Costco UK Coupon Book: August 12 – September 1, 2013

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I swear, I really was going to get back to my regular bunch of Saturday reviews, but I forgot about the new Costco UK coupon book starting on Monday.  Since this upcoming coupon book has all kinds of things for back to school shopping, I figured I should get it up sooner rather than later.    This next Costco UK coupon book starts on Monday, 12 August and runs throughout the rest of the month, until 1 September.  It has coupons valued at more than £650.00 in savings, which is a bit more than the previous coupon book.  Plus, there are some online offers that they highlight.  And of course, as I mentioned, there’s a special section with great back to school savings.

Costco UK Coupon Book: 12 August - 1 September, 2013

Costco UK Coupon Book: 12 August – 1 September, 2013

I’ve uploaded the new Costco UK Coupon Book PDF (or view it in the Google PDF viewer).  If you didn’t get your book or never do, you should stop by Customer Service and make sure that they have all of your mailing information correct and that you have allowed them permission to send you things in the mail.  Also, while you’re there, ask them for a copy of the latest book if they didn’t hand you one when you walked in the store.  In the UK they print the coupons on both sides of the pages and without the codes, so they clearly do not want you to clip the coupons out and give them to your cashier; they just automatically deduct them after they ring up your items.  I love this method of couponing and I’m glad to see that it seems all Costco locations in the world are following suit.  I do still find it useful to have a copy so I know what to look for because I don’t always notice the signs that they’ve posted to let you know what has a coupon.  I usually download a copy of the PDF to my phone before I go to the store so that I can easily reference it while shopping.  If you sign up to receive emails from, they will send out an email that lets you know that the new coupon book is available online, usually the weekend before the new book starts.  Since they now post the coupons on the Costco UK website, you can alwaysdownload a copy of the latest coupon book from there; you can also find a link to it on the Warehouses webpage.

There are 11 different coupons for a variety of items for preparing for back to school time.  The one thing that is probably really likely to be needed by loads of kids heading back to school or university, is the Canon Pixma multi-function printer for £15.oo off; final price £101.98 with VAT.  I love the Canon printers because the print quality is excellent whether you are doing documents or photos, I also think they have good scanners.  Some other things you might need:  save £4.00 on a 24 pack of Post-It notes in a range of colours (£7.18 with VAT); get 20% off 2, 30 count packs of Zebra Z-Grip ballpoint pens (£7.47 with VAT); 20% off A4 and A5 notebooks (price depends on what you get); save 20% on a variety of Sharpie pens, including ones for dry erase boards and highlighters; and save 20% on a 10 pack of ring binders (£6.70 with VAT) too.  All the good stuff to get you back to school.  The other coupon that Costco doesn’t include in the special back to school section, but which I think is quite useful for school or other things, is the Brother PT-1000BM labelling machine.  This month you can save £2.75 on this for a final price of £7.48 with VAT, and you can label everything!  It’s great for notebooks and binders, as well as folders, files, spice jars, storage items, photos, CDs, DVDs, wiring bundles, outlets (you know the ones with weird looking plugs), pretty much everything.  I like a label and have this same model and find it easy to use, easy to change the tape that it prints onto, and use it for all kinds of things, and definitely everything in that list.

If you’ve got a baby, instead of school age kids, there is a great coupon for £3.00 off the excellent Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes.  For a final price of £14.38 (with VAT), you get 9 packs of 100 wipes.  Yeah, 900 wipes should keep everything tidy for a while.  There’s also a coupon for 30% off the Johnson’s Baby Skincare Essentials case.  After the discount the case is £13.84 (with VAT).  This same coupon allows you to save 30% on 6 packs of 200 cotton buds, final price of £5.44 with VAT, as well.

Or if you’re kids are a little older, but not yet to the point that they need highlighters and ballpoint pens, there’s a coupon for £1.00 off of the Miles Kelley Classic Stories Assortment for a price of £2.99 (no VAT).  Each of the books has over 500 pages and 50 stories that are great introductions to reading for kids (they suggest a 6+ age range).

And, if after all that shopping and saving, you feel you need a special Costco Food Court treat, there’s a coupon for a free soda when you purchase a slice of pizza.


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  1. 1 Tonya // 2013.08.11 at 5:29 am

    Every time you post the UK coupon book, I torment myself by looking to see the Cadbury and other delicious treats that are available there. Living in Florida, I can only order UK chocolates from Amazon when the weather turns cool enough that they will survive overnight shipping. Late October/early November can’t come soon enough for me!

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