Costco Spain Coupon Book for World Cup

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Costco Spain World Cup Coupons

Costco Spain World Cup Coupons

To celebrate the start of the 2014 World Cup this week, Costco Spain has a special coupon book.  Well, to be fair it is more of a flyer, but still a bunch of coupons.  They say they are for the World Cup, but really, it seems the majority of them are not really tied in with the World Cup.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the savings.  You can view the coupons online, but strangely they don’t have dates for the coupons and just say that you will need to ask at the store for effective dates for each coupon.  That is a really weird situation that I have never seen or heard of before at Costco.  But if there’s something you really want, I would take the time to call the store and find out when that particular coupon is in effect.

They do have a couple of deals on new televisions just in case yours doesn’t have a spectacular enough picture.  I’m most impressed with the whopping €1,230 off the 55″ LG Curved UHD television.  That is a huge discount!  The curved screen is the cool new thing to have in televisions, if you have’t been keeping up to date.  It’s suppose to have something to do with everything being more realistic and immersive because of the way the image starts to fill your peripheral vision.  The downside is that you have to be no more than a 35 degree angle off the centerpoint of the television.  Unfortunately, they don’t have a final price with that discount.

There’s also a trio of deals on Costco deli items that might enhance your World Cup viewing experience.  You can get the container of chicken wings from the Costco deli for €4.99.  Also, there’s a slight discount on the hot dog and soda deal in the Costco Food Court where you can get it for just €1.25.  However, my favourite deal is for the Costco pepperoni pizza for €8.99.  The pizzas are quite large with a 41 cm diameter and totally covered with pepperoni and a nice layer of cheese.  You pick them up uncooked and cook them at home, which means that you can get it as crispy on the crust as you want.  I always cook them a few minutes longer than the directions suggest because I like my crust really crispy.  The only problem I have with these pizzas is that they are quite large and are sometimes hard to fit in the refrigerator or even your oven.  So, make sure that it will fit before you buy one.  Though, if you do get it and find out that it is too big for your oven, you can always cut it.  If you cut it though, make sure you leave it on the cardboard so that you still have a way to move it around.  These pizzas are great for sports watching parties though because of their big size and the fact that you cook it at home, so it’s ready when you want it, not when the delivery guy finally shows up.

The rest of the coupons represent a wide variety of products, mostly not having much to do with the World Cup.  But there are still some good deals, so be sure to check out these coupons when preparing for your next Costco Spain shopping trip.


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