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This Week at Costco – January 19, 2014 | Addicted To Costco!
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This Week at Costco – January 19, 2014

January 25th, 2014 · 7 Comments

It’s been a busy week somehow.  I’m not actually sure where it all went but it definitely passed in a blur of some type of activity.  Thanks everyone for all of the good tips on how to deal with the KS natural peanut butter.  I’ve got the second, as yet unused jar upside down and I’m hopeful that will make it much easier/less messy to deal with when I open it.  I’ve found that once it is in the fridge and a bit incorporated it is really fine and just needs a couple of vigorous stirs before I use it.

I wanted to point out a few things for everyone.  This is the last weekend for the current US coupon book.  I’m hoping to post the next one sometime next week but I haven’t gotten a copy of it yet, unfortunately.  Also, if you are a Costco Australia shopper, don’t forget that all of your locations will be closed on Sunday for Australia Day and will only be open 10 am to 6 pm on Monday.   And if you are a Costco Korea shopper, Lunar New Year is coming up next week and that means that all of your Costco locations will be closing early at 7 pm on Thursday and totally closed on Friday.

French Crepe Chocolate Flavoured Filling

French Crepe Chocolate Flavoured Filling

Crepes with Chocolate Flavoured Filling – These were definitely an impulse buy and one that we should have resisted.  These aren’t great, or even good really.  And certainly are not comparable to a real crepe.  I would say these aren’t even as good as the Woodside Farm Sweet Pancakes that you can also buy at Costco (in the fridge areas) but are not filled.  I actually had thought that these were made by the same company when we were at Costco picking them up, but could tell as soon as we tried one at home that they were not.  These are very spongy and tasteless.  I mean, obviously the chocolate filling tastes like chocolate but the actual crepe is like eating a slightly moist paper towel.  And I might be overselling them with that description, honestly.  The only good things are that each of the twenty crepes is individually wrapped in its own little wrapper so they are easily portable.  But you MUST heat them for them to taste even remotely okay.  I ate one just from the wrapped and wanted to just pitch it and the rest of the package of crepes too.  It was like licking a cardboard box that had a smear of chocolate on it.  We have found that if you pop them into the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds they are okay-ish.  Not great, not good, but almost okay.  If you want crepes, don’t get these.  If you want a quick, sweet snack or dessert, don’t get these either.  There are plenty of other things at Costco, that are actually tasty, to purchase.  I honestly can’t believe that these sell well enough for Costco to keep them on their shelves.  Maybe I’m just more picky or something, but since neither of us thought they were at all good, I feel like I’m probably not over stating their not-goodness.  If you want a fast crepe type thing that you don’t have to make and fuss about with, I would certainly suggest the Woodside Farm Sweet Pancakes though; you can read my review to get the full details on what I thought of them.  Oh yeah, they’re about the same price too for 18 crepes/pancakes but they’re actually good, so I would consider them a better value.  Also, since they aren’t filled you can have them with Nutella, fresh berries, syrup, butter and lemon juice, or whatever your heart desires. 20 crepes for £2.95 (US: $4.87).  Item #: 0155440.

CP Flamin' Chicken Tenders

CP Flamin’ Chicken Tenders

CP Flamin’ Chicken Tenders –  Oh these are so delicious!  If you like spicy wings but think that they are a lot of hassle and mess for not much meat, you should consider trying these too.  They have a breaded coating that is reasonably spiced: not crazy hot that makes you want to cry but not so mild that you could just be eating a piece of plain chicken either.  The first bite might seem like they aren’t that spicy but after a couple more tenders, you start to feel the spicy heat in your mouth.  The chicken pieces are actually made from chicken breast pieces, so they are all white meat, which is nice because that means it is really tender and juicy. It also means that these might be slightly healthier for you than the chicken nugget surprise that you often get in other things chicken tenders and similar products.  These remind us of an item that they used to have in US Costco stores a few years back and we loved them but then they were gone and never made a return.  So, we were both thrilled to give these a try and they were certainly as good as we had thought they would be.  They don’t take too long to cook, though if you cook them a little longer than the package directions you can get them quite a bit crispier.  I think I usually cook them for about 25 minutes, even though the directions say 20 minutes; you cook them right from frozen.  But I like them to be really crunchy on the outside.  I must say though, even with the extra cooking until they are crunchy crunchy outside, they are still very tender and juicy on the inside.   They make an easy but tasty weeknight meal when paired with some veggies.  However, they are really great in a salad.  Or, you can make them into a nice wrap sandwich in just a few minutes.  Sometimes it is nice to have something like this on hand when you don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into eating but still would like something hot and filling.  Plus, since they’re a freezer item you can easily keep them on hand without worrying about them getting dodgy before you can eat them.  Since Dave is working at home now, it is good to have some additional items that can make a quick lunchtime meal.  I mean, really, there’s only so many sandwiches anyone can eat in a week, right?  Truly, it’s all part of our dietary plan to eat like 5 year olds, occasionally.  So, hopefully these won’t vanish before we can get another bag of them.  1.5 kg bags for £8.59 (US: $14.17).  Item #: 0003857.

