Google Shopping Express Delivers Costco To Your Door

May 29th, 2014 · 7 Comments

Have you ever wanted to get a few things from Costco, but just didn’t have time to make the trip and wait in the checkout line?  Well, if you live in San Francisco, West Los Angeles, or Manhattan, Google Shopping Express is there to help you out.  They are now offering same day delivery from Costco as well as a whole host of other retailers for just $4.99 (per store).  Unfortunately, Google is only doing same day delivery in those three areas right now, but they are looking to expand, so they could be coming to an area near you.

Google Shopping Express: From Costco to your door in just a few hours

Google Shopping Express: From Costco to your door in just a few hours

Google Shopping Express has an easy to use online shopping site with all of the stores and products available in a specific zip code listed.   They’ve also got apps for Android and iOS for shopping convenience while you are on the go.   As you might expect from the search giant, everything is easy to search for but also easy to just browse through by item type, store, or different categories.  You can get everything from stuff for your baby to office supplies, clothing to electronics.  You might never need to go to the store again.  They even let you pick your own delivery window.  And all for just $4.99 per store.

Google has been doing the same day delivery service in the San Francisco area for over a year now, but they just added delivery for West Los Angeles and Manhattan.  For Google’s delivery West Los Angeles covers Culver City, Inglewood, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, Venice, West Los Angeles, and Westwood.  Right now, their East Coast program is confined to Manhattan, but I’ve read that they are planning to expand to the outer boroughs as well.  The stores available to order from, as you might guess, varies by location.  However, all three delivery areas include Costco.  For some people it is really hard to get to Costco, or they just hate the lines and the parking lot, so this might be a great way of shopping there without actually being at the store.

I like to go to the store, sometimes, but I am a huge fan of grocery delivery.  Here in London I have my groceries delivered and find it a great way to avoid the time-waster that a trip to the grocery store can so often turn into.  Not to mention, I think I end up buying less junk when I order online than when I am actually at the store browsing in person.  There’s just too much temptation to try different things or stray from a list if I’m there in person seeing all of the products.  As an added benefit, the grocery delivery guy is the one that has to haul all of my groceries up the stairs to our flat.

So, if you live in one of the lucky areas where you can get same day delivery, you might want to check out how Google Shopping Express can help you get your Costco fix while avoiding the long weekend checkout lines!

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  1. 1 Linda // 2016.08.12 at 9:50 pm

    I received an offer from for items delivered for $25 off my first purchase using a checkout code.
    100 postal stamps were offered for $46.75 + $4.95 shipping less my code number to be used at checkout.
    I received no confirmation.
    I called, and was told that I didn’t put in the code at check out, so therefore I wasn’t entitled to the $25.00 off.
    Unfortunately this was a BAD experience and I won’t be using Google Express again. If I wanted to go to the cleaners, I’d get in my car and go.
    No bill of sale or receipt accompanied the stamps when received.

  2. 2 No Perishable Stuff // 2014.06.05 at 5:35 pm

    For those who prefer to look at the steak (or produce . . . I like to whack the watermelons before I buy), the good news/bad news is that Google Express doesn’t include perishables. And by “perishables” I mean basically anything that would wilt in a truck. So no produce, no meat, no frozen items, no refrigerable items, etc. You can get baked goods and dry beans and rice, etc., but nothing that you would want to inspect before you buy.

    That’s too bad, but that still leaves a lot of stuff in the store. It’s nice to have Google deliver Costco-sized packages of paper towels (or toilet paper) or gallons of olive oil to the door.

  3. 3 Talk Radio // 2014.06.01 at 1:14 pm

    Not only do I like seeing the products before I buy, but I also check the packaging and the expiration dates which is even more important. Items like the Butterball lean ground turkey have several expiration dates sitting in their freezer/cooler and naturally, you should always take the one with the latest expiration date. I’m not even sure they’ll deliver frozen goods or meat.

    Personally, I’d rather see them get the coupon books out earlier, or better yet, eschew the actual physical mailing of the books and just send out a mass e-mail with the pdf file attached ASAP! It’s now June 1st, and the June book hasn’t been sent out yet. The May book expires today.

    • 4 Talk Radio // 2014.06.02 at 12:53 pm

      I’m not sure why there are so few comments on this blog as it’s gotten some press over the year.

      Anyway, I thought of another group of items that have to be checked for expiration dates before purchase and that’s vitamins and pharmaceuticals
      Before purchasing the Centrum Silver Multi-vitamins for Men a few months ago, I was surprised to discover that the expiration date was a few months earlier than the one sold in my local CVS, which usually has expiration dates that are even earlier than the local Walgreen’s.

      • 5 Kimberly // 2014.06.03 at 3:21 am

        @Talk Radio – I have a lot of people that like to read but not comment. 🙂 I don’t blame them, I do that on a lot of blogs too.

        There are definitely things that I do not like to purchase through my grocery delivery company, like steaks, but mostly I have had excellent luck with them sending things that aren’t on the brink of expiration or suspect fruits and vegetables. But expiration dates on things like vitamins and other items like that, I hadn’t thought about. I buy mine at Costco and it is always suitably far enough out for me to get through whatever I am buying.

        Grocery delivery isn’t for everyone. I enjoy it because it frees up that time for other things that I actually enjoy. Plus, I can go grocery “shopping” whenever it is convenient for me, even if that is spread out over a couple of days or a week. I can just keep adding things to my cart as I remember them and then place my order and like magic they appear at my door.

        • 6 Talk Radio // 2014.06.03 at 10:22 am

          While I’m not a fan of red meat, if I do buy I go to Costco. After reading the Wikipedia article on steak, I educated myself on being able to tell what’s to look for and marbling is very important. I don’t think I’d trust a delivery service to pick one out.

  4. 7 Greg // 2014.05.29 at 1:11 pm

    I like options and I think grocery delivery is great for some people (like the author) and is very useful for seniors who may have a difficult time getting to/thru a store, but I actually prefer going out to a store and seeing what is available. I tend to be quite disciplined about not buying what I don’t need, but sometimes stroll across other options, good deals, or unique products that are worth a try or spark an idea. On top of that, between the combined business of work and maintaining my home individually, sometimes going to the store is my only major escape from the routine over a period of time, so I look forward to it in that way too, and just hanging out waiting for packages would be even more insular than life seem to have become of late.

    Also not a fan of google, to be truthful. I wouldn’t be confident that those people wouldn’t be reporting everything you order to their internal Big Brother so they can in some way bombard you with advertising and sell the data. They have a pretty bad rap in the tech industry where I work.

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