This Week at Costco – March 30, 2014

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This is the last weekend for the current Costco UK coupon book, so be sure to take a good look at it and decide if there are any deals you can’t pass up.  I’m sure the new coupons start on Monday, but I haven’t gotten the email yet or been able to find them on their website either, but I’ll post about them as soon as I can.  Also, the new Costco US coupon book starts next Thursday, April 10, and I’ll be posting about those tomorrow or Monday, as well.

KS Bakery Cereal Loaves

KS Bakery Cereal Loaves

Kirkland Signature Bakery Cereal Loaf – The free sample of this at our Costco convinced us to buy it.  It was a smart move because the taste was better than the appearance for sure.  To me, this bread looked like it would be dry and not so tasty.  However, it wasn’t like that at all.  They were sampling it the day we were there with just plain butter, so not even using anything too fancy to get people to buy it.  But pretty much everyone that tried a sample while we were in the area, picked up a pack of the bread.  The bread has a nice crustiness but the inside was soft and nice.  And even though it has the whole grain, rustic thing going on the bread isn’t at all dry and has a really nice taste.  On the package, they have instructions to heat it up before you eat it and that is what we did most of the time.  Of course, it was good without the heat and just a bit of butter too.  We heated it for just a bit, just long enough to warm it really, and put butter on it and it was a nice accompaniment to dinner.   We also tried lightly toasting it, and again served it with just butter, and that was also really good.  It didn’t toast too quickly though, so it took bit longer to get that done.   It was also good toasted with a piece of cheese melted on top (you knew I’d have to try it with cheese).  It was really perfect with beef stew and chicken and noodle soup because of the hearty, rustic texture.  Most of the bread in the Costco bakery area has a sour dough base, and this didn’t seem to have that, which both Dave and I were glad to taste.  Neither of us is a huge fan of the sour dough bread, so it was great to be able to get some loaves that had a different flavour at Costco.  2 loaves for £3.49 (US: $5.78).  Item #: 0005074.

Black's Family Maple Pastry Twists

Black’s Family Maple Pastry Twists

Black’s Family Maple Pastry Twist – I think we were lured into these by a Costco sample lady too.  But that’s okay, I’m not regretful, because they were really good.  These little twists of pastry are made from puffed pastry and maple flavouring and sugar.  I mistakenly tossed the container without a picture of the ingredients and nutrition information.  Just from the fact that they are made of puffed pastry and have sugar on them though, I’d have to venture a guess that they aren’t healthy.  I found some nutrition info online that indicates that two of these have 60 calories with 2 grams of fat and 4 grams of sugar.  So, if you can stop yourself at just having two of them for a little nibble with a cup of tea or coffee, then you aren’t too bad off.  So, as with a lot of sweets, in moderation, they’re not horrible.  Interestingly though, these little pastry twists are free from dairy, butter and eggs, as well as cholesterol, trans fats, and yeast.  So if you know someone that has some of those types of dietary restrictions, this might be a really good sweet treat for them.  I thought they were great with an afternoon cup of tea for a nice little afternoon treat.  They were also excellent with a glass of milk.  And I must admit they were equally delicious with a mug of hot chocolate and a movie.  We had these while I was sick and drinking a lot of tea so they made that seem a bit better than just hot tea by itself all of the time.  We had gotten these at the beginning of February, and that was the first time we had seen them at our Costco.  They were a nice, new bakery treat though, so I hope they keep them around.  But I must admit, they seem like a winter thing to me, but maybe just because I had them with hot beverages all the time.   624 grams for £5.99 (US:$9.93).  Item #: 0161755.

