Guest Post: Oh what fun – Let’s visit Costco in Australia!

August 21st, 2014 · 3 Comments

[I’ve got another great Guest Post today.  Today it’s all about a recent Costco field trip in Australia.  Rick, today’s guest blogger, normally writes and blogs about technology, but has taken the time to write a great post sharing his experience of visiting a Costco in Australia.   He visited the same Sydney-area Costco location that I used to go to when we were in Sydney last year.]

First of all, thanks to Kimberly for the great Guest Blog program! I think it’s a wonderful way to share the addiction to Costco, and her site is great! I had a chance during a recent work trip to visit a Costco in Australia. I’m in the middle of a multi week trip that takes me to New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. I had an idle weekend day during the trip, where did I go? I went to the Auburn warehouse in the Sydney area.

I’ve been to Costco warehouses before in Mexico and Canada, and when I travelled there for work it was a great way to get wine at a great price to take home. This trip however, I went there wanting only to take a look. I didn’t intend to buy anything as I’m staying in a hotel and have packed light for this trip. A co-worker of mine local to Sydney said he’d go with me, so we made a trip of it. He’s never been, so I’ve started my convincing with this trip. What was interesting before we left is that a separate co-worker found out we were going. She sent him a few things to pick up while he was there! 

Mariani Bulgogi Korean style beef jerky

Mariani Bulgogi Korean style beef jerky

The Auburn warehouse is located just West of what I’d call central Sydney. It’s a big city and this is a good location for a warehouse, especially for residential members. There’s a second warehouse in the Sydney areas as well. This location initially had a few key layout differences than locations in the United States that I visit most frequently; but nothing critical worth noting.

I loved how this location had a superior liquor, beer and wine shop. Additionally it was separated from the rest of the warehouse and had its own checkout. Leads me to believe it’s due to licensing in the area. When I walked in the warehouse, the first thing I saw was a large bag of Mariani Korean style beef jerky. The best part is, it was on in-warehouse special (no coupon needed) for AUD $6.99 or USD $6.56. What a great deal! I picked up one of these bags of jerky as it’s the perfect thing to keep in my bag this week as I have a lot of travel starting here in Sydney then moving on to Brisbane and Melbourne before I jet off to Asia. My co-worker picked on up as well. I’ve already tasted the jerky and it’s a hit!

Coke Zero

Coke Zero

As we carried on through the warehouse, I spotted another great deal I had to get: Coke Zero. Not sure why, but soda products here are quite expensive. It’s not uncommon to pay AUD $4.00 for a half liter bottle. While I should drink more water, I do fancy the occasional soda. I saw for AUD $9.99 a 12-pack of 300 mL bottles and had to get it. These can fit in my bag for the day, and the rest can be in my suitcase for the duration of my trip. They are just the perfect size to take onward and as a bottle will transport well.

We easily found the item we were looking for, the Kirkland wipes. But between what I ended up getting and my co-worker, we had 8 items and both hands full on the way out! 

I can say that my visit to the Auburn warehouse was a success! One thing I’d mention is that Sydney needs an additional Costco! I’ve never seen such a busy warehouse!

As a practical matter, I was quite surprised how I was able to add stuff that I would use for my trip. This warehouse feels much the same as many that I’ve visited elsewhere; after all their system is inherently consistent. I enjoyed checking out the different meats, cheeses and other items that would make up my shopping if I were a local. 

Have you ever visited a Costco while abroad? If so, how did it go? Share your comments below. 

Rick V.


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  1. 1 Christina // 2014.08.26 at 8:16 am

    I love visiting Costco when we travel. We have been to Costco in Tokyo, Japan several times and one outside of London, United Kingdom. We have had no problem using our Costco Card internationally. It takes a few moments for the computer to find your membership, but we have never had a problem.

    The Korean Bulgogi Beef Jerky is my favorite. Found it when we were visiting a Costco in Tokyo and we loved it. Wish it was sold in the US.

    The Food Court is always fun to visit as well. LOVED the Pineapple Smoothie that they sold in Tokyo.

  2. 2 Larry // 2014.08.21 at 8:51 am

    I’m a manager at a western Canadian Costco.
    I really want to check out those Australian Costcos as well. They’re doing very well over there and plans are to have 15 stores there by 2020. To answer the question; your US Costco card is accepted at any Costco in the world although you may or may not be able to write a cheque (you definitely can in Canada though).

  3. 3 Greg // 2014.08.21 at 7:38 am

    Fun write up. Always interesting to read about familiar things elsewhere, and dang … $10 for a 12 pack of Coke, and the bottles are smaller than here? That’s about 3 times the local price. I know Oz is pricey, but it’s … Coke, for goodness sake.
    Would love to try the Korean Beef Jerky, though. Gotta wonder how different it is than the Asian stuff I get here.

    One question this article brings up, though. Are Costco cards good worldwide? I was in Tokyo recently and thought about going to Tamasakai one just to see how expensive the watermelons are (very pricey in Japan) and didn’t go … concerned if I wanted to buy something and it didn’t work my Japanese is not good enough to inquire with confidence.

    Am not even certain if my US Costco card is good in Canada, for that matter.

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