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I honestly can’t believe that it is already May!  This year is flying by.  If you’re in the UK, as I’m sure you know without me pointing it out, Monday is a bank holiday and that means that Costco will be open 10 am to 6 pm for all members, which is different than the normal weekday hours.  If you’re in the US, don’t forget that this is the last week for the current coupon book which expires after May 4.  So make sure you get over there by Sunday if there’s something you really wanted with the savings.

Fairy Non Bio Liquitabs

Fairy Non Bio Liquitabs

Fairy Non Bio Liquitabs – I must admit that I like the convenience of the liquitabs or laundry pods.  They are easy to store, which we are very limited on, they are easier for me to handle than the large, heavy bottles of liquid detergent.  I had been using the Persil laundry tablets that were hard little compressed powder tablets, however, at some point Costco didn’t have them and I tried these instead.  I didn’t think I had much of a problem with the powdered tablets not dissolving, but I’ve been told by more than a few people that if you use very cold water for your wash that the powdered tablets may not fully dissolve.  So, now I use the Fairy liquitabs.  My laundry gets just as clean as with anything else I’ve used,but the best part is that everything has a nice fresh, but not perfumed, scent.  I like the non bio versions of laundry products because they don’t have so much perfume smell, plus they don’t irritate my skin the way a lot of “normal” laundry detergents do.  This is one of those products that I sometimes get at Ocado because they are better priced on occasion, but not always.  Of course, the price lately at Ocado has been much higher, for fewer liquitabs than at Costco, even without a coupon.  But if Costco has a coupon for the Fairy Liquitabs, they are always the best priced.  For instance, right now at Ocado a 30 count container is £9.00, which makes each liquitab £0.30.  Whereas at Costco, you can normally get 45 for £9.49, or £0.21 per liquitab.  I like that kind of savings.  And it is even better when there is a super coupon going on, like when I purchased this container.  I saved an additional £3.70, so I only paid £5.79 for the container of 45 liquitabs, or £0.13 per liquitab.  I ended up getting two of them because it was such a good price.  Hopefully, that means that I’ve got enough to last me until the next coupon.   45 liquitabs for £5.79 (£9.49 – £3.70 coupon).  Item #: 0120596.

Kirkland Signature Organic Salsa

Kirkland Signature Organic Salsa

Kirkland Signature Organic Medium Salsa –  Dave and I both love some good salsa.   Whether it is for just eating straight with some of the delicious KS tortilla chips, making nachos, or to spice up a burrito, we like it to have lots of flavour and a fair bit of spiciness.  When we were in Austin, as you might guess, we had our pick of terrific salsa, but here the selection is much more limited.  Almost to the point of not having any really good salsa.  And it is also terribly pricey.  All of which means that we were thrilled to see the KS Organic Salsa at Costco on our last visit.  The all organic nature of this is great and I think that translates into the really fresh taste that isn’t heavily laden with sugars and salt.  I also like that the second ingredient listed is jalapeno peppers, which despite this being a medium salsa, does have a nice spicy kick.  It’s not so hot that it is going to leave your mouth numb, but just enough to perk up anything you’re eating.  The texture is thick and chunky with actual pieces of stuff in it that you can see, so it will stay put on a chip and isn’t as prone to dripping all over.  Plus, it isn’t that lame super watery kind of salsa that just tends to make nachos soggy.  Truly, every ingredient listed is organic from the vegetables to the spices.  And while they do add some sugar and sea salt, they don’t seem to play a major role in the flavour by making it too sweet or too salty.  The not too salty is naturally quite important for health reasons, but also is a necessity when you are going to pair it with tortilla chips which have salt.  The salsa comes in a two pack of plastic jars that are pretty good sized but have expiration dates of many, many months away; mine was around nine months from when we purchased it.   2, 1.08 kg (2 lb 6 oz) bottles for £5.99.  Item #: 0597339.

McCain's Crispy French Fries

McCain’s Crispy French Fries

McCain’s Crispy French Fries – I won’t deny it, I like a nice crispy French Fry.  I like them with burgers or steaks, especially.  But sometimes, when I’m not feeling well, I will have fries with a grilled cheese.  I know, I know, it’s like a fatty nightmare but I still like it.  We don’t fry our French Fries, we always bake them, so it can be hard to find ones that really crisp up well in the oven.  I also don’t like the big, fat wedges and I’m not particularly in love with the crinkle cut or the spirals.  I sound very demanding in my fry preferences but what I really want is something like McDonald’s fries, but in the comfort of my home and with at least slightly smaller amounts of oil.  I first bought these at Ocado in a small bag and loved them.  Costco used to have a rather limited selection of French Fries.  And mostly they were in enormous bags that weren’t going to fit in our freezer unless we got rid of most everything else.  So after trying these and loving them, I was thrilled to see them turn up at Costco in a good size, but not gargantuan, bag.  The fries have a thin cut which allows them to come to a nice crispy finish after 16 – 20 minutes to bake.  They say 14 – 16 minutes on the bag, but at 14 minutes they are never crisp and look pale and sad still, at least in my opinion.  I am impressed with how crispy they get though and never seem oily, but clearly they give it off when cooking because you can see it coating the pan with a sheen of oil after you’ve baked them.  They have a nice flavour and just a smidge of salt sprinkled across them when you flip them mid way through the cooking, makes them yummy and definitely some of the best fries you can make at home.   1.5 kg for £2.45.  Item #: 0152347.

KS Frozen Atlantic Salmon Portions

K irkland Signature Frozen Atlantic Salmon Portions

Kirkland Signature Frozen Atlantic Salmon Portions – Salmon is so healthy for you with all of the good Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and Vitamin D, that it is hard to not love it just for its health benefits alone.  However, it is also really tasty and probably my favourite fish.  We like the fresh salmon that you can find at Costco probably anywhere in the world, but I must admit that the convenience of the frozen filets is really quite appealing.  The bag of frozen salmon portions at Costco is great because they are individually flash frozen and vacuum packed so that you can remove one portion just as easily as you can several.  The individual packing also means that they don’t get freezer burn and never get all clumped together in a big frozen salmon popsicle.  The salmon is all nicely cut center portions that are boned and have had the skin removed too.  I like that all seven of the portions in the bag are pretty much the same size and thickness so that when you are cooking them you won’t end up with one that is dry and over cooked because it is so much smaller than the other portion.  The frozen nature of this gives you a lot more flexibility on cooking date than if you have a big piece of fresh fish in your fridge smelling it up after you’ve waited a couple of days to cook it.  Unlike some of the frozen fish products at Costco, you do need to let your salmon thaw fully before you cook it.  You can do it in the fridge for 8 – 10 hours or overnight, you can quick thaw it with cool water, or you can cheat like I do and put it on your counter at room temp for an hour or two to get a jump on thawing before you put it in the fridge to finish thawing.  No matter how you thaw it, it only takes about 20 minutes of cooking to end up with a perfect little salmon fillet for dinner.  We had some last night for dinner and it was delicious.  The portions might seem sort of small in the bag, but they are actually quite thick so they are certainly a good sized portion for most people.  If Dave is really hungry I will cook an extra one, which is the perfect way for us to use up the “spare” seventh portion in the bag.    1.36 kilograms/ 3 pounds for £18.89.  Item #: 0050223.


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