Costco US Coupon Book: March 6 – 30, 2014

March 1st, 2014 · 10 Comments

The new Costco US coupon book starts next week on Thursday, March 6, and runs for the rest of the month of March, until the 30th.  There’s $1,100.00 in warehouse coupons this month and then another $6,400.00 in savings too.  The value is a bit less than the previous coupon book.  However, there are still plenty of really great deals this month.

Costco US Coupon Book: March 6 - 30, 2014

Costco US Coupon Book: March 6 – 30, 2014

I’ve uploaded the new Costco US Coupon Book PDF (or view it in the Google PDF viewer) so you can browse it if you haven’t gotten yours yet.  If you weren’t aware, Costco had updated their coupon policy for “streamlined savings”.  Basically, that means that you won’t have to clip coupons (if you ever needed to for your location anyway) again, but instead you can just show the cashier the coupon book.  Or, if that is too much for you to remember to bring, you can get the latest Costco smartphone app that will allow you to use the coupons in the app for in-store redemption.  All you have to do to redeem the coupons now is show the cashier your smartphone with the Costco app or the Costco coupon book.  So, if you’ve got a smartphone and haven’t downloaded the Costco app yet, this is the perfect reason to do so.  You can get the app for either iPhone or Android in their respective app stores.  The only coupons that you must have the app or coupon book to redeem are the ones with the blue arrow, but there are still plenty of instant savings deals as well.  For many they didn’t have to clip coupons anyway, so this isn’t necessarily all that different.  The one big change is that Costco says that they will no longer have extra copies of the coupon book available at the warehouses.   If you didn’t get your book or never do, you should stop by Customer Service and make sure that they have all of your mailing information correct and that you have allowed them permission to send you things in the mail.  Or, just use the Costco smartphone app but they aren’t visible until the coupons start.  Lastly, you can also view them on the website but they’re only available when the coupon book is active, so again no preview, but that’s what you have me for!

As usual, there’s a coupon for $70.00 off a set of new tires; this month the brand of choice is Bridgestone.  This is one of the coupons that will require you to show either your physical coupon book or the app.  You can also take advantage of this deal through  Also, this coupon/deal is good for a bit longer than the rest of the book since it runs through April 9, 2014.   With all of the extremely nasty winter weather that still seems to be going around all of the US, this might be the perfect time to get a new set of tires, especially if the lousy winter leads to a wet, horrible spring too.

If you’ve got a baby, there’s a great coupon for $5.00 off the Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers.  You can get these in sizes 1 – 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  Unfortunately, you can only get two boxes of them, so not really stock-up-able, but still nice that you can save $10.00 on the two boxes.  Also, if you need the convenience of delivery to your door, you can get these on too.

My very favourite fish sticks have a coupon this month.  You can get $3.00 off a four pound bag of the Trident Seafoods All Natural Ultimate Fish Sticks.  These are really the only fish stick I like because they are actual fish, not fish paste with a coating to disguise it.  These are like the adult version of fish sticks and certainly live up to the word “ultimate” in their name.  These are great for fish tacos or adding to a salad, or eating just like fish sticks.  I am just sad that Costco doesn’t have these same fish sticks here in the UK.

Keeping with the seafood, there is a coupon for $2.75 off the Kirkland Signature Lobster Bisque.  This is so good, it is well worth the price, even without the coupon or discount, that just makes it all the better.  Like all of the Costco soup, this comes in two, 20 ounce containers.  It is certainly as good as bisque that I have had in quite good restaurants even.  Paired with a salad and a crusty baguette, it makes a perfect meal.

There’s also a coupon for $2.80 off the very delicious Skinny Cow Vanilla and Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches.  At Costco you get 20 sandwiches in the box with 10 of each flavour.  These are a terrific low calorie ice cream snack that despite being low calorie are really quite tasty.   Sometimes the low calorie ice cream is really horrible but this seems just like regular ice cream.  The sandwich cookie part is also good as well.  I’m not sure how they keep the calories down but they are just as good as full fat ice cream sandwiches.

I also really like the Izze Sparkling Juice Variety Pack (24 8.4 ounce cans) that is $3.75 off with the new bunch of coupons.  They used to sell it in glass bottles, which were cute, but more expensive.  But no matter what they are packaged in, the fizzy juice is still just as good.