Lakeland Bake Just Crumpets

Lakeland Bake Just Crumpets

Lakeland Bake Just Crumpets –   It turns out we really like crumpets and try to have them in our freezer or pantry all the time.  I’ll admit that it took us a while, like a whole year I think, of being in London before we realized how yummy crumpets are.  They are nowhere near as similar to an English muffin as I had originally expected.  I will admit that I just thought it was two names for the same thing, but they are totally different.  For one thing, they are far softer than an English muffin with an almost spongy feel to them.  My first thought was that they were more like a pancake than an English muffin because of the texture and feel.  Plus, when you put butter on them, after giving them a little toasting of course, they soak it right up and it seeps through their soft texture.  But they are absolutely delicious.  The top is all full of holes and the bottom is all golden brown and smooth (like a pancake).   I don’t know the correct or official way to dress a crumpet so I’ve basically just been winging it and treating them like a nice little round of bread.  They are good with just a hint of toasting to warm them up and then smeared with butter and orange marmalade or any type of jam really.  However, they are also good with some cheese melted on top of them.  I am sure it is breaking some kind of official crumpet eating rule, but we like them with breakfast, but they are also good warmed slightly and buttered as an addition to a lunch of soup or a salad.  Crumpets really freeze well, it turns out, so when we buy the three pack we keep one out and freeze the other two.  Since they are so light they thaw out pretty quickly, though you do have to make sure that they don’t sit in moisture that builds up on the inside of the wrapper when they thaw or they will be gummy and gross.  3, 6 crumpet packs (18 crumpets total) for £1.59 (US: $2.62).  Item #: 0105517.

SanDisk SDXC-I Card

SanDisk SDXC-I Card

SanDisk 64GB Micro SDXC-I Card –  This is one of the newer, smaller SD card formats, which means not all SD readers or devices will be able to use it, but fortunately our new Canon DSLR can and this doubles our storage space over our existing 32GB card that we have been using.   Our camera actually needs the big size of SD card, so nicely, this micro card also comes with the adaptor to make it fit the full size SD slot in our camera.  We could also use this to expand Dave’s storage space on his laptops too, but we did buy it just for the camera.  This would be great for expanding the space in your phone or tablet though because of the micro size that makes it convenient and super small.  The read speeds are really great at 30MB/s.  These faster speeds mean that transferring video or pictures from my camera is much nicer than our slower, older card.  I really noticed it recently when I was transferring a bunch of full sized photos (each one is about 27 MB) that would have taken forever (truly, about an hour) with my old card, but the new one meant that the transfer only took a few minutes, thankfully.  I’m impatient, so that difference in time is huge for me.  Not to mention, it ties up my computer while it is transferring so I prefer to not have that take forever and a day.  This will be great for times when we are on vacation when we are taking a lot of photos and don’t have facilities to necessarily transfer them to a computer or hard drive without a hassle.  I like not having the possibility of losing one of these little cards by just having one that is definitely in my camera.  If you’ve ever lost some holiday snaps, you’ll know what I mean.  The prices at Costco sometimes seem better and sometimes not as good as you might find at other retailers.  Though, I think this one seems like a true bargain.   This same card is currently £36.80 at Amazon UK right now, for instance, so you can save over £6.00 by picking it up at Costco.  £29.99 (US: $49.46).  Item #: 0157816.


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  1. 1 Patsy Jones // 2016.12.15 at 6:20 pm

    I liked the crepes but I put a little butter in a skillet and warm them up on both sides.
    Do you happen to have the Brand Name for these crepes. I didn’t keep the packaging
    and have forgotten the name.

  2. 2 Patsy Jones // 2016.12.15 at 6:20 pm

    I liked the crepes but I put a little butter in a skillet and warm them up on both sides.
    Do you happen to have the Brand Name for these crepes. I didn’t keep the packaging
    and have forgotten the name.

  3. 3 Ghassan Barakat // 2016.03.10 at 9:25 am


    please be informed that we are international food corporation agents for big brands of food manufactures willing to build a business relationship with your esteemed company ..to be your agent in Lebanon
    in this regard , please send to me full information of your contact person ….

    Ghassan Barakat

  4. 4 Ghassan Barakat // 2016.03.10 at 9:24 am


    please be informed that we are international food corporation agents of big brands of food manufactures willing to build a business relationship with your esteemed company ..to be your agent in Lebanon
    in this regard , please send to me full information of your contact person ….


  5. 5 Emily // 2014.02.19 at 6:32 pm

    Hey, love your reviews and always find them really useful and helpful in finding out about Costco products! Certainly helps me when making decisions. Just out of interest you don’t happen to have the nutritional information for the Chocolate Crepes do you. Or on your next visit do you think you could get a photo of it. I know this seems a weird request but my friend actually likes these but is on a diet and wants to know the nutritional information and ingredients but stupidly threw away the packaging! Clever I know! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  6. 6 The Girl // 2014.02.05 at 4:58 pm

    Definitely need toasting both sides – til the smooth side is crisp. So i put mine in my toaster. if you put them under the grill do the smooth side first then the holey side. they need to be slightly crisp to the bite like toast but not v crispy like french toast.
    butter the holey side only.

    Now put Marmite on them and a little grated cheddar cheese.
    put this under the grill (salamander) to melt the cheese.

    alternatively you could put tomato puree on the holey side and top with grated cheese, pop back under the grill and make mini pizzas. great snack for the kids when they get in from school/rugby practise.

    You can also toast them from frozen if your toaster has a frozen setting.
    hope this helps

    • 7 The Girl // 2014.02.05 at 4:59 pm

      I forgot to add that golden syrup is also very lovely on crumpets and (in my house) is usually accompanied with a mug of hot chocolate.

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