of meat in the form of beef, pork, chicken, and duck.  There’s one coupon for beef each week, in a few different cuts.  There’s at least one other coupon each week for pork, duck or chicken.  So, there really is something for a wide range of recipes each week, which is nice.  There’s also a coupon for fish each week, or a fish product because this week the “fish” is flying fish roe (400 grams for ₩2,500).

So, while there’s not a huge number of coupons each week, there are a some good deals to keep you in fruit and meat during the next month.  They should be having a coupon for fans and air conditioners, I think.  It was HOT HOT HOT when we were there but I still loved it.



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