Crazy Costco Parking Lot Shenanigans

September 11th, 2013 · 17 Comments

I’ve had one of those crazy weeks, and I can’t believe it is only Wednesday honestly.  It’s been such a weird week that I even forgot that yesterday was Tuesday and didn’t get my post published.  So, sorry for skipping my regularly scheduled post.

Costco parking lots can be crazy!

Costco parking lots can be crazy!

If you’ve gone to Costco, chances are good that you drove or at least were a passenger in a car.  And that definitely means you have driven through the parking lot and tried to find a parking spot.  But of course, it is almost as crazy in the parking lot as it can be in the store.  Of course, in the parking lot people are in cars which is a lot scarier than just a big cart.  Every Costco location I’ve been to around the world has the same type of situation in the parking lot:  lots of cars and people walking around with the big carts.

I don’t know what it is about the Costco parking lot but people seem to get really impatient if you want to take a few minutes to put all of the stuff from your cart into your car.  What do they think?  That you went to Costco but didn’t buy anything and it should take 5 seconds to put everything in the trunk?  It’s like there’s all these people who have forgotten what they are shopping at Costco for in the first place.  And I also don’t understand why they don’t just park a bit further away instead of stalking departing shoppers throughout the parking lot.  I’ve actually had someone follow me from the door to my car and then sit there and glare at me while I got the stuff out of my car.  While they were stalking me they should have noticed that my cart was piled with tons of stuff and it wasn’t going to magic its way into my car instantly.

I’m positive that everyone who has shopped at Costco more than once, has a funny, crazy, horrible, or annoying story about their experiences in the Costco parking lot.  Of course, not so many of us write them down.  And write them out with lots of humour too.  But luckily, I’ve found a humorous take on parking lot shenanigans that will give you a good laugh.  Everyone needs a good laugh by mid-week, I know I certainly could use one this week.  So enjoy the laugh and maybe take a second to evaluate your own parking lot etiquette.  Enjoy!


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  1. 1 Juan // 2013.09.15 at 6:14 pm

    Don’t even get me started on abandoned carts all over the parking lot or blocking parking spaces! Why is it so difficult for people to retun their carts to the store pens? Also, if you’ve parked your car in the parking lot, would it kill you to take one of the many carts in the parking lot to the store for our shopping? You’re headed that way and you’ll be needing it for your shopping anyway.

    • 2 Robin // 2013.09.16 at 7:43 pm

      Agreed! People spend who knows how long pushing a big cart around the warehouse,
      Or even Target, for that matter; yet they can’t walk 25 feet to return a cart
      so it doesn’t damage another vehicle?!? Wow

    • 3 karen // 2015.02.09 at 7:10 pm

      Here is my blog which touches on this very situation. The Costco parking lot nightmare.
      Check it out. Also other great information in there.

  2. 4 Nicole S. // 2013.09.13 at 11:11 pm

    Here in Arlington, VA , I’ve learned to avoid visiting Costco anytime during the weekends or after work on Mondays, unless I’m buying a small item – because then I can navigate the store without a cart, grab it, and get out in less than 20 minutes. Otherwise, the best time is really Friday evening, because I get *very* easily irritated with shoppers who loiter in narrow aisles with their carts, texting or talking on their phones, and no consideration for the other shoppers around them who need to get through.

    I always park at the farthest corner of the lot. I’ve never understood the appeal of a closer parking space, because proximity = more foot traffic, distracted pedestrians, shopping carts running amok, etc.

    • 5 Robin // 2013.09.16 at 7:45 pm

      I don’t put up with people blocking aisles, etc. I excuse myself and go thru

  3. 6 Lisa // 2013.09.13 at 8:48 pm

    I had to laugh when I read this. I totally agree with the parking. I have seen people wait over 10 minutes for a handicap spot!. My husband and I are at Costco at least twice a week (and me sometimes three) but we park at the furthest corner of the lot. We also shop on Wednesday mornings, which are not too busy. I REFUSE to go to Costco on the weekends! It is too crazy! Years ago, people would get in their cars and go for a Sunday drive, they do the same thing now, but they are driving their carts around Costco. I agree with Rick regarding the location of the sample tables, people congregate and then block the aisles with their carts that have been left alone. They need to set aside one section or aisle of the store with all the samples so they don’t block the flow of traffic.

