Costco US Coupon Book: October 30 – November 20, 2013

October 27th, 2013 · 3 Comments

The next Costco US coupon book starts this Wednesday, October 30 and runs right up to the week before Thanksgiving, November 20.  Interestingly this new bunch of coupons starts and ends on a Wednesday, which hasn’t been Costco’s pattern in the past so I’m wondering if this is a new thing or just special because of Thanksgiving.  This coupon book has $1,600.00 in savings for the warehouses, which is a fair bit less than the previous book.  There’s also an additional $6,600.00 in savings, which is quite a bit more than last month.   There are some really terrific coupons in this latest coupon book, including a lot of great kitchen and household items that can really take some of the difficulty out of preparing your Thanksgiving dinner.  And when did Costco start selling Kirkland Signature Macaroni and Cheese ($2.00 off) in the deli area?!?  I’ll bet it is even the good kind made with a beautifully creamy cheese sauce that actually tastes like cheese and not a bunch of “cheese food” and chemicals.  I’m so jealous!

Costco US Coupon Book: October 30 - November 20, 2013

Costco US Coupon Book: October 30 – November 20, 2013

I’ve uploaded the new Costco US Coupon Book PDF (or view it in the Google PDF viewer) so you can browse it if you haven’t gotten yours yet.  If you weren’t aware, Costco had updated their coupon policy for “streamlined savings”.  Basically, that means that you won’t have to clip coupons (if you ever needed to for your location anyway) again, but instead you can just show the cashier the coupon book.  Or, if that is too much for you to remember to bring, you can get the latest Costco smartphone app that will allow you to use the coupons in the app for in-store redemption.  Now all you have to do to redeem the coupons is show the cashier your smartphone with the Costco app or the Costco coupon book.  So, if you’ve got a smartphone and haven’t downloaded the Costco app yet, this is the perfect reason to do so.  You can get the app for either iPhone or Android in their respective app stores.  The only coupons that you must have the app or coupon book to redeem are the ones with the blue arrow, but there are still plenty of instant savings deals as well.  For many they didn’t have to clip coupons anyway, so this isn’t necessarily all that different.  The one big change is that Costco says that they will no longer have extra copies of the coupon book available at the warehouses.   If you didn’t get your book or never do, you should stop by Customer Service and make sure that they have all of your mailing information correct and that you have allowed them permission to send you things in the mail.  Or, just use the Costco smartphone app but they aren’t visible until the coupons start.  Lastly, you can also view them on the website but they’re only available when the coupon book is active, so no preview, but that’s what you have me for!

As usual, there’s a coupon for $70.00 off a set of new tires; this month the brand of choice is Bridgestone.  This is one of the coupons that will require you to show either your physical coupon book or the app.  But you can also take advantage of this deal through This is a great time to get some new tires to prepare for all that fun driving required for the winter holidays and family get togethers.

So, first off, my favourite kitchen item is having a coupon this month: KitchenAid 6-Quart Stand Mixer, the good one with the bowl that you lift.  Thanks to this coupon you can save $60.00 for a final price of $289.99 on a red, silver, or black mixer.  So, you can see that these mixers are a total deal after the discount or even before the discount Costco almost always has the best price on the KitchenAid mixers; right now these will cost at least $390.00 at Amazon, up to $450.00 depending on colour.  If you need a mixer or have been wanting a better one, now is definitely the time to buy.  The KitchenAid mixers are really the best and have been for years and years because they are very powerful and perfectly put together.   They are sturdy and can stand up to even the heaviest of foods, like bread dough, without rocking or moving a bit.  There’s a special bread dough hook so that you can use the mixer to do the kneading for you.  That means you can knead the dough longer without tiring your arms and the result will be a lighter bread dough that will lead to a beautiful loaf of bread.  Just think of how much easier this could make all of your holiday cookie baking too!  You can also get attachments to make it into a meat grinder and a pasta maker. My mom has had hers, that she still uses, since the early 1980s and it looks and runs perfectly still.  And if you’re not thinking about buying one for yourself, you might consider it for the best gift ever for someone that likes or wants to bake.  This would be great for a christmas gift, wedding gift, birthday gift, whatever gift.  You would be a very popular gift giver!

There are also a couple of other excellent kitchen helpers in this coupon book.  The 6-Quart Crock-Pot with Little Dipper is excellent for cooking anytime of year, but is also perfect for parties or large family meals too.  You can get $10.00 off for a price of $29.99; plus you can get an additional $5.00 off with a special mail in rebate.  The version they have at Costco is stainless steel and black and has a programmable timer that will even switch automatically to warming after the cooking cycle is done.  Plus, the insert can be removed for easier cleaning.  I also like that you get the little extra crock pot, the Little Dipper, that really is perfect for dips and sauces.  I bought this set at Costco a number of years ago and got a ton of use out of it, and not just for parties but for making soups, stews, and chilli as well as braising meats.  I even used it to poach a salmon one time (the oval shape made it perfect for that).

