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March 27th, 2014 · 2 Comments

CDiabetes: Spring 2014 Issue Available Now

CDiabetes: Spring 2014 IssueAvailable Now

If you have diabetes or you know someone that has been diagnosed with it, then you know how life altering it can be to people.  Whether you are young or old, the changes in lifestyle, like what to eat, suddenly become much more involved.  That is why I think it is great that Costco has an online “magazine”,, to help you navigate the difficulties of living with diabetes, and doing it well.  This isn’t just a pamphlet or something about eat this but not this, exercise is important, watch your weight, etc.  This is a great way to keep up to date on news that is important to those with diabetes, as well as expert advice on a myriad of topics, healthy recipes, and even a glossary of diabetes and general health terms.  They publish a full magazine once every quarter, however, they also have all of the news, videos and a number of great resources that you can use all year round.

OmniChannel Health Media has been publishing the Costco diabetes magazine for 18 years now!  I know, I can’t believe that I didn’t know about this and share it with everyone sooner.  They have always published a print magazine before, but this is the first year that it has switched to being available solely online.  All of the content is written and reviewed by top health educators, including doctors, pharmacists, dieticians, public health officials, and certified diabetes educators.  In between new issues, they keep writing, updating, and adding news, recipes, tips, and videos.  So, even though the magazine is a quarterly publication, the website is constantly being populated with new information.

All of the sections, aside from the actual magazine itself, are updated pretty regularly, with lots of new articles, recipes, tips and news items, being added every day or so.  The News Briefs section, looks like they add new content every few days.  And even though the articles there look like they are on just a single subject, I encourage you to drill down because they are really just broad topics that they use to capture a selection of news articles.  I like that they post about health news that isn’t just about diabetes, because a lot of the health news has implications for diabetics but also for the rest of us as people trying to live healthy lives.  Plus, just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean you can ignore other aspects of your health. A great online resource for diabetics A great online resource for diabetics

The Healthy Recipes section is great with lots of really yummy looking recipes!  Plus, they have nutrition information for each recipe, which is certainly an important part of keeping your diabetes in check.  They even have a recipe for Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms!  Maybe that doesn’t sound healthy, but they’re really not that bad for you, plus they suggest using the mushrooms as a main course on nights when you are skipping meat, which I definitely wouldn’t have thought of doing before.  But certainly, if you are diabetic, knowing the nutrition information and/or the diabetic exchange values for the recipes is really important and a great help.  And of course, it is nice to have such a wealth of recipes to choose from to make eating appropriately for your health situation not so bland and boring.

The sections on Healthy Living with Diabetes and Expert Advice both have a lot of articles on all types of lifestyle issues that are important when you’ve got diabetes.  Some of the articles are really general healthy living stuff, but some of them are very specific topics that are always going to be a problem for anyone that has diabetes.  I think it is nice that it isn’t all the same old stuff that you’re always being told.  Of course, there is plenty of emphasis on things like weight control and exercise, but they present it really well and don’t make it sound like a lecture at all.  Plus, there are so many articles on other topics that you might not have realized affect your diabetes that could prove new and critically important to keeping a good prognosis.

You can also find videos with lots of helpful information, including important things like tips for taking insulin and monitoring your blood pressure on the CDiabetes website.  This is a great way to impart a lot of information in a fairly short span of time, plus this way they can demonstrate anything that just wouldn’t get across in photos or written words, which could be very important when you are talking about how to properly give yourself an insulin injection or monitoring your blood glucose levels.  I have to take a weekly injection for something and was a little at a loss for the best way or place to do it the first time, but there was a video online that demonstrated the whole process from how to open the needle packaging safely, to what areas were suitable for this injection, as well as how to insert the needle, so it made giving myself that first shot something I was much more comfortable about doing.  Clearly, this wouldn’t have been nearly as useful if it had been written instructions, the visual aspect is just really important for some things.

It’s so easy when you have a chronic condition to start tuning out sometimes with regards to your illness, but it is important to maintaining your health that you find new, and yes, educational, ways to keep up to date and well informed.  There’s always new research, whether it be for drugs, medical devices, or about how certain lifestyle factors can affect your long-term health with diabetes (or any chronic illness really), so it is crucially important to stay on top of it and with, I think you can do that pretty easily.  Plus, it is great when you can find a useful health resource that isn’t constantly pushing some other agenda than keeping you healthy; like what you will often find published semi-covertly by some drug companies, or even charities and non-profit organizations.  I certainly prefer my health information presented without bias and a slant towards one organization or medicine.  Even though this is published on behalf of Costco, it’s not all Costco, Costco, Costco, which totally just makes me respect them more.  Of course, there are some articles about things you can buy at Costco or whatever, but they’re not so plentiful that it’s annoying or even that noticeable, I would say.  I have a different chronic health issues, rheumatoid arthritis, and I would love for someone to have a similar online resource, with all of the tips, recipes, and news encapsulated in one place.

So, if you have diabetes, or know someone that does, you should certainly check out  The current Spring 2014 issue is out, plus you can look through previous issues as well.  Or, you can check out all of the other great information they have available.


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  1. 1 Elizabeth Klein // 2014.03.28 at 5:27 am

    Thank you so much for your kind words! We work hard every day to bring thorough, readable and unbiased health information to people with diabetes, and so appreciate any feedback we receive. I like your idea of an arthritis-specific site, and will definitely consider building one the future.

    Elizabeth Klein
    Editorial Director,
    OmniChannel Health Media

  2. 2 Gary // 2014.03.27 at 10:07 am

    I noticed several related flyers and a magazine by the pharmacy desk this week at my local CostCo. I’d never notice it before but it stood out.

    Is it awareness month of something? (Googles tell me that’s November).

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