Nando's Peri Peri Multipack Chips

Nando’s Peri Peri Multipack Chips

Nando’s Peri-Peri Mutlipack Grooved Chips –  First, I should start off by saying that I love Nando’s and think that their Extra Hot Peri Peri Sauce is super delicious when paired with their grilled chicken.  So, when I saw these I knew I would have to try them, just on the off chance that they would have as much kick, as the sauces in their restaurants.  I kind of knew that they wouldn’t but figured they might be a nice change from plain, salt and vinegar, or sour cream and chive chips.  It’s nice to have some variety in my sandwich accompaniments at lunch.  In the multipack at  Costco you get three different flavours of thick cut grooved potato chips: Sizzling Hot, Smokey BBQ, and Spicy Chicken.  Usually with these types of packs, there’s one flavour that just isn’t anywhere near as good as the other two, but these were all really good.   I normally don’t like the BBQ flavoured stuff because it is always too sweet and not enough heat, but these chips didn’t have any of the sweetness and while they weren’t really spicy hot either, they did have a nice flavour.  My favourite though was the Sizzling Hot flavour because it did deliver on the spicy hotness that I had hoped they would have.  They were hot, but not searing like the Extra Hot Sauce in the restaurants.  The other two flavours though, Smokey BBQ and Spicy Chicken, were definitely in the medium area of the spiciness scale.  I don’t think anyone would have a problem eating them, and of course, they taste quite good as well.  I liked that the chips themselves were thick and grooved, so they didn’t have that flimsy feeling of non-grooved chips.  Plus, when you buy the grooved chips there is much less chance that they will all be smashed to dust in the bags; I like the added structural integrity that the grooves lend to the chips.  A handful of these is the perfect way to perk up a boring lunchtime sandwich – ham to tuna.  I do wish that Costco would also carry the Nando’s Extra Hot Peri Peri Sauce too.  And before anyone writes me, I do know that they have some of the Peri Peri Sauce in Costco, but I think it is the Medium, which just doesn’t have enough heat for anyone in my house.  In any case, we will certainly be buying these chips again.  I haven’t seen these chips anywhere before and I definitely can’t find them at Ocado, so I’m glad they have them at Costco.  3, 150 gram bags for £2.99 (US: $4.96).  Item #: 0003687.

Rocky Mountain Marshmallows

Rocky Mountain Marshmallows

Rocky Mountain Marshmallows – Dave likes the uber-healthy Rice Krispie Treats, and one of the big ingredients is marshmallows.  Strangely, we’ve always had a hard time finding these in a decent sized bag at any of the supermarkets that we shop at or even Ocado.  They have this little tube of cute miniature pink and white ones, but it would take about 10 of the little tubes or bags to make the recipe, and that’s not going to happen.  So, we were thrilled the first time to find this big bag of marshmallows at Costco.  I’m not sure that I’ve ever noticed marshmallows at Costco in the US, but I imagine they have them and I just haven’t noticed because it wasn’t like they were as hard to get in the US, so it didn’t feel like as much of a victory.  We both found it really funny that they are called ‘Rocky Mountain Marshmallows’ and on the bag they also say ‘A True American Tradition”.  Somehow that just strikes me as funny with the little campfire picture and everything.  Just like back in the Girl Scout days.  They are nice big marshmallows though and taste nice with a soft texture, so we like them and they get the job done.  And since the bag is over two pounds, that’s enough to make the Rice Krispie Treats a couple of times.  Since they also sell the Rice Krispies (in a two pack) at Costco, you can get everything you need to make your treats and it won’t even cost a fortune like buying marshmallows at Waitrose or Tesco in their little boutique sized packaging.  Plus, with the big bag from Costco, you even have some left over for truly delicious things like s’mores made in the oven (it’s what you have to resort to when you can’t whip up a campfire).  Now, s’mores are definitely a true American tradition that I can get behind.  By the way, I did just check Ocado (my regular grocery delivery people) for marshmallows, and they finally have a somewhat bigger bag of 283 grams of the JetPuffed but they want £2.99 for that bag and well that means that the same kilogram amount would be £10.55, instead of the £3.99 that I pay at Costco. That’s a huge difference!  So, needless to say, I’ll just keep buying my marshmallows from Costco.   1 kilogram for £3.99 (US: $6.61).  Item #: 0090822.


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    The US coupon book ending date for March, 2014 was March 30th and they still haven’t issued a new one yet! Why is there always a delay and why do they even need to print them anymore (if that’s the cause for the delay)? Between apps for Smartphones, and pdf file for those with laptops and desktops, or just posting it to their site on the net, why not just email the files and save money on the printing of the books? Surely a few dollars or pounds could be deducted from the annual membership fees if one were t0 save them the money and opt out of being mailed a printed book and settled for an emailed pdf file.

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