  4. 7 SharpsKC // 2013.09.13 at 4:28 pm

    The “costco sized” spaces and double lines seem to be a necessity as Costco seems to attract people in larger vehicles that park badly. Some crzy driving in the parking lot but pretty tame compared to trader joes. Of course TJs is one step away from a county fair demolition derby. I think TJ ends up with the awkward parking lots becuase they are trying to get the cheapest retail spaces they can. Out in California I understand Costco has some older stores with smaller parking lots. In Kansas City they all have sufficient parking.

  5. 8 Emily ( // 2013.09.12 at 5:48 pm

    Maybe it’s because we live in the South, but I rarely encounter this. People are for the most part solicitous. People don’t even honk horns at the person sitting at a green light.

  6. 9 Janie // 2013.09.12 at 8:10 am

    I’ve had people stalk us as we were getting our three children in the van and unloading our overflowing cart. The baby had to breastfeed, as we live 40 minutes away from Costco. The eventually drive off when they see we are in no hurry.

  7. 10 Robin from Orlando // 2013.09.11 at 4:52 pm

    The only problem I’ve had with our Costco, is because the parking lot has small ‘slants’ to let water drain . What happens, is you have a heavy cart, you turn to put something in your car, and cart starts rolling away from you. Since there are no brakes to hold the cart in place, often it starts to take off toward the traffic lane in the lot.

    Just imagine trying to hook one foot around a leg on the cart, standing on the other foot, as you reach into the cart then stretch toward the car.

  8. 11 Rick Wagner // 2013.09.11 at 4:36 pm

    The thing that gets me about traffic at Costco is the traffic inside.

    Why oh why do they have to have sampling on really busy days and set the samples up at the intersections? Invariably, everyone stops to hear the pitch and eat the food, which means no one can get through.

    If they would set up the samples halfway down a few aisles, people could at least skip an aisle where the people are blocking it.

  9. 12 Robin from Orlando // 2013.09.11 at 3:52 pm

    I used to find the Costco’s in Southern California were terrible to park at, particularly on the weekend. If you could find a spot in the far reaches of their property you were happy. Now in Orlando, you actually drive around looking for a spot close to the door. There is always space in the far ends of the parking lot.

    • 13 Kered Retej // 2013.09.13 at 3:01 pm

      Maybe it’s a California thing, but Northern California Costco parking lots are also pretty terrible, especially on weekends and evenings just after work. Even the farthest reaches of the parking lot are filled up. I have found that the only time I can bear it on the weekends is if I show up just as the warehouse opens at 9:30 or 10. Otherwise, it’s not worth the aggravation. One time I had spent nearly 15 minutes circling and failing to find parking, and I just decided to quit and go home. It is brutal.

  10. 14 Jerry // 2013.09.11 at 3:51 pm

    When I am stalked, I propose my offer of having my space for $10. They usually drive off.

  11. 15 Trixie // 2013.09.11 at 3:13 pm

    I work at a building that houses 10000+ with a parking lot only designed for 8000…so I have to deal with this at work too! I’ve never gotten stalked at our Costco but I do at work frequently. However, I have almost gotten smashed into in the Costco lot several times, both in a car and as a pedestrian! People seem to turn into madpeople when they go to the Costco parking lot for some reason.

  12. 16 sean // 2013.09.11 at 12:49 pm

    I park far away, have never had a problem. I never understood people trying to get in the front. Is a 1 min walk going to kill you?

    • 17 Nicole // 2013.09.11 at 3:57 pm

      In the Costco parking lot it might kill you! LOL. I’m not going to lie…I like to park close, but I never stalk anyone. If there’s not a spot, I’ll walk a minute. 🙂 At least in the parking lot people actually see you. When you get inside people seem to be oblivious to others. That’s where I find myself almost getting run over!

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