The other kitchen gadget with a great coupon this month is the FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer System.  This month you can get it for $119.99 after the $30.00 instant savings discount.  I don’t have one of these, sadly, though I do really want one.  However, I know several people who have them, including a number of readers here, and they all seem to love them.  I’ve been told that they help food last longer, whether in the fridge or freezer.  Plus, if you shop at Costco this is perfect for you to be able to split up large packages of meat, vegetables, or whatever.  Thus you get the most out of your Costco shopping trips.  Of course, if you buy one of these, or if you have one already, you will be sad to not see a coupon for the bags that you also need.  However, you can still save some money on the bags if you hurry.  Until October 27 (I know, it is horrible that it ends before the FoodSaver coupon starts) you can save $8.00 on the FoodSaver Combo Bag pack at; final price of $31.99 with shipping.  You will get three different sizes of of product: an  8″x20′ Heat-Seal roll, 4- 11″x16′ Heat-Seal rolls,  and 36- 1-quart Heat-Seal pre-cut bags.

There’s another kitchen coupon that I wanted to mention and that is for $5.00 off a 7 piece KitchenAid tool set and/or a 4 piece set of ceramic knives.  No matter which set you want to get, the price after the discount will be $24.99.  I don’t have the gadget and tool set, but I do have the ceramic knife set and I love it.  I bought my set at Costco Australia where I paid the equivalent of $39.00 US and it was only three of these knives (my set doesn’t have the second smallest knife that looks like it might be a peeling knife) but did  come with a ceramic peeler as well.  But even without the peeler, this is a great set of knives.   Here’s my review of this knife set:

This is a great knife set because they are all very usable, no rarely used knives in the bunch.  The set has three knives – a 6″ chef knife, a 5″ santoku, and a 3″ paring knife – and the fourth piece is a peeler.  The peeler is really nice with a ceramic cutting surface and a big chunky handle so that it doesn’t slip out of your hands when they are wet and peeling things like carrots or potatoes.  The peeler also comes with a protective cover for the blades to protect them and your hands while it is stored.  But of course, the knives are the real attraction here.  Each of the knives has a ceramic blade that is incredibly sharp and will keep its edge longer than a traditional steel knife.  Plus, there’s no problem putting them in the dishwasher, which is probably a good idea since they are so so super sharp.  The knives all have very nice, ergonomically shaped handles that will keep your hand in place, even when wet, and keep your hand comfortable even if you’re cutting for a while.  The part that I really like is that each knife comes with its own little plastic sheath to fully protect the blades when stored.  The blade covers also mean that you won’t have to worry about slicing your fingers on them accidentally when you have them in a drawer.  The other benefit to the covers is that it makes it much easier to take a knife with you if you are going to someone else’s house or on a picnic or camping.  We take a paring knife with us when we go camping, so having a nice cover is a big benefit to us.  But really, it is better protection for the blade and your fingers.  The most important thing to remember about the ceramic blades is that they are susceptible to nicks if you use them on a really hard surface or to cut something that is very hard like really frozen meats, bones, or really hard cheese.  And of course, you should never use them to pry or twist, but that is just a good idea no matter what kind of quality knives you have – steel or ceramic.  They glide through vegetables and meats of all kinds with so little effort though, it makes cutting and chopping for your evening meal really easy.  And when we get ready to leave Australia, these will be so much easier to pack and take home with us since they have the covers.  If it had a bread knife this would be the perfect set.

Aside from all of these really great coupons, there are so many more excellent deals in this latest coupon book.  There’s $2.25 off the big bags of M&Ms which we would definitely have to take advantage of if we were in the US.  And for Thanksgiving dinner there’s $2.30 off 12, 14 ounce cans of Swanson Chicken Broth, or $2.60 off 5, 6 ounce tubes of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (but get the KitchenAid Mixer and you might be brave enough to make your own bread this year), or $4.00 off a 4 piece set of porcelain serving bowls.  And if you need to serve some little nibbles to keep the crowd happy pre-dinner, you can take the easy way out and save some money on the 72 count Mini Quiche ($3.50 off), or 3 pack of 5.2 ounce Boursin cheeses ($2.25 off) which you can serve with the Carr’s Cracker Selection (5 different types of crackers for $2.50 off).

I could go on and on because there are so many great coupons in this new coupon book, but this is probably already too long. Make sure you look through this really well so you can save a little money on your upcoming Thanksgiving festivities.

There is one last thing I wanted to point out.  It’s that fun time of year again when everyone should be getting a flu shot.  It can be an annoyance to try to fit that into your busy schedule, especially around the holidays when you are even busier.  But luckily, you can get your flu shot from Costco for just $14.99.  So, you can get a flu shot and do your shopping at the same time.  The shots are given by the pharmacists so they are only available during Pharmacy hours.  The Costco pharmacy team can also provide you with immunization shots for tetanus and whooping cough (Tdap), shingles, and pneumonia, as well as a variety of other vaccines.  For more information, including what vaccines are available, the cost, and a vaccine consent form, check out the Pharmacy page.  The vaccinations available do differ by state, so you might want to call ahead to get the details of what is available from your local Costco Pharmacy.


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  1. 1 matsugirl // 2013.11.18 at 12:43 am

    We took advantage of several coupons. My favorite coupon, the Lindor Chocolates. Yum! Also did coupon for the Kirkland Mac n Cheese. Tried it last week. Won’t be buying that again. Way too much butter! I can’t stand food that is swimming in butter, or any kind of greasiness. Not necessary and doesn’t taste good.
    We got our flu shots! 🙂

    • 2 Kimberly // 2013.11.18 at 11:44 am

      @Matsugirl – I had a bit of a similar reaction to the mac & cheese too. I was sadly disappointed (review upcoming). 🙁

  2. 3 vicki // 2013.10.30 at 8:06 am

    I have the set of four bowls they are very nice

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