Costco’s Kirkland Signature laundry items have a coupon this month too.  You can get $3.50 off the KS Laundry Pacs, $2.90 off the KS Ultra Clean Liquid Detergent, or $2.90 off of the KS Free and Clear Liquid Detergent.  I still haven’t had a chance to try the KS laundry pacs, but it seems like they get good ratings and reviews.  I really like the Free and Clear detergent and that was always my detergent of choice when I was in the US.  It’s free of all of the things that could cause skin irritation, including perfumes, so that was great for me, but it still cleaned every bit as well as the regular detergent.

There are plenty of other really good deals in the new coupon book.  I could go on and on, I’m sure, but I won’t do so to spare us all.


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  1. 1 Bud // 2014.03.07 at 4:17 pm

    To John,
    I did the same thing.
    I go on Wednesdays, my day off and found out after I was in line with 10 people behind me sale started Thursday, the next day. Instead of putting everything back, plus the embarrassment.
    The cashier sent me to a manager he said come back tomorrow and we will refund the money. I cannot go back till Saturday (tomorrow). But this made me feel better, over $30 off is still $30 saved. If I have any problems I will repost but I do not expect any.
    Doesn’t help you since you drive so far.

    • 2 Bud // 2014.03.08 at 7:02 pm

      Just went back to Costco to get the $29.90 difference. Sale price on thursday vs price I paid on wednesday.
      Will NEVER do that again!!!!

      Manager could not find all the items on his computer to get me a refund, he was really in a hurry to get me finished.
      He could only find $20.90 and refunded that amount. Store was crowded again, but it always is.

      My mistake!
      but I will NEVER WALK OUT of store if something is not correct, even if the manager promises you they will fix it.
      I should have put all the items that I thought were on sale wednesday back and just repurchased them thursday or at another date. Lost $9 and a cost me a second trip to costco.

  2. 3 John Richmond // 2014.03.06 at 10:31 am

    I got this book in the mail last week. Why do they send it out so early???? Usually when you get something in the mail its in effect very soon after instead over a week later. Because of those deals in the coupon book, I made a special trip from Lansing, MI to a Costco store an hour away last weekend. Yes, I drove a hour because there is no Costco in Lansing, MI. And found out they weren’t good till today. Why not send them out this week and not last week which is way to early?…

  3. 4 Michael R // 2014.03.05 at 3:20 pm

    Do you double manufacturer’s coupons? If so, up to what value? Do you offer free 30-60 day trial memberships to people who want to sample out the membership first before they commit to buying one? I know B.J. Wholesaler’s offers it & they will be a large competitor of yours.

    • 5 Kimberly // 2014.03.06 at 3:23 am

      @Michael – Costco does not accept manufacturer’s coupons at all. The only coupons they accept are those from their own book of manufacturer’s coupons; they have about one booklet per month. Costco does not have a trial membership period, but you can buy a regular membership and they will refund the fee in full if at any time you are displeased. You can find out more about their membership types and policies through their website:

  4. 6 Greg // 2014.03.04 at 6:19 pm

    Decent coupons this month! perfect timing since I got my costco-only Amex rebate in late Feb to combine with them. The coupon I was hoping for was not here, but I expect it within a month or 2 since it tends to repeat.

  5. 7 Dan // 2014.03.04 at 9:05 am

    I checked the Costco app 2/28/14 and it came up with coupons starting 3/6/14. So at least this time, they pre-loaded the coupons to the app. Two days before I received the coupons in the mail.

  6. 8 Jenn // 2014.03.03 at 12:19 am

    I would think they can track coupon uses per member id card…

  7. 9 Rick Vanover // 2014.03.01 at 10:50 pm

    In the US they don’t “collect” the coupons, but they do apply I’ve seen. Can you get a coupon item above limit by multiple visits?

    I think so – can anyone confirm?

    • 10 Kimberly // 2014.03.03 at 6:03 am

      @Rick – They can track this via your membership. However, I have heard from several people that they were able to purchase more than the coupon quantity limits by making multiple trips/purchases.

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