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October 8th, 2013 · 2 Comments

It’s that time of year when the nights are getting longer and the weather is getting decidedly cooler, sometimes even cold.   I really love this time of year with winter right around the corner all the snow and fluffy mittens and hot chocolate and warm fires.  And what could make it even better?  Ice skating in your backyard, of course.  And obviously, people in Canada agree with me because you can actually whip up your own ice rink in your backyard with a handy little kit from This is one of the coolest things ever, in my opinion!  I’d have loved an ice rink in our backyard when I was a kid, though I suspect it might not have worked so well in Kansas as it does for our very cold neighbours to the North.

If you too have always dreamed of having your ice rink in your backyard, now is the time to get prepared for the coming winter season.  And of course, Costco Canada has you covered for all of your ice rink needs.  Just as you would expect!  Being Costco, they don’t have just one ice rink kit, but three different ones to choose from, as well as replacement liners.  With prices ranging from $239.99 all the way up to the fancy version at $2,599.99, there’s surely one that can fit your backyard, as well as your budget.

Arctic Ice Skating Rink Kit

Arctic Ice Skating Rink Kit

The least expensive option is the Arctic Ice Skating Rink that has a $90.00 off deal going now through 13 October, so just a few more days.  There are three sizes of this ice skating rink kit that you can purchase through  18′ x 25′ for $239.99, 25′ x 35′ for $339.99, and 25′ x 50′ for $399.99.  Those prices include the $90.00 price reduction, so after 13 October they will be higher.  So what do you get with your Arctic Ice Skating Rink kit:

  • A sturdy waterproof liner that is UV ray resistant
  • Borders used to build the structure of the rink and to protect the liner against skate and shovel cuts.
  • Three different sized spikes to allow you to level the skating rink and to compensate any unlevelled area up to 9 inches-Braces used to support the structure in case of lack of snow at the beginning of the winter
  • All inclusive painting kit (paint, brush, roller and wax paper) so you can draw your favourite logos and hockey lines for more intense hockey games with friends and family.
  • A repair kit for the liner
  • Our instructions DVD that will guide you through the different steps of the installation

The good thing is that aside from what is included in the kit, you just need simple things that you probably have in your garage anyway like a 2 foot level, a hammer, and a mallet. No plywood needed at all, so you can avoid that expense and hassle. There are some helpful videos on the site so that you can see what all is involved and how it will look after it is done.  What is really amazing though is that according to the manufacturer you can have your rink set up in around two hours.  Of course, you obviously then have to wait for the water to freeze solid before you can begin living out your hockey fantasies in your backyard.

If you don’t think that is quite the right kit for you, there is another reasonably priced kit available from NiceRink; the Rink-in-a-Box.  This kit is $356.99 for an ice rink that is 20′ x 40′ in size.  This might be the best option for you if your backyard is less than level since they have some fancy patented bracket system to use for levelling the ice rink surface.  This kit includes most everything, except for the plywood that you will also need to complete your rink; that will definitely add some additional expense to be sure to factor that in when you are planning your ice rink.  Aside from the plywood, your Rink-in-a-Box comes complete with the following:

  • 34 brackets, building a maximum rink size of 6.1 m x 12.2 m (20 ft. x 40 ft.)
  • Heavy-duty, white ice rink liner of 7.6 m x 13.7 m (25 ft. x 45 ft.)
  • 1 – 10 cm x 7.6 m (4 in. x 25 ft.) roll of NiceRink® patch tape
  • 1 tube of water-resistant glue
  • 1 NiceRink® logo puck
  • 1 Bobby Hull picture with statistic card
  • 1 car-window sticker
  • 2 helmet stickers
  • Instruction booklet and catalogue
  • Installation DVD (English only)
  • Designed to be used with 1.9 cm (3/4-in.) thick plywood (not included)

While the Rink-in-a-Box does get pretty good reviews at, 4 out of 5 stars with six reviews, they’re not all glowing, so I would give them so consideration when making your purchase.  I especially like the suggestions from a few of the reviewers that you can make the brackets and some of the other things included in the kit with cheaper substitutes.  But overall, people seem to really like it, so that is good news for your backyard ice rink.

NiceRink Gold Package Ice Rink Kit

NiceRink Gold Package Ice Rink Kit

Now, if you want to get really really fancy, there’s another NiceRink option available at  You can get the NiceRink Gold Package Ice Rink for $2,599.99.  This kit makes a rink that is 28′ x 52′ in size and looks quite nice in the photos.  This one doesn’t mention anything about needing additional sheets of plywood to build your rink either, so that’s good since you’re paying a lot of money to buy the kit.  Sadly, there aren’t any reviews of this kit, but at least you know that with Costco’s excellent return policy someone will stand behind this and make sure you get a backyard rink you will love.  Here’s what you will get for that big price:

  • 36 brackets, building a maximum rink size of 8.5 m x 15.9 m (28 ft. x 52 ft.)
  • Heavy-duty, white ice rink liner of 10.1 m x 18.3 m (33 ft. x 60 ft.)
  • 81 cm (32-in.) ice rink resurfacer
  • 36 – 45.7 cm x 121.9 cm (18 in. x 48 in.) NiceRink® plastic boards
  • 36 – 1.2 m (4 ft.) yellow bumper caps
  • 36 – 38.1 cm x 1.2 m (15 in. x 4 ft.) “L” kick plates
  • 1 – 10 cm x 7.6 m (4 in. x 25 ft.) roll of NiceRink® patch tape
  • 1 tube of water-resistant glue
  • 5 NiceRink® logo puck
  • 1 light-up puck
  • Instruction booklet on how to build and maintain a NiceRink®
  • Installation DVD (English only)

Even though all of these kits indicate that the liners might last for more than one season, it seems unlikely with the cold and the ice skates and shovels and all.  Luckily, also has replacement liners for your ice rink kit.  The Arctic Ice replacement liners range in price from $96.99 to $179.99 depending on the size that you need.  You can also get a NiceRink replacement liner for $99.99 for a 25′ x 45′ liner.

Here’s my big question: how do you get a Zamboni around your backyard ice rink?  And does sell one of those too?  I sure didn’t see one.


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  1. 1 MariaR // 2013.10.16 at 7:14 pm

    The Gold Package comes with a “resurfacer” which I suspect is a ‘manual’ zamboni. Although we used to have a rink at my cousins house. All we needed was a tarp, shovel, and broom.

  2. 2 IceJunky // 2013.10.15 at 3:47 pm

    Yes a fancy ice resurfacer is available at as well 🙂

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