Costco Taiwan Updates Website & Posts Coupons Online

July 19th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Costco Taiwan updates website

Costco Taiwan updates website

The Costco Taiwan website used to be rather plain and not that helpful or informative, and certainly didn’t contain any sort of truly up to date content.  It was pretty clear that they had set it up and forgotten about it.  Well, no more!  They’ve recently undergone a transformation to update the site with up to date information about current events at the stores, coupons (!), and they’ve even given a little freshening up to the information that is necessary to any one looking to sign up for a membership at Costco.Clearly, I’m depending on Google Translate to put the site into English for me, since I’m not sure how well that works for everything on the site, I’m just going to go through this in broad stokes; some of it doesn’t even translate because it is a graphic instead of just text, unfortunately.  However, some of the things I can clearly pick out.

I really like that has added the very useful dynamic content such as the latest warehouse deals, like the special focus on Father’s Day gifts that they have currently, they also have a listing for store events.  Of course, that type of content sits alongside the static but very useful information about membership and what exactly Costco is and why you might want to shop there.   You can also get full information about signing up for a new Costco membership, including a membership application to fill out (it’s a PDF that you can drop off at a Costco store).  There’s also information about the Costco co-branded Visa credit card.

The section for Store Events is a great area to keep checking back on because it contains a list of upcoming road shows (as a PDF) that you might want to check out.  I think there’s also something about the tyre centre but I’m not sure what exactly because it didn’t translate, but the guy working on the car tyre kind of hints at it being tyre related.  And one thing I would always want to check out would be the list of new products that are coming to warehouses in the next month (the current list is for the month of July).

If you’re always running to your local Costco Taiwan warehouse to get your photos processed, you can now take advantage of the online photo center instead.  From the online Photo Center you can order regular prints, as well as a your own personalized calendars or greeting cards.  I personally like the photos on canvas that you can do now (not just in Taiwan but at all Costco photo centers now, I think).  Everyone is really impressed with how good our photo on canvas print through Costco turned out and I would highly recommend it.  Unfortunately, it looks like you still need to go to the actual Costco warehouse photo centers to order the prints on canvas or the new photo books that are available.  But hey, thanks to the website you know they’re available options before you get to your warehouse.

Maybe the best thing that you can find on the newly updated website is the coupon book, as well as any special coupon flyers.  Under the Store Event section you can find a coupon flyer currently that lasts from today (19 July) until 25 July.  How great is that?  Before they updated the site you might never have even known they had a special selection of coupons, now you can see them all from the comfort of your own laptop.  Or, even more likely, you can plan to make a special trip to your favourite Costco to pick up something with one of these coupons.

Costco Taiwan Coupon Book: 19 July - 1 September 2013

Costco Taiwan Coupon Book: 19 July – 1 September 2013

But as I mentioned, the really terrific bit of new stuff is the posting of the latest coupon book.  The current coupon book, is totally new and starts today 19 July and is valid through 1 September; several weeks of saving!  The only bad thing is that not all of the coupons are available for the whole time.  They have broken the coupons into six groups of dates (all colour coded so you can clearly see that a new bunch of coupons is starting): 19 – 28 July; 26 July – 4 August; 2 – 11 August; 9 – 18 August; 16 – 25 August; and 23 August – 1 September.  I think it is brilliant that they overlap the ending and starting dates so that you can take advantage of two groups of coupons in one visit;  I like that kind of efficiency.  Altogether there are 90 coupons split amongst the six date bands.  That’s a lot of coupons for a lot of different items.  There’s a lot of food items, as is often the case with Costco coupons.  However, there are also coupons for dinnerware, sunglasses, wiper blades for your car, socks, a Whirlpool washer and dryer, batteries (AAA or AA from Kirkland Signature), motor oil,  as well as a selection of vitamin and mineral supplements.  But mostly the coupons are for food items.  I have to admit, it is fun to look through the coupon book for a country I’ve not visited, it’s like traveling without the queue for security.  I’m now totally curious to know what banana milk tastes like, what a coffee egg roll is, and if the Kirkland Signature cream puffs have a filling or not.  Clearly, I will need to plan a trip to Taiwan to visit the Costco stores there.

I’m really pleased with the changes to the Costco Taiwan website!  All of the enhancements make it so much more useful to new customers, as well as existing members that want to keep up to date with coupons and special events in the warehouse.  So, if you’re a Costco shopper in Taiwan be sure to check out the new website, and download a copy of the latest coupons too!


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  1. 1 David Wagner // 2015.01.02 at 12:48 pm

    Hi. Are you able to share customers in China, Hong Kong, etc., can pay using the new foreign Costco sites? Less than 4% of people in China (and similar countries — like Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia…) have credit cards or debit cards. (Since China has 1.3 Billion people, Indonesia has 150 Million people, etc., the potential international growth for Costco is huge — especially since the climate in these countries makes growing nuts, or having bogs for cranberries impossible.)

    Costco is reporting they sold over $6 million (USD) in nuts and dried cranberries in one month using Alibaba, Tmall, etc. ($3.5m on 11/11.)

    I can’t find any details on how Costco is getting paid. Are they using PayPal?


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