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This time of year, with the holidays edging closer and all of the stress that entails, it would be nice to have someone else do at least a bit of the work, wouldn’t it?  Well, luckily for all of the Costco UK shoppers this year, Costco is here to help out a little bit with all of the shopping and preparations.  They have a great selection of around 50 different items to make pulling off a terrific holiday dinner just that little bit easier.  They have everything from starters to drinks and all of it in between.  Of course, you know that you can find all of that in the actual warehouses.  But thanks to, now you can have it delivered right to your door and save yourself a lot of time and hassle.  Let’s face it, Costco stores around the holidays can be a scary place, so if you can make one trip less, it’s a good thing.

Taste Tradition Fresh Rare Breed Suckling Piglet at

Taste Tradition Fresh Rare Breed Suckling Piglet at

They have a nice selection of hams of several types, a turkey, a whole poached salmon, and even an entire suckling pig that you can order right from the comfort of your own home while wearing your jammies.  Does it get any better than that?  Most of these even have the nice added benefit of allowing you to pick your preferred delivery date.  Because let’s be honest, no one wants a whole suckling piglet lounging around in your fridge for longer than it needs to be before its big dinner debut.  So, if you want a dinner to impress without the need to go anywhere to get it, here are some of the Costco UK offerings:

If you are interested in ordering a turkey, you must place your order by Thursday, 12 December  with an expected delivery date of Friday, 20 December or Monday, 23 December.  All of the other items can be ordered anytime now and for most of them you can pick your preferred delivery date from a wide range of dates.  There is definitely something for every kind of meal, I think.

Truly though, also has a nice selection of terrines, game and pork pies, smoke salmon, desserts, cookies, cheeses, and little nibbles like nuts and popcorn to round out your meal.  Plus, they have a good selection of champagne, port, cognac as well.  So, if you are wanting a little shopping break, might be the perfect solution for you.

And if you’re thinking, your holiday celebrations wouldn’t be complete without lighting off a few celebratory fireworks, well, they have that covered too. has a fireworks display in a box for £79.99 that should cap off your holiday quite well.  Here’s what they say about their fireworks:

The Avenger from Blackcat Fireworks is a superb 185 shot aerial display, starting with 4 impressive mines with multi-coloured glitter, crackle and stars. Followed with fan shaped lemon, blue and purple comets, this beautiful choreographed display builds with dramatic brocades bursts, palms and glitter. The finale is a sky filling mix of crackling tails to multi coloured chrysanthemum crackle.

I must admit, seeing this on the Costco UK website really threw me for a loop.  In the US, you really can’t buy fireworks like this anymore and definitely not online.  You can’t light off fireworks in the cities at all and even a lot of counties have bans on it.  Of course, I noticed with the recent Guy Fawkes festivities that that doesn’t seem to be a regulation here in London at least since all of our neighbours were lighting stuff off.

In any case, as you can see, Costco UK is here to make sure you have a fun and festive holiday season without all of the hard work.  I might have to consider getting something for our New Year’s celebrations, like the porchetta.  Yum!


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